Owning your own home

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  • So agents over tomorrow with their 'professional' photographer. He's asking for payment upfront which I've taken a point of ignoring.

    Wait, they are charging you for photos?

    If so find another agent.

  • Is it purple bricks?

  • Photographer surely gets their money from the agent who get their money from selling your house.

  • Yeah I agreed to pay more for their premium package.

  • Is it purple bricks?

    No! I had them around for a valuation and the only attractive thing about them was the price.

  • Photographer surely gets their money from the agent who get their money from selling your house.

    That was my understanding too...

  • Ha ha we had the exact same experience!

  • Premium package? Surely your estate agent wants the "premium package" by default if they're serious on selling the place.

  • Classic French.

    Out of curiosity - which part?

  • So is the price difference for the photographer, and you pay it yourself? Or do you pay more AND have to pay the photographer?

  • Was the advance payment for the photographer disclosed in the contract? If you haven’t signed I would find another agent

  • Funnily enough we are. Just offered on a beautiful old house by the river in Saint-Germain-de-Confolens

  • Charente and Dordogne. Seems we have settled on Charente-Limousin

  • Oh très bon.
    I bet it'll be lovely, even with the French.

  • Super jealous, this prompted another daydreaming property search from me. I'm hoping that the rural broadband gets a nationwide upgrade by the time me and OH could work entirely remotely

  • I've just moved to rural Ireland and this was a major worry for me, but i bought a tp link mr600 and tried a few 4g broadband sim providers before settling on one that appears to have as fast a connection as my virgin media fibre power broadband in camberwell

  • They’re definitely improving things but it depends on the commune or local maire.

    My parents place was built in the 1500’s and the village is in a valley, in a national park. The nearest shop is a 20 min drive.

    They just got 4g mobile mast turned on three weeks ago (no signal at all before that). It was supposed to be completed 2 years ago.

    They do get 15mb broadband though. Enough to stream Netflix and do the odd video call. I’ve worked there for a week before without issue.

  • That's good to know - likewise @Colm89. Both of us have a lot of large Adobe files going back and forth for work, so slow internet would make things pretty painful. Realistically there's a couple of years before this will be a thing for us anyway, unless we get pushed by other factors

  • Yeah, that’s unlikely to work out in most places right now.

    Video calls and streaming are solid and reliable but you’d be there all week with any sort of creative requirements.

  • Charente and Dordogne. Seems we have settled on Charente-Limousin

    Is this going to be a holiday home, or are you moving?

  • Hopefully actually moving there. Whilst I love where we live in London, I no longer want to live in England.
    If we establish French residency before the end of December then it’s far easier than trying to do it afterwards.

  • Yes, snap. I don't think I can organise things in time to get there this year, but you never know. I need to arrange things with work (and do more Duo Lingo).

  • EWS1 Update:
    On the 20th July Chris Pincher released the Buildings Safety Bill which enshrines into law the fact remediation costs for buildings will be borne by leaseholders under a new term called building safety charge. The demand for building safety charges must be paid by leaseholders within 28 days and is enforceable in county court. It's estimated that the average cost for remediation works for buildings with cladding will be £68k per leaseholder.

    This really is becoming a big scandal.

  • £68k per leaseholder


  • What’s the French version of zoopla? I want to have a look

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Owning your own home

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