Owning your own home

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  • you going black finishes in the bathroom?

  • Is it completely f****d? We've donated things to BHF before. They collect and then sell on.

  • Not on the whole, nickel for fittings but we couldn't find a nickel towel rad. And it's too close to the shower controls for chrome, would clash terribly........

  • Chuck it up on freecycle

  • I need a Conveyancer as we're moving again. Used Martin Browne from Gisby Harrison 5 years ago and he was great but has left. Are they still the forum go-to?

  • Standard sized uPVC window from Wickes - £100-400

    Big custom size window but still uPVC - £5000!

    Think I might get another quote.

  • Cooooor!

    I'd say when looking at windows and doors for that matter try and get a few quotes. I found on my place they varied massively, as in 10 grand plus.

  • Wickes show 24mm thick glazing 70mm profile. Giving 1.4Watts/sqm

    28mm has been "the standard" thickness for a fair while and 1.4W/sqm is rather poor for a new install.

    90mm thick window frames aren't uncommon now and warm edge spacers between the glass panes with argon fill doesn't cost any more than aluminium spacer.
    Even with 70mm frames, the number of internal boxes varies between cheap and decent profiles so you do get what you pay for (to a point). The problem being they mostly look the same from the outside.

    Theres some good info here.

    Still £5k can >>>>>

  • I didn't think I'd be recommending them, but once you get past a truly awful sales team Anglian have been brilliant... We have some fairly large tilt and turn and non-opening windows (2m x 1.6m largest single frame) fitted this week, price point, fitting and finish and warmth all on the good side. Even their scaffolders were less manic than you'd usually expect...

  • With the nationwide companies, they are only as good as their local fitters.

    Everest (original and the phoenix Everest 2020 company) and Anglian have Facebook groups dedicated to their great work/service.

  • The Wickes windows aren't really comparable in lots of other ways anyway. Eg no fitting, no structural bits (this is a bay window and needs things in the corner to hold up the roof above) etc. I always knew it would be a lot but wasn't quite expecting that much.

    These appear to be 28mm in 70mm frames with a U-value of 1.4. It will be a lot better than the current frames which must be 40 years old at least but otherwise seems fairly middle of the road.

  • Cheers, I'll give them a call in the morning.

  • It's nice, but building a house that copies the main features of a building which was groundbreaking 100 years ago is a bit lame.

  • Definitely one of the challenges. We must have been lucky: due to inadvertent Covid fun we actually had a chance to meet 4 separate fitters who were all good (considerate, upfront about work, efficient), on top of which the head office team were excellent, with very organised “field management”. Worlds apart from Carpetright... terrible at carpets, no doubt even worse at windows...ahem.

  • I'm not sure I've ever seen a less homely-looking home.

    There's nothing that I can put my finger on that I don't really like, but something about it just makes me think it would be cold and always smell like the stairs in a multi-storey car park.

  • Yeah that's absolutely grim, I wouldn't even pay £15m for it, let alone £20m.

  • Yeah I don’t like it, just thought a £20m house was kinda lol

  • Yeah I don’t like it, just thought a £20m house was kinda lol

  • I dunno - you get to play celebrity squares whenever you want

    The towel rad though.

  • Yeah that baruki sanger look doesn’t do it for me

  • baruki sanger :drake looking glum:
    bacary sagna :drake going eyyyyy:

  • The towel rad itself is cool, rest of that picture is horrible though.

    But hey, who am I to say how people should spend their £20m?

  • When you choose a conveyancing solicitor it's better to go for an individual solicitor who's personally recommended instead of using somewhere someone good used to be where you may or may not get someone good.

    @Tenderloin @jonny and @NickCJ all recommended Uzma Malik at MW Solicitors who I'm using. She seems very efficient so far, but it's early days for me so I'm not at the stage where I can recommend her myself yet.

  • Thanks. I've got a recommendation from a colleague too now so will get onto it finally on Monday.

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Owning your own home

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