Owning your own home

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  • Not bad but next place Philips Sonicare please.

  • This looks like good news, it might take a little time to filter through but very welcome.

  • Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    And builders to change the things I can.

    London, innit. Can’t pick your neighbours. The window’s frosted now, so it’s out of sight out of mind, but we’re perfectly south facing so it made sense to get as much light in as possible.

  • Dont suppose you have any technical drawings? I'm still playing around with the layout of mine... cant wait to start ripping it out.

  • Whats the depth on that cistern hiding shelf? I get a bit overwhelmed when I start googling how deep they need to be...

  • Minimum 12.5cm for a Geberit Delta/Sigma unit I think. I've been spending way too much time reading Geberit technical manuals recently...

  • swarfega decanted into aesop bottles imo

  • Although you lose space with a gerberit, if you have a shower on the same wall it allows you to have a recess for storing your bottles etc. And easier access to plumbing if you have the thermostatic valves on the same side.

  • swarfega decanted into aesop bottles imo

    You joke but I have upcycled those to fill with castile soap, essential oil drops (tea tree, eucalyptus lemon and citronella), some glycerin and water.

    Closest thing to Aesop for like £2.

    Then just used ground coffee as an exfoliant when I work on the bikes.

  • Those toilets that just hang over the bathroom floor stress me out.

    How can you have a relaxing time on there without worrying that it will all collapse in a tidal wave of nightsoil?

  • The real artisans are all making their own handwash now anyway.

  • My swarfega is decanted into a Campagnolo porcelain dispenser.

  • That's really useful, thank you!

  • you also need a bit of Sodium Laureth Sulfate for authenticity.

  • I am just bored in the lockdown, every time I save £2 I spend £200 on bikes.

  • AWESOME. Thanks for that, I was factoring in 15cm so should be all good.

  • Anyone live in a conservation area?
    Just seen a property in one, and am trying to get my head around what it’s like to live somewhere where you can’t change the exterior, but can the interior!

    Had visions of extending and adding loft room and need to figure out how you remodel/modernise if you can’t give yourself more square footage..

  • Looks great! You happy with it?

  • We also banged a massive velux into our bathroom. The bathroom is the first thing at the top of the stairs and it's such a big change compared to a single frosted sash window.

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  • I do now. But only for 1 week.
    As long as you vaguely stick to the rules in ours you seem to be fine.

  • The Gerberit goes deeper than the shelf I think, as there’s some usable space beyond the plasterboard at the limit of the shelf if you see what I mean.

  • It does play on the mind. I won’t be inviting heavy people to use the bathroom now. At least, not if they need to sit down to do their business.

  • or implement a simple system to ask if they are going to piss or shit? Obv no women allowed.

  • There’s nothing more technical than a 1:100 InDesign document with a similar level of detail to what you previously posted and a couple of bad pencil sketches on post-its for the cabinetry. Massive recessed cupboard over the cistern is a game changer, it absorbs so much crap. Would recommend.

  • Very happy. It does show up the rest of the gaff though. It’s like walking into the Mandarin Oriental from a student digs. So glad we got rid of the bath, which neither of us used. Stepping into a bath to take a shower can be treacherous at my age. I’ve gone arse over bollocks a couple of times.

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Owning your own home

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