Owning your own home

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  • Wait, is @amey our Patrice Lumumba and his wilful destruction an expression of anti-imperialism. Is Quickstep his kente cloth?

  • I wouldn't say that you've put on that much weight

  • I feel personally attacked.

  • I'm not happy with @amey 's comments but my ornate plasterwork is a small comfort.

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  • If you’re minted you just gut the place and do what you want as whatever you put in is likely better quality than whatever was there before (@Dammit’s serotta or whatever being a reasonable analogy?)

    Tl;dr: I feel personally attacked.

    I've spent around £2,000 saving the frame of my original CSi and bringing it to "as new", it's had new seat stays now, plus a Colourburn paint job, on top of what I did when I bought it initially.

    It would have been significantly cheaper to have ordered a modern steel road bike and then have "Serotta" painted on it.

  • Anything happened with my old one yet?

  • Yeah sorry my grammar was pretty woeful there. Yeah makes sense.

    Personally I think that train line is unacceptably slow but have you looked at Norwich/Diss but further and Norfolk but personally I think Norwich has done a pretty good job for itself.

  • Is Quickstep his kente cloth?

    So, so good.

  • As long as Amey’s slightly made me wince kitchen surface RAL decisions don’t transfer to the shed painting.

  • That’s a f... great price, we are in the process of doing the same (minus the curry, here is paella). Also in SE. Would you mind sending the list of contractors? Specially windows, plaster and render would be appreciated

  • My fucking cats revelled in pulling off the plinth guards every fucking morning because ghosts

    What is it with cats and doing this? Mine does the same.

  • Personally I think that train line is unacceptably slow

    Quite like Norwich, but it's not that near the sea.

    London - Ipswich is circa 80 miles, 1hr 05m by train
    London - Norwich is circa 120 miles, 1hr 57m by train

    Diss is a bit scary...

  • To be honest I'm down with not having period features to make places nice and minimal inside and will happily buy a house where they've been removed for that reason. Would also happily have an Ikea kitchen. But I have to draw the line at laminate flooring, especially when reasonably priced reclaimed boards are available!

    I'm with you on spending less overall though. We spent far too much per square metre on our place, I wouldn't do that again.

  • Around 35 mins to the sea from north of the city. Quite nice to cycle up there too.

    I'd avoid Diss.

    There has been a lot of discussion on the Norwich> London train line so hopefully we'll see some investment there in the next few years, which is a shame as the line home from London from work is usually time for a good nap/ audiobook but then I don't do it every day.

  • Ikea Kitchen - check
    Laminate flooring - check
    No period features - check
    For all other things, including banging curry (probably tastes like chicken), there’s MasterCard.

  • Yeah - that is true that extra bit from london on train but by car is pretty similar also true about distance to sea (you do have the broads for sailing which is nice). Suggested Diss as a half way house but maybe Stowmarket is a better option?

    If I was moving to Suffolk and wanted to be in 90 mins train/car of London I'd probably go for Woodbridge

  • What is it with cats and doing this?

    Dicks. They are just dicks.

  • Amey’s boards were actually in perfect condition, he didn’t need any replacements. I saw them myself before he buried them.

  • So that means they’ll still be nice if he wants to do a quick ponsification of the place prior to sale.

  • When a property in E17 is listed as "£x OIEO", can that be translated as "The property is valued at x+10% but we want to lure in as many viewings as possible to create an inflated sense of demand"?

    Any advice on what level to go in at with a first offer in that scenario? Before the shit hit the fan and we shelved everything for a bit, we put an offer in of 400k on a flat listed at 400k OIEO. It apparently sold for 'more than' 450k.

  • but we want to lure in as many viewings as possible


    Any advice on what level to go in at with a first offer in that scenario

    What you think the property is worth to you. And second guessing these strangers.

    Not sure there's anything else to it really, you know your need, you can get data on what places sell for, but at the moment things are properly weird at mo.

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Owning your own home

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