Owning your own home

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  • Unless they are at the front and you live in a conservation area you are unlikely to need planning permission. https://interactive.planningportal.co.uk­/ has more detail.

  • Can you see the word in this test @Señor_Bear ?

  • Nope

  • Thats interesting, I'm considering a tiled shower tray... will proceed with caution.

  • It's because you need to have the fall tiled at the correct angle which can mean a lot of cuts and grouted edges. All of which can be a potential leak.....you don't get any of that with a shower tray.

  • What were you thinking of tiling? An angled floor? I thought thats how it was done but have since found tillable shower trays which may be a way to get round the problem as its just adding an extra layer on top of a shower tray, but I could be wrong...

  • I actually tricked you with a reverse colour blindness test, so that's good!

    (I can see it)

  • AFAIK you have to have a concealed tray under the tiling regardless, but it just seems to me like a adding a weak point to the design for not enough benefit. My site manager said they were a massive pain in the arse and to avoid if at all possible.

  • But they look great!

    Everything should be tanked with a tiled in-floor tray so any water that gets through the tiles shouldn’t have anywhere to go but the drain anyway. With a fixed screen you can get really nice unobtrusive linear drains so the fussy tile cutting is minimal. My setup didn’t work with that so I’ve got an impey aquadec, but next time around I want to go nuts with something cleaner/more invisible like a unidrain highline custom.

  • I'm colour defective too. Can't see anything. It hurts when I try.

  • You won’t need planning permission but you will need building control for replacement windows/doors.

  • What does it say? I need to know.

  • You'll need to tank the wall and stuff, it can be a nightmare. Shower tray can save you a lot of hassle imo

  • Most types of tiles wet room trays, require funky angled cuts and grout lines everywhere. Abacus do an infinity linear one that has a single angled fall and a drain at the back so doesn’t require any cut tiles. We have one combined with an inset screen - so no chrome strips holding the glass in place. Looks very neat.

  • NO
    Set your screen to inverted grey scale and it becomes clear.

    I recommend everyone to add the magnifier to the control centre of the iPhone. You can switch around the colour filters until you can actually read. I have a recipie book with cream lettering on green background for ingredients and i cannot for the life of me read it. I can take an inverted greyscale photo through the iPhone magnifier function and its clear as day.

  • Thanks! Somehow missed that.

  • @Bainbridge, @jellybaby, @Trunkie

    Thanks for your valuable insights

  • Cross post from the DIY thread;

    Best way/tool to remove carpet grippers without fucking the floorboards underneath (or at least, not fucking them any more than they already might be for having had carpet grippers nailed into them)?

  • The best method I've found is using a pointy spade/shovel with a long handle. Just bash the point underneath them, and lever 'em up. Remarkably quick, and they seem to ping out in big chunks.

    Like dis: https://youtu.be/dYhWachjKu8

    Oh this was a reply to @stevo_com

  • What does it say? I need to know.


  • Cheers! That looks like what I'm after, I'm not too keen on the ones with multi angles due to grout lines like you mention, only prob is I need 800x1200, time to have a hunt...

  • I've lifted a load recently and found the best way was to get a chisel under the grip below a nail, and use the handle of a hammer or screwdriver under the chisel to lever it up.

  • Right, got to exchange by tomorrow latest or Thursday's completion is off.

    Some process this.

  • Pretty sure it's spelled 'know'.

  • I've spent the past couple of weeks doing this as gently as possible as the previous owner of our new place helpfully carpeted over a lovely but very delicate parquet floor. This tool has been great: https://amzn.to/36SyPRz

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Owning your own home

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