Owning your own home

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  • Honestly idk.

    As I said ours is good and at least 5½ yrs old. It's self cleaning and has a timer I've never used.

    The only criticism is that I've replaced the glass cover for the internal light twice due to cracking. It's a generic item and not expensive, but imo that's pretty shabby.

    I guess compared to others it might not heat up super fast, but I don't have a great deal to compare it to. I'm also not sure what you need from an oven except self cleaning. Which on a side rant as I'm grumpy is weirdly seen as some sort of luxury here where in France it's come on any old supermarket cooker since the late 90s.

  • “While in Vietnam Jamie threw away clothes from his bags so he could get as many plants in as possible. The trips were all about the garden in Scotland – they were his lifeblood."

    that is really sad. really hope whoever takes it on is someone who wants to maintain the garden. almost feels like something that could be taken over by a trust and run for the public to access (like e.g. little sparta) or run as an outpost of a uni's botany department

    thanks for the link. think I'll buy the book if I can get hold of it

  • Wow! It even has FTTP so I can WFH.

  • Having spent the best part of my childhood about 3 miles from Cove as the crow flies, that part of the west of Scotland gets plenty of sunny days. The sea is warmed from the gulf stream, so you can grow lots of plants that like warmth that you can't usually grow at that latitude.

  • We have this one (or very similar) - it has a fan and gets hot. Not sure what more could be expected.

  • OK. I take it back.

  • There's a book The Bedlam Stacks set in a disintegrating manor house with a botanical garden and a backstory of plant-gathering travellers. I wonder if the author had The Linn in mind.

  • To those concerned about plastic push fit water pipes, this may be of interest

    Basically shows how they are specified in every Travellodge bathroom

  • Saw you @Señor_Bear - good work.

  • Pretty awful watching yourself stutter on TV. Wouldn't recommend.

  • What is the design life of a Travelodge bedroom? I would expect a hotel room like that to be stripped out and refitted periodically, less than 20 years? The plastic pipes that feed my loft extension on the other hand might be there for 50+ years?

    Much easier for the builders to twist plastic pipes under the stairs than copper though and they are long gone.

    (It seems the standard Travelodge lease is 25 or 35 years I think, loads of documents at https://travelodgepropertynews.com/ if you want to build your own)

  • In terms of anecdata someone in the FIY thread BIL's copper pipes recently spring a leak.


  • I think you came across well. How many people have been trying to contact Abbey National on a Sunday do you think?

  • In my situation (selling a Shared Ownership) the only two lenders are Barclays and Halifax. Both have said no.

    So thanks, but no thanks Tory scumbag MP

  • Thanks all for the cheap oven chat.

    I managed to tweak the position of the element so it doesn’t rub/ block the fan anymore and will hopefully get a bit more life out of it before needing to replace the whole thing.

  • Pushfit will last 50+. Seemingly that what the industry normally say as they don’t know themselves. Our water pipes in the roads are pushfit or butt welded

  • Inching closer, completion date agreed for Nov 2nd.

  • Ok back to the same fucking boring question AGAIN.

    Induction or gas?

    We are set on a range cooker and want one that is 100cm. The model that takes our fancy is induction only but they also do a gas version in 110cm but that kinda compromises our pans.

    My issue is that I want this fucker to last 20 years, any idea if an induction hob will do that? Gas will do for sure. The whole top on this range is one piece of glass so if something goes it could be an expensive repair.

    My main issue with induction has always been the touch controls which I really hate - but this range has the knobs on the front for control so it's just like cooking with gas in that respect.

  • Get both.

  • You got a range that does both?

  • Induction as it can be low carbon.

    Although gas is blooming handy when there is an extended power cut.

    I'd procrastinate and keep the old one going.

  • gas is a pain in the arse to clean but nicer to cook on

    induction is a piece of piss to clean but shite to shoogle e.g. stir fries/pasta on

    can you get an induction hob with one gas burner maybe?

  • I had a De Dietrich induction hob for almost 20 years and it worked great. Still have it packed away but now use a wider Miele.
    Induction has more power than domestic gas but the only disadvantage is that you can't keep
    heating up stuff like you can on gas. Once the heat radiating back from the pan goes over a certain temperature it will shut off to protect the electronics.
    So if you need to preheat something like a pizza steel or a pan for crazy sear temperatures
    gas will be better.

  • Induction. Touch controls can be frustrating but induction is so much better than gas.

    Nothing lasts 20 years apart from humans.

  • It's so much better than gas because?

    Just reading the reviews of the range with gas or induction. All the gas are positive and they love it, around 75% of the induction ones say they have had some issues, including serious ones.

    Too confusing 😬

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Owning your own home

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