Owning your own home

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  • I think my absolute ideal place is just down the road from where we are now the Lings Coppice houses (https://goo.gl/maps/cRYb3M1vPvJjAMD9A) and theres a few of them (same architect/basically identical) just round the corner from this place in Croydon too, and they're 150-200k cheaper than Dulwich.

    @amey probably too far for me everyday but i dont think ill be in the office every day

  • does it not? I like croydon, good curry and great access to lanes, quick trains

  • They look dead nice too.... I feel its such an underrated era of architecture by most. Size of rooms and corridors is always decent compared to "period" places and that roof terrace on the place you are looking at has so much potential.

  • I like these on Lee Park

  • all the bus stops on that bit of croxted road sound like shit villages in lord of the rings.

    "Pymers Mead"
    "Ildersly Grove"
    "Lings Coppice"

    and my axe, obvs.

  • yeah.. telling friends to get off at 'Lings Coppice' is sucking water from a stone normally

  • Yeah, this one is what I meant: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for­-sale/property-81519739.html

    but its been a bit white washed inside sadly

  • Ahh got ya, sorry, got mixed up I think... yeah far too white washed but a fantastic base, once you get their tat out...

  • https://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/flat-2­7/connaught-works/251-old-ford-road/lond­on/e3-5ps/7671820

    The capital increases on z1/2 flats was pretty mental from 2012-2015.

    I sold my old flat for 185k more than I paid for it after about 3 years and it was in worse condition than when I purchased it as it needed a new kitchen and bathroom (which the people that purchased it put in).

    I don't think they've lost money on it but they won't have made much either when you consider they will have spent 30k on fees and improvements.

  • A few years back you couldn't give mid-Century houses away. Ours had been on the market for a couple of years before we got it- mind you it was mostly original so needed a fuck-ton of work - but was before the boom. The layouts are (generally) so much nicer to live in than Victorian, but people were put off by the look of them for a long time. Part of the reason for the bigger increases in value in recent times.
    Making them all white is a bit of a cop-out IMO - because they are plainer inside feature-wise, they need a bit of zing.

  • Would agree. I want to reference the style a bit when I do the next round of work on my place but don't want to go into pastiche territory. LOVE reeded glass.

  • To me the worst of Croydon snobbery (as opposed to generic outer town centres) was from particular time - Kate Moss, "chavs", Croydon facelift etc. Late 90s and best left there (the snobbery not Croydon). It has its issues but more characterised by successive waves of "progressive" development.

  • Wireless house alarms: any recommendations / companies worth speaking to?

    Stupidly forgot about house alarm and now the place is all re-wired, nicely skimmed and a paint of coat short of finished - figure a base unit by fuse box and wireless bits is the way forward these days, but utterly clueless.

  • Simplisafe is good, got it last year and it's been great so far. Very easy install too.

    I've got a referral code if you fancy it, PM me

  • Yes.

    What eco system do you use? Google/Amazon/Apple?
    I have a Yale smart alarm which has Amazon/Google integration but the smart aspect of it is SHIT.
    It is however a bright yellow Yale box on the outside of the house - which has to be a decent deterrent right?
    I also have a Nest alarm which I got imported from the states as I already had Nest smoke detectors and cameras, its pretty decent.
    If you don't want to go smart the Yale will suffice, but if you want smart and a decent app thats fit for purpose choose whichever modern company supports your ecosystem.
    Adobe have a 20% off intro offer atm and they look like they support everyone which is pretty decent.

  • croydon isnt bad to be fair - there 's an array of new flats being built, has always got good transport links into the city especially - ok there's no tube but the commute is pretty ok depending on what route you want to take in

    only a matter of time before westfield may actually arrive

  • It's harsh but I still associate it with 14yo fingering in the park, MAX power cars, fried chicken and weed.

    All probably totally unjustified vs anywhere else.

  • I have to work in East Croydon occasionally and in not a fan. Just too much concrete.
    However I'm sure there are nicer bits, and I never get very far from the station.

  • ok there's no tube


  • We bought a Victorian end of terrace in SE27 last year for £643k. £725k for Croydon seems a lot (though it is a nice place).

  • Here I was happy with a modest 85% in 6 years.

  • Y-cam if you have some tech skills. We love our stuff.

  • Immaculate condition stylish terraced house with incredible private
    back garden :


  • I’m not a fan of East Croydon and pessimistically I don’t see the area or the amenities improving enough to warrant moving there.

    Surely you can get a 3 Bed around SE23 boarders?!

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Owning your own home

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