Owning your own home

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  • Now I'm starting to get my head around things, does any one have any good literature recommendations for learning a but more about basic tradesman's skills? Anything like a haynes manual for doing the bits that won't end in death?


  • I don't know perhaps try looking on I hear it's good.

  • No 2 is the correct answer.

  • Stoves owner here. Seems fine from the 6 weeks I've had it since moving in.

    Seems very hot though, not that this is a dealbreaker for an oven.

  • Yeah got one in our house. I think it's been here since the house was built 11ish years ago. It works fine, even better now I've replaced the door hinges.

  • How fast can it cook beans with a sausage for a spoon?

  • blown render on the outside wall. suggested remedy was to patch up the render on the outside wall.... plus condensation in the roof space suggested ventilated tiles.

  • Cheers all. Annoyingly the bloody thing is now showing as

  • We had a Stoves Richmond in our old place. I wish we'd brought it with us, it was really good.

  • House we saw in summer came back on the market - we’ve put an offer in which is acceptable but the vendor hasn’t accepted because we don’t have an offer on our place yet. They don’t have an onward chain. What can I do to make our offer more certain for the vendor?

  • What can I do to make our offer more certain for the vendor?

    You could use Nested. Their thing is that they'll guarantee a minimum sale price and advance you that so you can move chain free.
    I sold my house with them recently and while I didn't end up needing to use the advance I was very pleased with having the option, and managed to get listing to completion in 7 weeks (at a higher price than the other two EA's estimated - so the guaranteed advance thing isn't a ploy to get you to sell cheap).

    If you used the referral we'd both get £500

  • I don't understand why you don't just put your house on the market, get an offer on it, and then start looking at where you want to go from there.

    Short of selling it to webuyanyhouse or availing yourself of nested / a bridging loan, if you haven't got the cash to buy the house you want to buy, then from the vendors perspective you can't give them any comfort at all and it's just another unproceedable offer

  • Thanks that’s useful - I’ll take a look

  • House is going on the market in a week. Had been the plan to list after the GE in the new year but this house coming back on has made us move faster. We don’t actually need to sell this house to buy the other but it is just quite a bit neater - rather than paying 2 mortgages for x period of time

  • Well if you don't need to sell your current place to buy the new one, surely just tell the vendor that ? As a vendor I'd be very pleased to be told that- but id also want that to be verified so if you do tell them that be prepared for their agent to want to see all the dirty details.

  • Regarding this party wall notice business. I've spoken to the freeholder and they've dissented and appointed VDBM to act for them.

    So the scheduled of condition will be taken care of. Is there any reason why I shouldn't simply consent?

    Edit: It's been suggested I should have a separate award for my flat. Been in touch with the freeholder's surveyor and waiting to hear back from them...

  • Update to the above is:

    Vendor had an accepted offer in the summer, cash buyer etc. They had until yesterday to agree to exchange and they haven’t.
    There’s now two bids on the house ours and another both at the price accepted of the original offer. Unsurprisingly the EA has asked us for our best and final. So sure that’s a bit of a pisstake my feeling is to put in an offer to secure the house and then to bring the price down once in exclusivity. I think that is different to chipping the price because I’m fairly sure this is just the EA playing sillybuggers. But keen to know thoughts of others?

  • If there's two interested parties it seems pretty fair for them to see who's willing to pay more, and a bit shitty for you to try and whittle them down later. How much do you want the house?

  • Yeah agree with upsidedown. If you think the EA is talking bollocks, call their bluff by maintaining your bid now. Chipping afterwards unless you have real survey findings is just a dick move.

  • So sure that’s a bit of a pisstake my feeling is to put in an offer to secure the house and then to bring the price down once in exclusivity

    Obviously your issue there is you don't really have exclusivity. If you try and do that without good reason then they may just tell you to piss off and go back to the other buyer. The market isn't moving that quick, there's a pretty good chance that the other will still be looking.

  • Ok - good to know views of those not emotionally invested. I’ve gone back saying we’ll stick with the original offer price.

  • If you like it is it not worth going 10k over asking or something token* like that?


  • I suspect the other buyer will now mysteriously melt away / the vendor will choose to sell to you because you are chain free ‘even though the other bidder offered £10k more’

  • That was my thoughts. I realise the chipping price goes down badly but it's such a shitty tactic employed by EAs. We shall see. Having photos of our place taken Friday. @Crispin_Glover did you sell with Stow Brothers?

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Owning your own home

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