Owning your own home

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  • Sunak's mortgage offer is a load of old trousers. Anyone can ask to suspend or reduce mortgage payments during a crisis, this offer will show on your credit record and all they do is stick the extra three months on the end of the mortgage. You don't gain anything you haven't already got as far as I can see.

  • You gain avoiding repossession if this crisis is putting you in deep financial shit. Or, more likely, that money can go on other items that you need to pay for to survive those 3 months.

    No-one is going to give you 3 months mortgage for free and no-one should be expecting that.

    Also, not all mortgages make it simple to get a payment holiday, this should guarantee it.

    I can see the 3 months being extended when/if we're not out of the woods in June.

  • I thought that if you were up to date anyone could ask for a 3 month holiday, the money simply added onto the end.

    If it's as you suggest then landlords could benefit and pass nothing on?

  • I thought that if you were up to date anyone could ask for a 3 month holiday

    OK, so if you're not up to date then fuck you - your fault for slipping slightly behind?

    If it's as you suggest then landlords could benefit and pass nothing on?

    I said nor implied nothing about landlords, but SomethingNeedsToBeDone(TM) for renters too.

  • He's going to do a website with the full details later I think. With so many MPs being landlords I was looking for who actually benefits.

  • Ah, I was wrong:

    There will be a fast-track system for approval, but not everyone will
    be granted a payment holiday. The unpaid interest will still be
    recovered later, but individual credit ratings will not be affected.


  • Thoughts on redundancy insurance?
    Might be needed in the next 6 to 9 months of not sooner. I imagine there is a certain period one would.need to.pay in for prior to claiming

  • Anyone have any moving boxes? Thanks !

  • The greatest gift we ever gave ourselves was a full packing service. Not really that expensive and a massive stress reducer when moving.

    Also; congrats!

  • Just to bring the thread back on track.

    @TW and @Howard some rubbish photos of my folks sink and underneath groove ten years on.

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  • Nice overhang I approve

  • Hard to get a gauge of how wide / deep the drip channel is, but at a guess I would say 4-6mm.

  • What do you and don't you need building regs certificates for? I'm struggling to find a definitive list.

    I'm looking at three things and I'm not sure which, if any, require it:

    1. Removing a wall in the kitchen to get a big kitchen rather than the original separate kitchen and utility room. I suspect not structural but not 100%.
    2. Adding a downstairs toilet in what was originally the cupboard under the stairs.
    3. Removing a wall separating the bathroom and toilet to make it all into one. Pretty sure this isn't structural.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction.


  • Saw another ducked one today. No overhang. Amateurs!

  • Had a rather unusual situation just now, a branded van from a well known fishmonger tried to do a u-turn in front of my house (happens regularly, people prefer to do it in front of my house because they're too lazy to go to the end of the cul de sac), hit my gatepost and took a decent sized gouge out of it.

    I decided to go out for a look and before I even got near the gate he was shouting aggressively out the window that he didn't touch the gate. I pointed out the fresh gouge, and he got more irate and drove away, so i snapped a pic of his reg.

    A few moments later he returned shouting expletives at the house and taking photos of the damage, so i went outside and told him to go away and leave us alone.

    The damage is not terminal and will be less obvious with a lick of paint, but i was appalled at how he handled it. I initially thought about emailing the company, but actually I'm a but concerned that he knows where I live and given how he reacted, I don't really know what he is capable of doing.

    I have a ring doorbell that annoyingly didn't capture the actual shunt, but did capture the unfolding of the conversation (for want of a better word).

    What would you do? Complain and risk repercussions? Say nothing? I don't really want to involve police because quite frankly I think they have bigger things on their plate atm...

  • Fix the gate.

    Find the driver and shit on his doorstep

  • I would report it to the company, and state that given the response, you are in two minds about reporting to the police also.

  • Big enough to prevent build up of water, that's for sure.

  • I think this is good advice.

  • Which is the new place? The one near the school in South Chingthamstowford?

  • It was done by a sort of family friend who is a cabinet maker, but not London based. Idk if that makes a difference as all his wardrobes/similar are beautiful and probably a fair bit more, so I wonder if a kitchen is comparatively easy/low brow(?).

    Just as a general cost guide in relation to #40grandkitchenlife my mum thinks it was £8k for labour and materials. Although they had paid someone to draw up detailed drawings of the kitchen design.

    Not cheap, cheap, but a good example of what good value having a good indy carpenter Vs. bespoke kitchen companies.

  • @Colm89 - what stevo said.

  • Dude can you speak with the missus? she's insisting we pack as wants to have a clear out, I've told her I cba and getting people in to do the whole thing is totally money well spent. She's not having it! :'(

  • Wish that i could help mate.

    All i can say is that we've used a packing service on our last two moves and it made the entire moving experience 100x less stressful.

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Owning your own home

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