Owning your own home

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  • We had our solicitor translate handwritten deeds from 1850, sadly we aren't allowed to run a brewery or distillery.

  • We're not allowed to cause offence or distress to the Earl of Dartmouth.

    Which is a shame because he's a UKIP wanker.

  • I’m not allowed to keep animals without permission from the lord of the manor. The manor was sold to the council in 1937, the Manor House was bombed by a V-1 in 44.

  • I'm wondering how easy it is for covenants to be enforced when most of the people who the covenants relate to are 6 ft under.
    Maybe this is why there is something about "moving earth / digging up stuff"

  • The owner or owners of the land which was originally intended to take the benefit of the covenant.

  • And a client of mine.

  • It can be very easy, if you can prove that you own all or part of the land intended to take the benefit of the covenant.

  • this , call me thick, i don't understand..
    We buy the house and land so we own it not the person who owned it years ago and sold it on...?

  • Where you have a restrictive covenant you will usually have two areas of land. One area of land is subject to the burden of the covenant, so the person who owns that area of land cannot use it in a way which would be a breach of the covenant. The other area of land is the land with the benefit of the covenant. However owns that area of land has the right to enforce the covenant.

    Some restrictive covenants have either a benefit or burden which is personal to the original covenantee/covenantor but the above is the 'classic' restrictive covenant where both the benefit and burden run with the land.

  • Thanks, my more intelligent wife explained it to me too! Makes more sense now :)

  • That's a shame. One of his ancestors was a hero to the American Colonists and helped to repeal the Stamp Act, then he became second Colonial Secretary and fucked things up.

    I couldn't teach my A level course without offending a lot of old nobles.

  • Just found out the the company that the convenant related to was dissolved in 2017 so no probs on that count and the rear bit of land doesn't have any covenants attached.
    Marching on to exchange of contracts now :)

  • exchanged! completing in the new year - buzzing.

  • @giles337 goodshow. On Friday i had call from Agent who had call from solicitor, progress has stalled because the overall property Freeholder has made no contact in about 2 weeks since paperwork was sent to them.
    I called freeholder and left a message, still nothing back from them direct but their solicitor has surfaced and wants £180 for the paperwork back.
    Very unlikely this will happen before xmas shutdown.
    So stalled until early January now.

    On top of that and unrelated, credit card statement and card services didn't mention everything to me when they informed me about odd activity on my card 2 weeks ago. Knew about £300 today thats upped to £800.
    Sale has stalled and been frauded on the credit card, not the best of days.

  • Excellent. If you want to know more, the 3 hour seminar I do is a very reasonable £250+VAT per person...

  • Purchase of freehold completed. Now for a billion year lease extension closely followed by gigabit internet. Mmwah ha ha ha.

  • terribly late on this, but i'm a right vacuum snob and recently got this Philips one, couldn't be happier with it. outrageously powerful, deceptively quiet, easy to manoeuvre.

    i have multiple questions, having just moved from a boat to a house:

    1. i need to re-do the kitchen. it's a crap space, sort of a galley but doors not in the centre of each end, slightly off to one side. i don't know any tradespeople, i would like it to be inexpensive, i need floor to ceiling units rather than boxy standalone OTP ones. who would you recommend? i am aware there are sales on at Wickes etc until early Jan which has piqued my interest and i would be keen to take advantage of same

    2. would you recommend stripping and recoating victorian floorboards? i absolutely loathe the crummy red carpet we've been left with, but not sure whether to just put laminate in instead of the bare floorboards

    3. where can i find the history of my house? my neighbour tells me that this particular end of terrace house is older than the surrounding houses (which is visible purely from the looks of it) and i'm the only one with a plaque/stone house name brick thing (i don't know what this is called, sorry). is it just land registry that would have this info?

    4. does anyone want to buy this boat? (please.)

  • Head over to the home diy thread. I think some your questions have been answered recently especially the floors.

    As with most things will depend on time and budget? And generally what feel you want for your house

    1. Try Ikea - they have a very good (free) planning service and a huge range of prices. Plus if you don't like their stuff you can take the design to DIY Kitchens online and order stuff yourself

    2. I'm about to do this - there's a great guide @Bobbo put in the Home DIY thread and a range of YouTube tutorials. Give it a week or so and I'll let you know the results. But wood > laminate in terms of looks, always. But in terms of insulation etc, laminate probably wins.

    3. I'm not sure.

    4. No, but thanks.

  • It's a really nice boat by the way. When my older sister was born, my parents were living in the cabin of a working narrow boat. Compared to that, yours is like a palace.

  • oh sorry! and @musa - having never had any reason to frequent this part of the forum i didn't know there was a home diy thread separate to this one. thanks both!

    also, that was a gigantic upgrade/investment - the first boat we owned was a far more modest trad narrowboat which we refloored and did up a bit. sometimes i miss it, mostly i'm glad to have wifi / water / electricity

  • Just about to exchange and thought it was a good idea to have one last check. Good job we did- seems the person who was last up in the loft might’ve put their foot in it....
    Think we’ll delay exchange/ completion until it’s fixed

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  • Lucky you did - good idea

  • Could be water damage?

  • The marking is water damage from a missing tile that needed patching up. This was done and it then dried out. The massive wasp nest recently removed was directly above this spot ...

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Owning your own home

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