Owning your own home

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  • Or am I being too cynical?

    With estate agents, almost never. Might as well get a second opinion on valuation from a local agent?

  • Instead of buying in Ireland you could get consent to let on your mortgage and rent out your London place and rent in Ireland?

  • He’s lazy though

  • Ha ha, yeah not really keen on renting in either direction

  • It all seems a bit too good to be true. Is he likely just pushing me to get the fee in to instruct them? Or am I being too cynical?

    Given the circumstances you could ask them to arrange a one off viewing of your place where you could meet this person.

  • This ^.

    Tell them you’re not sure if you want to sell, but happy to let this buyer have a viewing as that could convince you to sell.

  • Dibs on bike shed

  • Any vague suggestions on what a full refurb of a 3 bed victorian terrace would be. Nothing much structural other than knocking down a few internal walls but rewired, new radiators, boiler, kitchen, bathroom, added downstairs toilet, plastering and everywhere redecorated.

    From this:

    To this:

    Not doing the work myself, it's a house that a developer has done and I'm pondering a bid but I reckon it's overpriced so just pondering what the developer may have spent to come up with a realistic offer.

  • £20-40k dependant on the corners cut and level of finish.

  • £20-40k seems low to me.

    New kitchen and bathroom could be £20k on their own (that kitchen doesn't look low spec either, but pics can be misleading). Full re-wire, redecorated throughout etc etc I would be surprised if you got much change from £50k.

    I might be wildly wrong though.

  • Yes I’d say more like £50k too

  • I'm halfway through a similar project and 50k seems pretty accurate.

  • £300/sqft for truly chi chi West London finish

    EDIT: just read that a developer did it, clearly they would have spent a lot less, £50k doesn’t sound wrong if mostly cosmetic works and no space added.

  • Less the £50 they saved by not buying a lampshade for the living room ;)

  • A decent kitchen with stone worktop decent appliances and a proper rewire and with some gas and plumbing work could come to 20 alone.

    But if you get lucky and get some cheap builders in who aren't vat registered then you might be able to do it for 50k I reckon.

  • You'd spend £50k doing it yourself but there's no way a developer spent that.

  • That kitchen doesn’t look high spec to me - don’t think it’s a marble worktop or splash back. I reckon 30-40k but no idea how much other stuff they’ve done

  • Our house goes on the market tomorrow 😮

  • Hope you got a good few valuations. Our neighbours sold recently and unfortunately for them I think they undersold by about 15-20k. But they were divorcing and you'd end up with me as your neighbour so maybe the price was right.

  • Thanks all, quite a bit less than I expected. Although that's quite a variation from @NickCJ At 1,200 sqft that would come out at £360k against the £50k.

    Finish is probably the best I've seen from a developer done place, no obvious cut corners (apart from the strangely missing lightshades). Kitchen is Corian with Bosch appliances.

    It's on the market for over £200k more than it was purchased for (under a year ago) which I thought was a lot. Although they did seem to get it pretty cheap after it had been on the market for a long time.

  • Somewhat irrelevant and very late, but I grew up living at 2 Warren avenue, just up the road.

    Not there any more but...


  • So, how many murders happened in that house exactly

  • A few. That's why I had to burn it down and leave the country.

  • Clever. But you left, so it's safe now. Adds the the "pros" list

  • Ha.

    The 'Dee would be a grand wee place to live again.

    Enjoy if you go!

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Owning your own home

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