Owning your own home

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  • @konastab01 a pal reports the Toga is not at all comfortable for decent periods, its squishy and feels nice, but gives her back ache and makes her fidgety

  • Quality and comfort is pretty good, I’d recommend it. Easy to whip all the cushions off if it’s raining and get a cover to go over the base. I put the whole thing away for winter so not sure about disassembling it.

  • Definitely true! But nope you can’t have it inside unless it’s a conservatory

  • https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/detail­s/57340497?search_identifier=c9f48ba19b8­aa2bf75b473948fa4b357

    If you were the owner of this house and paying the high % MH charge - would you be pissed that they've confused twickenham with Leyton?

  • V useful thanks. Does it come with a cover or you bought that?

  • maybe a bit millenial/zoomer but had our swoon "seattle" sofa a few months now. really really comfy. we were upgrading from an ikea corner/sofa bed thing though which was fucking terrible

  • No it didn’t come with one. IKEA might do one separately, I still need to get one tbh.

  • Yep, recommended. We love ours.

  • If they manage to achieve the similarly confused £/sqft I would thank them ;-)

  • Sofa chat: I sit on one of those, De Sede DS76.
    My parents bought it second hand in the eighties, it got new foam once. Its your stereotipycal designy black leather couch, but its older than me and folds out.

  • freddie thanks @freddie - this is really helpful. Hoping I'll see some quotes this week or next week and can dig into these. Some of the builders that have been round seem very relaxed, another firm want to send a quantity surveyor out which surprised me - all new territory for me so lots to learn.

  • In non sofa chat - where do you go to find staircase inspiration - and then if its not off the shelf type affair is it a joiner that can build that shit?

  • That looks familiar...

  • I mean I’m not shocked on that, I have heard the too low comment but I mean we aren’t interested because they are comfy they look good.

    Essentially like riding fixed gear, style over substance always 🌚

  • That looks familiar...


  • We've got a sofabed that came from Tesco over 20 years ago and actually looks very like that Ikea potato one shared upthread, and a vintage Ercol studio couch that is no good to sit upright on but wonderful for lounging on, up to and including afternoon naps in front of dull films.

  • I've had a Cassina Maralunga 3-seater for 20 years and it is, without exception, the most comfortable sofa I've ever had. When I got divorced it was the only item we'd bought together that I fought to have. The delivery guys got it out of the house but couldn't get through the front door of my new place. They got it over the garden wall and into the kitchen, but couldn't get it up the stairs. In the end I had to get some mates round, hire a platform and lift it through the first floor windows (which are fortunately huge) and into my living room. Worth it though...

  • ^ Thats a proper sofa. Great shout!

  • We did the same and went for the French Connection ones.

    TBH in total it still felt like a lot of £s, with with our first kid on the way at that point dropping loads on something that would be absolutely battered for the next 5yrs didn't make sense.

    Plus it seemed incredibly hard to find sofas we liked. Let alone >£3k liked.

    Other than the feet looking a bit cheap close up, I'm still really pleased with them a couple of years on. Very comfortable.

  • They used to go for cheap on eBay a few years ago, but these days seem to sell for way more. I blame Instagram..

  • Glad to hear that as we bought the same ones just before Christmas!

  • Mmmm. Their stuff looks the business.

  • is a sofa even a sofa if you can't comfortably balance a laptop on the arms?

    no. no it isn't.

  • greenhell, have you heard of side table technology

  • sounds like clutter. not having it.

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Owning your own home

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