Owning your own home

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  • We do not.

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  • Hive mind thoughts:
    Both within budget.
    Larger house with less street appeal or smaller house with more street appeal.
    (I suppose that is in the eye of the beholder, but essentially classic London stock vs somewhat new build)
    Same catchment area for school/ transport/ etc.
    7% price difference between smaller and larger.
    23% extra floor space of larger, and all of that space is fully useable in larger, whereas some of smaller is less than ideal ceiling height (6').
    Long term- Smaller has substantial room to extend, and garden that is frankly bonkers for the area.
    Larger cannot be extended or really added value to.

  • Smaller.

  • Smaller and eventual extension.

    Or smaller and use the 7% to extend?

  • The extension could never match that 23% size difference.
    (It would likely be a studio and finishing off the limited headspace bits- so arguably doesn't add any true value on).
    But I take your points. They're similar to my own thoughts.
    Not necessarily shared by my wife, however.
    Add in feeling of security and running costs. Its a complex one.
    We would aiming to bring the price differential closer to 3% with offers.
    (above initial price differential based on 'market' value)

  • The bigger house is the newer one, I'm guessing? I couldn't quite tell from what you said, but I'd expect the "classic London stock" to have more kerb appeal than the new build.

    Are they both great, or both ok?

    Is there another one out there somewhere that has some of the best aspects of both?

  • They're both on the high end of the pretty great to perfect scale, though you could argue the smaller is less unique to the area.
    Which is both a good and bad thing in this case.
    And yes smaller is the classic one.

  • Larger - unless I misunderstood what 'street appeal' means

  • Obviously this is a pretty unique (hopefully) period, and also you haven't exactly had any time off/WFH, but having a nice garden has been an amazing thing these last three months, I would definitely value having a nice garden over a bit more space

  • locksmiths in north London - got some internal doors with rattly knobs and missing keys... need a bit of TLC. any recommendations please?

  • Anyone know a plumber in South East London (forest hill or nearby)?

    Our sink is fucked, whoever did the plumbing was an idiot and it blocks all the time - this time its too bad, I need it fixing...

  • Demolishing the kitchen. Found this candle.

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  • Blatant reverse engineering of a cover story here.

  • Congrats on the move Dov! Will need to do Gipsy Hill beers when we're out and about again.

  • Put it in a wine bottle for romantic mealtimes.

  • I've used this locksmith - fast and reasonably priced, also recommended on local forum

    North London Locksmiths
    79 Grand Parade, Green Lanes,
    Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM · 020 8800 6041

  • Keep searching, there must be more Devil Worship paraphernalia around.

  • Got some more details on Sunpark, the current owner has spent £200,000 renovating it so far, including 50k on the Crittal windows (they sent me the list of work done and work to do), but they've listed the place for less than they bought it for.

    When I asked why they are selling it the answer is that its their second house and they just don't get down there often enough.

    For reference they just dropped the asking price.

    Little concerned that it'll eat another 200k to get it how I want it, and still be very difficult to sell.

    Which only matters if I want to sell it of course.

    Also, the agent doubts it could be mortgaged right now, but is certain that we'd just need to fit an oven and then it could be.

  • Ah thats why you are doing those rides on strava i am giving kudos to!

  • Are you genuinely thinking about moving into this house when you've never been to Brixham?

  • No, I'm doing some research before deciding if I am up for the 9 hour roundtrip to visit Brixham and look at the house.

  • I would probably research locations before houses but each to their own. You can change (most) houses but not locations etc etc.

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Owning your own home

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