Owning your own home

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  • CAB from what I’ve heard are useless in matters like this.

    Ah, that's disappointing.

  • Your ‘debt’ is £711.

    Based on the payments we've made for the past ten years, our debt is zero, that £711 is scheduled to be paid in June.

    I am now (thanks to this thread, so it's also your fault if this goes wrong) tempted to say "I think the simplest way to resolve this is for you to take me to court, or forget the entire thing and I'll make the next scheduled payment in the normal way, as I have done since 2010".

  • What would be the problem with saying 'normally, and for 10 years, this has been fine. I'm not behind. I'm on time. Let's start again. Let's get it all synced up after this payment'

    Then wait for Coronavirus to wreak havoc and never pay again.

  • I’ve said that to the solicitor, I’ve said that to the managing agent. I’ve called the managing director of the freehold association a cunt to his face at significant volume.

  • That’s what I’m thinking. When did this change come in place? Did they relay this to all leesee(?). Any documentation?

  • No, none of that has happened, and our quarterly payment schedule is still, according to the MA, in place.

  • There should always be a letter before action.

    Do you have a copy of the service charge demand? If it doesn't include a list of your rights and their obligations under CALRA it's not valid, and you can effectively consider yourself not to have been served correctly - ie you don't have to pay until they send it properly.

    CAB suck at this stuff but https://www.lease-advice.org/ will analyse your lease and tell you what is and isn't payable by it. Usually admin / legal charges like this aren't payable without an explicit clause - and there usually isn't one. Book a telephone appointment if you can

  • Anyone know anything about windows? The double glazed units in our 30s semi are about 30 years old and on their last legs and I'd like to upgrade them with a significant gain in thermal efficiency in mind. They are two large bay windows that make up 80% of the exterior wall face of the rooms so how well they work thermally should hopefully make a big difference.

    Alu or uPVC?
    Double or triple?
    Any recommendations for contractors?

    I like the slimness of alu, but not at the expense of a big hit in thermal efficiency.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

  • uPVC have traditionally been ugly but efficient (and are maintenance free unlike wooden windows which have to be maintained).

    Nowadays you can have new uPVC painted in any colour you like and they can look very attractive. However they aren't cheap.

    Never had casement style windows so I can't comment.

    We have horrible plastic uPVC in our house (moved in 6 months ago). They looked grim but worked great so we had them resprayed and they look like new.

  • all windows in our place were replaced for £5k, UPVC sash bays etc /csb

  • I like the slimness of alu, but not at the expense of a big hit in thermal efficiency.

    Edit. Link for U-value info, not a recommendation.

    If your frames are in good condition, replacing the glass with Low-U units would be an improvement. However yours are probably only 16, 20 or 24mm thick, so not as efficient as the current standard double glazing at 28mm.
    Triple glazing could be anything between 32 and 44mm

    PVC frames are typically more efficient than Alu, with the cheaper PVC windows performing as good as high end triple glazed Alu ones.

  • including installation @amey ? did they do a good job? if so could you send me their details, we have the same problem as Hovis and it might be time for a change soon

  • Excellent job, will pm

  • How many windows was that? Can you send me details too please.

  • Could you forward details to me too? Looking to replace mine

  • Ah, could you forward too. Likely will need that soon.

  • Likewise please.

  • Maybe just post it here...

  • Window deets are more in demand than bog roll

  • That's cos most people in here are bidet aspirational

  • One seriously good thing about coronavirus is that it is now perceived as significantly less mental for me to want to have one of those asian 'bum gun' things installed. Shake off your oppressive reliance on bog roll! Experience a clean rectum! Support your plumber!

  • Was about to pull the trigger on an extension, incoming recession gives me the fear.
    We bought at the time of the Brexit vote and would imagine the economy will bounce quite quickly post virus. Decisions, decisions!

  • I suspect we'll have a global Great Depression as the virus situation worsens, with huge numbers of people waking up to no job today across Europe, and the train wreck that is going to envelop America shortly.

    The virus situation is also likely to carry us across the line into no-deal Brexit with almost nothing done to address it, with the EU saying "extend and we'll deal with it later" and the fanatics in the Tories insisting that that is impossible.

  • I reckon we'll end up with a greatly extended transition period. Johnson can say it's nothing to do with him and it will be a get out of jail free card for him.

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Owning your own home

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