Owning your own home

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  • Left-field, but can you escalate it into a full blown row?

    Then once things have settled down gently explain that if you're already fighting this much over help packing, imagine how bad the fights will be once you start packing.

  • That. Is. Amazin.

  • I hope your partner doesn't read lfgss!

  • Mine cyber-stalks me on here. She's admitted as such. I'd best not say too much...

  • Could you try it like this:

    It's better to decide what you want to throw away when you're *un*packing - start by taking out the things you really need in each room - then anything that's still in a box a few days/weeks later, or anything that doesn't fit right in the new room you've put it in can go?

    We did it like this and ended up with 4-5 boxes for charity.

  • She's still persisting but I'm slowly breaking down her will ^ this argument helped a little so thanks. We had to postpone our wedding in Italy yesterday so treading lightly today!

  • Against the grain but I had been planning on getting a company in to do my packing (assuming all goes well) but I'm thinking with all the time we'll have stuck at home we may as well do our own packing.

  • It's still a shit job, even if you have time to do it

  • Sorry to hear that. Even if it weren't in Italy, it would have been a strange time to get married. I'm sure it will be worth the wait in the end, and give you a good story once you're there!

    We'd recommend Pegler's if you do end up going for packing and removal.

  • Wait am I marrying you? :P
    This is what she's saying - it is deffo going to give us time to do some solid ebaying!

  • Is it crazy trying to move to a bigger home during all this?

    We've just lost our buyer after 3 months of us not finding anywhere, to be fair though that was over Christmas and Brexit. We've had a couple of viewings already and have someone coming down from London today to view (Surrey/Hants borders) and we've found a fixer upper that we're keen on.

    I'm wondering though if prices are going to drastically fall or even crash. We really need more space and a garden for the kids but aside from that we're pretty happy where we are.

    Who know about this kind of stuff? We're obviously not getting any straight answers from our agent.

  • I'd be surprised if anyone could accurately predict what will come of the current situation.

  • if you're selling and buying at the same time it shouldn't matter should it?

  • Who knows. I was 99% of the way through a purchase but the top of the chain has now pulled out as she's in her 80's and understandably doesn't fancy selling her home when the advice is to not even leave it.
    If someone else is willing to break the chain then we might exchange today/tomorrow... otherwise, no clue.

  • I'm 90% of the way through trying to buy a flat for the first time. No chain, and it's been mega painful, offer was accepted in November and sellers have been dragging their feet. Now they're eager to get it done - funny that.

    I reckon prices will go down steadily, and will continue to do so for the next few years given brexit too.

    Not a nice thing to say but my bro raised the prospect that a lot of old people may die releasing new houses on the market. Generally though I reckon people will sit on their houses for ages rather than sell at a loss, meaning not much comes on the market and demand therefore keeps the prices stable.

    I got absolutely no idea, i'm in no way informed on this.

  • I'm hopefully moving to a bigger home in the next month or so. Buyer and seller are in place and that's the whole chain so hopefully no hiccups there.

    I've no idea what prices are going to do. We're planning to live in the property long term and have a decent LTV so negative equity isn't too big a concern.

    If I was earlier on in the process (still doing viewings, etc) then I think I probably would put it on hold for the moment just due to the logistics.

  • Bear in mind that the UK has yet to hit it's annual house building targets once.

    Also while I accept everyone's circumstances are different, if I inherited a property right now (personally or with siblings) I'd rent it out and wait.

  • A friend pointed out that it'll take 4-6 weeks at least before I have to sign anything so I guess I could always walk away at that point if things aren't looking right.

    It just seems a bit risky at the moment but it was like that around Brexit too and that's far from over.

    Strange days.

  • Someone is supposed to be buying our place but the EA selling my other flat has gone off sick last week and didn’t even bother to tell us.

    So yeah weird

  • Same, totally absent EA, zero communication.

  • Buyer’s surveyor coming to ours on Sat.

    I am concerned.

    I ask “what would you need to touch?”

    They say “everything”

    This is the wrong answer

  • Can you borrow a cat? The last time I sold a property the surveyor came over, we had a cup of coffee in the kitchen and then he played with the cat with his Lazer pen for a while before literally taking a look round then driving off. He was a good chap.

  • We have two, no need to borrow.

    These guys sounded like proper idiots though. They asked how do they get access to the roof.

    It’s a leasehold flat ffs

  • Tell them to bring a really big ladder.

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Owning your own home

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