Owning your own home

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  • Exchanged today moving next Friday, boxes on their way, this should be a laugh riot

  • this should be a laugh riot

    I don't understand how anyone can describe moving house like this, even in jest. I still curl up in the foetal position rocking backwards and forwards comfortingly every time I think of my last experience of it.

  • Anyone know a good man and van for a pretty quick and easy job? Just picking up a sideboard and driving it 4.5 miles.

  • I like how you have painted the "Live Laugh Love" in forced perspective like ads on a football pitch

  • So many questions!

    Why are there so many crosses?
    Why are there no smoking signs on the wall / ceiling?
    Why are their toilet door sex indicators?
    Why (given question one) are there a load of pictures of naked men surrounding the bed?
    Who's the lady staring at me through the window in the first picture?
    What's behind the curtain in the kitchen?
    What's the crazy circle building?

  • You're much more observant than I am.

    I just thought it was a really nice flat, with a strange shrine to the patron saint of clean laundry.

  • Can anyone recommend a reliable mover? Particularly for a relocation an hour away. Got a few quotes, one person came over and was very nice and priced up the job and it's competitive (not looking for cheapest necessarily) but I read a few reviews and they're concerning, tales of them holding stuff hostage until an increased bill is settled.

    Just want someone to fucking pick up my fucking stuff and fucking drive it to my new fucking house and take me fucking money (as agreed) then fuck off, how fucking hard can that be.

  • Mates, beer and a 7.5 tonne van?

  • We used Pegler and they were really good.


  • Completed today, no celebrations apart from home made macaroni cheese 🧀- doing dry January.
    Moving in furniture and getting pissed planned for 1st Feb.
    Happy days

  • Looking to restore the floorboards upstairs and they look in pretty good nick in the first room I've checked. They're painted white bit none seem rotten, the only issue is where the chimney has been removed is just filled with concrete.

    Would anyone be able to give me a ball on what the cost of getting it all sorted would be, and how long something like that usually takes? I would have liked to do it myself but we've got a baby on the way in a couple of months and this room's going to be the nursery so we just want it done quickly and well.

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  • We used Floor Sanding Experts in our old place and they did a good job involving some similar work.

  • Cheers, don't suppose you mind telling me how much it was? I'm completely clueless with regards to how much any like that should cost.

  • Every time we moved (once a year) we hire a Luton and do it ourselves.
    Dont have loads of stuff but enough to fill a 2bed flat. Sometimes I put a call into a mate.

  • This is how much it was:

    Areas: Option 1 Front Bedroom: 13.44 m2 – 6` Pine floorboards
    Back Bedroom: 5.84 m2 (12 To Re-stitch the Patch & 1)
    Landing & Cupboard: 3.73 m2 Basic
    Screw Removal: to the Front Bedroom, Refix with Brad Nails.
    Boards fitted: customer will supply / Uplift from the Ground floor as Required – 18 linear meters allowed
    Sanding: 3 Stage process (dust free machines)
    Gap Fill: Resin – To the Doorways on the landing
    Buff & Vacuum
    Finishing: 4 coats of Clear Lacquer (Satin/Matt)


    Basic price £829.16
    V.A.T £165.84
    Grand total £995.00

    To be honest I'd forgotten it was that expensive - but that's including sanding and finishing 2 rooms and a landing as well.

    It seems like refitting boards tends to be about £24/Sq m, but hearth removal and the waste disposal will probably add more on to that as well.

  • Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. We've got 3 bedrooms to do in total so that really helps me put it in to context.

    Last thing (I promise) how long did it all take?

  • I think it was two days. They later did a large downstairs lounge/dining room in one full (but long) day.

  • Who is the current forum favourite conveyancer?

  • Any nibbles @Tenderloin? I happened to walk past your place on Saturday and there were lots of people loitering around outside waiting to go in. Most of whom appeared to be pregnant hackney migrants.

  • Anyone have any recommendations / suggestions for estate agents in Bow / Bethnal Green?

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Owning your own home

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