Owning your own home

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  • I'd imagine 200/250 to do it justice.

  • It’s already set up as 3.

  • And the rest! High spec chi chi London fitout is about £300/sqft and that place is what, 2k sqft?

  • Yeah I thought that too. You'd be lucky to see change from 500k

  • And it will go for more than £750k too I'd imagine.

    Big, big project.

  • imagine not needing to live in London - what you can get elsewhere is mental in comparison


  • Something doesn’t add up there; Edinburgh’s not that cheap!

  • on the other end of the scale i was looking at a fixer upper for £16k end of terrace 2up-2down notinlondon !

    Things i am learning as a seller.
    Do your EPC way in advance, adjust the property, redo the EPC and get a better rating. It's just a ticket for buyers to trash sellers, your score is low so heres a lo-ball offer and be grateful for that.
    Had some funny lo-ball offers, even the agent asked the buyers why put in a silly offer you know will be rejected..... oh we had to start somewhere.
    After a month of calm and nothing, a flurry of bids and pinging buyers against each other and we have hit the target price (not the list price) and agreed to sale.
    The beauty is i am not in a rush to sell, and if all i was going to get now was lo-balls then it was a case of withdraw from market, address the EPC and bang the rating up, and re-market next year. Loads of interest but everyones trying to screw the sellers so a lot on the agents books that's been standing for up to a year.

  • 16k? Freehold? Must be county Durham.

  • Naa, Allerdale district, Cumbria. Prices plummet once you go outside the lakes park area.

  • Fixer-upper in Diss:


    Wedding caketastic. That back garden could be smashing in a year.

  • carpets in a bathroom 🤮

  • imagine not needing to live in London

    I don't need to, I choose to. At some point we may move out but I doubt it, when MiniGB becomes an adult we'll have the option to downsize.

    For me quality of life is more about location than it is living in a nicer/perfect home. My flat is a mess, needs a rewire, new kitchen, new carpets and redecoration but that can all wait as we don't have the cash right now.

  • What the hell is that weird contraption in the kitchen?

  • @tbc it's a water pump.
    Hard to tell if it's a very old house thats been done up, or a post war house thats trying to look older.

    From the pump in the kitchen if it's that old a house it most likely had it's own well/spring and having a pump in the house is posher than dropping a bucket down a well shaft :)

  • yeah but living in london is always first prize lol. also - 1.5 mill will get you a pretty sweet pad with all mod cons outside zone 2 at which point it's 20-30 mins to L's F L.

    scotchland. land of eggs >>>>

  • Sooo... hopelessly out of my depth and about to put an offer in on a place through sheer naivety...

    It'll need serious love, on a pretty minor budget (given what cash I have). What order do I need to do these things in, and what can I expect to be able to do myself - beyond decorating? Any one got any experience or advice via DM or over a beer!?

    • Rip out floors and ceilings, kitchen, bathroom and windows
    • New windows
    • Insulate everything (pending Surveyor)
    • Move Boiler
    • New floors and ceilings
    • New Kitchen
    • New Bathroom
    • Decorate

    And where do you start - Builder? Architect? Plumber? Just order a skip and tear it apart...?

    • Build a Hovis style safety house 40ft from the actual house (in app. 15 years time)
  • Before you do any of that check whether it would make sense to do electrics at the same time rather than three years later... ask me how I know.

  • I suspect the answer is a slightly more costly version of how I learnt not to grease a seat post for a carbon frame...

    Apart from the obvious checks like new fusebox, new fittings - how do you know if the electrics need to be updated?

  • how do you know if the electrics need to be updated?

    Given the amount of work you think you need to do, they need to be updated.

  • that's a reasonable statement. the boiler is new, as is the fusebox - which is why i'm faintly optimistic... but perhaps better to just add it to the list

  • Bare in mind that in Edinburgh you pay above the home buying report value, which is more than the listed price on right move. That house would likely go for ~£1.9mil to 2mil in current market.

  • ^ this.

    In Scotland you usually always pay well over the listed price.

  • And that ~15% over home buyers report valuation is outside of mortgage. So you have to have the available cash

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Owning your own home

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