Owning your own home

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  • Send me the good stuff pls. I love the bits that make no sense until you piece together all the bits of historic neglect that have been cheaply rectified and have a eureka moment. I don’t love the bit after where you have to fix them properly, but as its your house I can skip that bit.

  • https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/8­8100174#/media?id=media1

    Before it was an lshaped bathroom and weird box room - I knocked it all through, pulled down ceiling etc. We did the whole house on the ‘cheap’ as we didn’t really realise how much of a shithole it was when we bought it! So bought most of the bathroom stuff on eBay (all new) apart from tiles which we got from wickes on a family members discount. That being said I think a lot of bathrooms you seen online are just overly specced, of the moment numbers. A good chippy and fairly minimal bathroom suite/tiles all fitted nicely is probably the way to go.
    Bring on the critique but I mentioned it as it looked ok, was cheap and was a bedroom next to bathroom converted into one single large bathroom. Was also down mostly by Marius.

    It was ripped out straight away by new owners, so make of that what you will!

  • You're right about those dead ends. Definitely bad street layout planning.

  • the bath is 220cm long and I can lie in it full length

    I could have planned our loft extension differently and had a bath I could fit in. But I didn't. Which I will forever regret.

  • Aren't dead ends a designed in LTN and therefore good?

  • I'd quite like a bidet, but the other half isn't too keen.

  • Not a bidet, a HOSE that squirts high pressure cold water.

    I read it in Goop so got it installed.

  • A 2200mm bath is ridiculous/amazing. I thought I was going all out with a new 1800x800. A big upgrade from my 1,700x700 current bath.

  • It’s cast iron and weighs around as much as the sun, so getting it up to the flat was exciting. I moved it around the bathroom using two trolley jacks.

  • We need to talk... pm ya in a bit.
    Ec1 bathrooms are where you want to be shopping.

  • Joining in the bathroom talk, I've recommissioned the main bathroom which has allowed me to start ripping out the ensuite. Plasterboard replacement is definitely on the cards.

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  • bio-ethanol

    Anyone have any experience of these? Very tempted by their cheapness, ease of installation and lack of pollution.

  • Here's the parts list from the loft bathroom we did last year.

    A 2.5 x 1.7 bathroom with bath, corner shower, toilet, basin and very skinny towel rad came to just under 5K in parts. That includes the tiling but not bathroom installation and plumbing. Tiles go ceiling height around the shower and long side of the bath, and splashback height round the rest of the room.

    We aimed to buy solid mid-range stuff mostly but some ended up lower end just because that's who had the size or style we needed.

    bath (bette) 687.2
    bath waste (bette) 73.8
    bath taps (just taps) 364
    bath spout (just taps)89
    shower mixer (just taps)350
    shower head 1 (just taps)115
    showe spout ?30
    shower head 2 (just taps) 76
    shower hose 2 (just taps) 150
    shower rail (just taps) 115
    shower elbow (just taps) 32
    enclosure (victoria plumb) 539.004
    basin (ikea) 85
    basin tap (just taps) 115
    shower waste (victoria plumb) 24.996
    basin unit (ikea) 30
    basin units legs(ikea) 11
    radiator 131.95
    valves 44.95
    element 89.98
    t fitting 6.95
    rad hooks 29.9
    wall tiles blue 155
    wall tiles white 172
    toilet (RAK) 232.98
    bath panel 83.1
    wall tiling 770
    bath panel tiling 280

  • Bathroom install finished today, almost a year since we decided to get it done. I decided it wasn’t a job I wanted to get do myself, beyond providing input to the design. We used a fitting company to sort out the trades and project manage. I took photos of the progress of the install. The Aesop bottles in the last shot are filled with Radox as that's all we can afford now.

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  • A few more photos of the final result. I included a photo of the trap under the sink because I paid £130 for it.

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  • strong aesop game.

  • Before and various stages of after. A bit too much going on but I wanted to try some things out so I knew what we wanted in the next house.

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  • So much brushed gold

  • More Aesop. Reminds me I need to put the post poo drops somewhere more obvious.

  • Only for the estate agent pics!

  • I used to favour Swarfega handwash, but that has been banned from the bathroom now.

  • Lol at the contrast between the bathroom and the view out the window.

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Owning your own home

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