Owning your own home

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  • @hugo7 I bought one of those and gave up with it. Wasn't very good and found it fairly unwieldy

  • this was my initial thought. I've seen a good example but I can't find it right now. will keep looking

  • Monzo should happily raise this for you for the day.

  • Maybe not a great eg but something like that

  • I spoke to them on chat in anticipation of this and they said that the best thing to do is set an alarm on the day you need to transfer for 7am, send a message to chatasking for the limit to be raised because youre exhcanging on a house, and it should be done in the morning

  • I'm in an odd/annoying house buying situation; had an offer accepted 5 weeks ago on a house (yay), mortgage finally got approved subject to valuation after the bank took an age to decide on us. Should be a relatively simple transaction; we're chain free, they're chain free and had already moved out. Nothing particularly special about the house, should all be pretty basic.

    But since then nothing, been chasing the solicitors, chasing the agent - typical story of everyone saying they have passed the chase on without ever following up on it.
    I finally managed managed to speak to someone more senior at our solicitors, who then rang the sellers solicitor whilst I was on hold - seller hasn't actually signed the forms with their solicitor or paid them. They have also left the country. The agent we've been chasing has been trying to ring a number that no longer works and generally no one has heard from the seller.

    What's going on here? I feel like it's maybe some kind of scam but can't figure out how it would pay off with the money going through two established solicitors. Looking at the sold prices the sellers are in line to at least double their money, even if they only bought on an interest only mortgage they will end up with quite a decent pay off so why are they not trying to push this along? Or are people really this useless?

  • this was the one I was thinking of. think of the window as the book case


  • I want them to either do something meaningful with our money or not to waste it- my suspicion is that the current works are a waste of time and money as they do not go far enough, so I’d prefer they didn’t do them at all (too late now however) or, do them to a standard that has some meaning.

  • I hear you, but I think you have to figure out why they didn’t choose the ‘do nothing option’.

    Part of it will be the fact that they take a margin on the overall project cost so are incentivised to inflate it, but there might be some reason in the regs to do it as well?

  • Yeah, I thought I'd seen a oak veneer panelled alcove but couldn't find it. Still probably how I'd solve for the problem

  • Bear in mind that this is the managing agent whose justification to his solicitor as to why I should pay a fine for something I had not done was “I feel that he should pay us some money”.

  • Oui, c’est vrai.

  • I'd just run it at 360mm all the way across & put some bigger books on the 420 side.
    If its anything like my place the alcoves won't be at right angles either so you will need to make
    a card template to check.

  • That would trigger me

  • Cheers. Just to check you mean the one Dov linked to, or the Airhead's pole dancer shoes one?

    At the moment it's just costing stuff off. We saw a good deal and were wondering about buying and storing. The challenge is we need/want to lay new flooring so it makes sense to do that first. But then when we see what a toddler is doing to the current floor it's painful to think about spunking a load of £s only to watch it get destroyed with another on the way.

  • Otherwise Metabo make a machine called the LF724s. It's a proper handful, probably the most dangerous tool I own. Has a habit of eating it's own safety guards. Basically an angle grinder with tungsten blades attached to a wheel. It ejects tiny sharp bits of paint at around 1000mph, they are all aimed at your eyes. Anything it touches is reduced to fragments. Everyone who trys it is simultaneously frightened and impressed :)

    Videos of this thing look mad, It's just a shame that I'm not sure I have anything which it would be useful for.

    For what it's worth, we have a speed heater cobra and have gone through a staircase, and 6 doors so far. Doors have 150 years of pain on them and I can manage to get 99% of the pain off in 4 hours or so.

  • Issue is the breasts are different depths. Not sure why.

    My folks place is in the middle of the terrace and apparently they were built from the middle out. There are loads of random things like that there. For eg the doorway where the folding doors between the reception rooms is not central with either room - the placement is totally random.

  • the one Dov linked to

  • New floor incoming

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  • Thanks.

  • Can I borrow it?

  • Oh, and idea as to why the different chimney sizes - are there a different number of chimneys stacked above it?

    The extra depth on the bigger one might be to account for the extra weight.

  • In Edinburgh, so a bit useless for you?

  • I would strongly advice to check every single piece to ensure there are no concave sections.

    I got 30sqm installed and the only two lengths with a short concave areas are bang in the middle of the room...

    Also would recommend to set aside the one with lines running lengthways as they are better suited for edges.

    If that doesn't make sense, you can swing by mine and I will show you what I mean

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Owning your own home

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