Owning your own home

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  • Thanks for the responses all. Planning to get a pry bar set and tack lifter following suggestions.

    To Screwfix!

  • If the tacks aren't sitting proud enough of the wood to get any leverage on them, I found that lifter thing in the link doubled nicely as a relatively gentle way of lifting up the actual wooden strips so that they then pop straight out

  • Skirting arrived. Actually a lot less fancy than it looks on the screen

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  • Few coats of cheap gloss will hide that texture...

  • On the subject of texture. What is with the US and 'texturing walls'? I don't get it, why would you want a bumpy wall?

  • The person who i mentioned last week who put in an offer after disappearing for 4 weeks, has.. disappeared.

    We said to our agent we accept under the assumption they will start legal work and apply for the mortgage within a week so we can get the ball rolling to try and get our property back (which is on the market) - our agent has been emailing/phoning them all week, weekend, today and since they put in an offer they have not been able to make any contact at all.

    Whole thing seems off and i'm not hopeful about it.

  • Cool repurposed floor & (non-repurposed) bike :thumb:

  • I'm not a fan myself but a bumpy wall is easier to put in than a perfectly smooth one. I have a few bits of substandard plastering and the very small snags / gaps / scrapes stick out an absolute mile for me. A bumpy wall might look rubbish but at least imperfections are harder to spot.

  • I get that but I've seen plenty of 'period' properties over here that have lumpy walls and people don't seem to mind. Meanwhile this American was applying texture to a brand new wall in a brand new building which I don't see why it wouldn't be smooth and flat if the tradespeople are half competent.

  • Huh.

    Might be easier to finish and might wear better.

    Painters reckon you need to follow a spray gun set up with a chap with a roller to add texture to it otherwise it’s too ‘perfect’ and wears really badly.

  • Fucking cunts have fly tipped into our skip.

    A massive sofa and what looks like a ripped out kitchen.

    If I report it to the Council what will they do?

    I'm fucking furious, it's £250 a skip and it's basically turned an empty one into a full one.

  • Bastards. I kept mine covered 24/7 and used an annoying to get off length of electrical wire around the handles and tarp.

    If you report it to the council they will do absolutely NOTHING

  • 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • In the eyes of the law that sofa and kitchen is now yours.

    Show them who's boss and install them in your house?

  • Any CCTV that could have caught a numberplate of the people who did it?

  • Sadly not, it's near the end of the street and I don't think there's any CCTV nearby.

  • I'm gonna upcycle the sofa and sell it for £300.

  • Is the skip not right outside the house?

  • Pretty much but we are end of terrace and it's one space over, so towards the end of the road.

  • Have also lifted loads. Just use a pry bar. Or a large flathead screwdriver and something solid to lever it on.

    Eta - should have refreshed the page.

  • Recycled glass worktops (like the one below) - hideous or delightful?

  • ffs thats such a piss take.

    There was a guardian article about fly tipping and basically there seems to not be much done about it (that isn't from neighbourhood watch style groups).

  • Someone was telling me the other day that if you tell the bank you're planning to rent a room out, they will give add the annual rent x 4.5 or whatever it is on to your salary? Is that true? Surely not? Adding £600 x 12 on to my salary for mortgage purposes would be really useful. I live in Bristol where you get about 20 applicants per spareroom advert you post

  • I'm gonna stand outside my skip with a baseball bat for the next two months

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Owning your own home

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