Owning your own home

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  • We may be selling our place after all - with a small price reduction - and moving into rental for a bit.
    We will have a rather large sum of money (for us) as a result of the sale - where is it best to keep it safe until we need it for a house purchase?

  • wtf are radon affected areas. is this london only or am I going to go sterile because I'm unknowingly sitting in a radon affected area

    edit: lmao have actually never heard of this but just checked and our street is in the 5-10% band. RIP my balls

    edit 2: only gives you lung cancer and so will not sterilise my balls. whew, bullet dodged

  • Some close family had the same deal late last year- after lots of searching they concluded there were no good savings options if you need access in the short/medium term (0.1 or 0.2% interest).

    Think they spread it into a few accounts because it felt more secure, but you should be legally protected for up to £1mil by regulations for 12 months after a house sale (above the usual £85k or whatever it is).

  • We have a daybed with a pull out bed of the same height underneath , so we can set the room up for one person, a couple or two singles. It takes up a bit more floor space than a pull down bed but means if there's just one person sleeping they have a lot more circulation space.

  • Either under the bed or a bank and if it’s that much split it between various account on different banks.

  • First I have heard of it too, house it seems like ventilation is the solution and our house is only somewhat watertight let alone airtight so I probably don't need to worry

  • I wouldn't worry about the limited space between chimney and bed tbh. Especially for a pull-down one.

  • How about a sofa bed in the alcove between chimney breast and balcony?

    Big monitor on the desk opposite means it also doubles up for spare tv duties.

  • Last I heard the Principal Registry had a backlog of about 4 months. I doubt the situation has improved since then. It was pretty dire pre-Covid, simply due to inadequate funding and staffing levels.

  • is this london only

    No. Plenty of places built over granite bedrock have radon issues. Dartmoor's particularly bad for radon I believe.

  • We had radon issues here (down in Devon), when we renovated we had to put down a particular type of membrane and a sump below the membrane which vents externally. However the family had been living here for 100 years beforehand with no issues, so I don't think it is a massive issue, and I think the materials cost us an extra couple of hundred quid to sort out, but can't imagine you would have to do anything retrospectively.

  • Hmmm. Thanks. It's not looking good is it?

    Oh well. Quite likely we'll go and live outside of London for a bit (probably Scottish Borders) so at least we'd be able to get some good riding in.

  • Get them waterproofs bought

  • For what it's worth, we've just moved in to a house that looks to be round the corner from yours and we're still alive. I think I remember seeing something similar on our survey and just filing it in my brain under 'probably not great, but set to ignore' as there're are always so many more-immediate problems to deal with when conveyancing.

  • Such as the gaping hole in our roof, which is hopefully venting any errant Radon...

  • Are there any house-buying-search sites where I can add size of garden as a filter?

  • I bought the dual battery one on the shark website for £100. love it so far

  • these are great. fuck james dyson

  • great, thanks vm. No longer on offer it seems tho.

    @swedeee - this is a peace offering. Girlfriend wanted a dyson cordless vac, I put my foot down and said no way were we spending that and kicking a reasonably good Henry out the house.

  • Being significantly heavier than air, radon will vent downwards.

  • I'll get my roof fixed then

  • Not trolling, genuine question: if it's heavier than air why is there a risk of it seeping into people's houses? Wouldn't it just stay in the ground?

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Owning your own home

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