Owning your own home

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  • what's the best dust buster? all these cordless ones yous lot are on about are mahoosive. I want one I can holster on my hip and swagger about the house (like john wayne in the searchers) busting dust

  • I can wholeheartedly say do not buy Hoover handhelds... they are shit.

    I've had two, and you'd think I'd have learned my lesson after the first. They have very little power to lift dirt, and the dust compartment needs emptying mid-clean, battery is OK though (but then - no power for a good clean) and they are a little unwieldy (so doing the car carpets is a pain to get in the crevices).

    I also have a Roomba, which is meh... but the ability to run it often, i.e. whenever I go for a walk, turns out to be it's super power. Something can be meh if it runs frequently. But for the price, not really worth it, and requires a rather thorough clean of the Roomba after each use which means it's not a time saving device, it just shifts the work from cleaning the floor to cleaning the Roomba - I mention the Roomba because one of my most frequent uses of the handheld is actually to clean the Roomba.

    Fi has a Dyson cordless thing which you can use handheld... it's insanely good. But I don't wish to buy anything Dyson.

    I'll carry on with the Hoover for ad-hoc clean, but when that fails I'll replace it.

    Shortlist I have for a future replacement or a cordless / handheld given I only use the Hoover for small patches and to clean the car and Roomba:

    1. Shark https://amzn.to/3ot3gnX
    2. Miele Triflex https://amzn.to/2Tt2pp3 (but really this is just cordless being used for small tasks)
  • Should I go for a Stihl leaf blower or go for a 36v Bosch as I already have a 36 bosch lawnmower? I don't particularly love bosch but the battery synergy kinda makes sense?

  • actually also looking for a handheld vacuum without a beater bar at the front.. we have a new loop pile carpet and supposedly our dyson will damage it long term (loose carpet pile gets wrapped around the beater bar and pulled up)..... does such a vacuum exist? anyone ever had the same problem?

  • @Tenderloin hey Joe I sent you an email the other day, hopefully you can help..

  • Just replied - sorry hadn't seen it

  • The Dyson boycott is a bit crazy really. I might not like the founders stance on brexit but if they’re the best vacuums out there sign me up.

  • It's more the brexit bullshit THEN moving his company to Singapore

  • I hope all those not buying Dyson have also been witholding their support for Tao Geoghegan Hart.

  • Its mostly the sending all manufacturing overseas bit that made me dislike him.
    (part) Financing leaving the EU is the turd flavoured icing on the shit cake.

  • I've been looking at loads of different cordless vacs over the last couple of weeks and I really want to get the lupe. It's made by some ex Dyson engineers who were sick of all the waste so every part of this is apparently replaceable. But the the thought of dropping 500 notes on a vacuum is not something my brain can handle.

    Edit - plus it's normally 700 quid.


  • Did Tao pair their immense personal fame and wealth with their market leading nationally recognised brand to amplify the Brexit message only to later offshore their cycling team?

    I'm not that up on cycling as a sport, so if that's the cased I'm happy to extend my judgement and dislike.

  • dysons are pish. miele 4 lyfe

  • Called the southwark conveyancing office 4 times and spent a total of 5 hours on hold, i got through to someone once (in the first 10 minutes) and they said they would work on it and respond same day, heard nothing, now cant get through again.

    0 replies to any of my emails for the last 3 weeks.

    From the one phonecall i managed to get through on they it hadnt been looked at yet.

    I'm at my wits end, what more can i do

  • No, he used his cycling ability to promote and increase the profile of a chemicals company owned by someone who used their immense personal fame and wealth to amplify the Brexit message only to later move to Monaco.

    I just find these strangely specific boycotts a bit weird, I'm not sure how people choose where to draw the line

  • Bosch Athlet Ultimate BCH732KTGB - is the best non Dyson and sub £300 cordless vacuum according to Which.

    @Gewürzt Lupe looks interesting, they do a 30 day trial so I might give it a go. It's at the expensive end and they don't seem to have an extended warranty option but I like the idea of it and reviews are positive

  • I just find these strangely specific boycotts a bit weird, I'm not sure how people choose where to draw the line

    If it helps I'm not buying anymore JCB's either.

  • Possible to go in person?

  • Try going through your/their local councillor?

  • See I'm conflicted, I don't go to Wetherspoons, won't buy Dyson (personal experience of him being a twat), but I do own a JCB...

  • I'm not sure how people choose where to draw the line

    It's a fair point.

    For starters in terms of rank hypocrisy, which I don't think is the be-all anyway but still...

    ...Dyson differs from Ratcliffe, in that Ratcliffe is (imo) a PE-style investment mogul. Offshoring and reducing tax liabilities is part of his bread and butter. He doesn't promote a carefully curated public image as some great British innovator bringing manufacturing back to the UK.

    I can't buy some Ineos fuel additive at John Lewis.

    A sportsperson sponsored by a company does not have the same relationship as the creator of the company with the same name who uses the synergy between the two to allow them a pubic platform.

    These are my reasons. Which when you think about it is forms probably the most self-definingly metropolitan elite protest you can imagine.

  • but I do own a JCB...

    humblebraggingfarmers thread >>


  • Have a look at neighbourhood forums and the like and try and identify which local councillors are active and helpful and get in touch with them. That seems the best way to get council stuff kickstarted in my experience.

  • BCH732KTGB

    They have 60 reviews on their own website with an average of 1.5 stars.

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Owning your own home

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