Owning your own home

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  • Well those things are issues and in the process of getting sorted out slowly (if my builder ever pulls his finger out) but the worst affected area is a fully internal wall.

  • Bathroom floor? Assuming it's tiled but was it tanked properly? There's no chance of a leak under the floor or in the wall I suppose?

  • No ground level. Water supply runs along the inside of the external wall.

    It's alright, it looks shit, but isn't a major problem for now. Will get to the bottom of it eventually.

  • we are selling up in Hackney. anyone recommend solicitor round here? very much appreciated

  • Currels in Viccy park were pretty decent and honest with us IMO...

    Ethernet cables - and advice on what I need if I want to pop them under floorboards? Will do a google too obvs but. first hand experience tales always appreciated.

  • Assuming you’re putting in wall sockets, you’ll need a punchdown tool that matches the socket terminals, a basic tester and some patch cables to test with.
    Get a box of Excel solid core Cat 6 with sockets to suit - it performs and without a lot of practice terminating and a £20k Fluke tester you won’t get any benefit from 6a/7.

  • That’s all a bit over my head, but thanks for the info!
    Plan is for wall sockets, cables under the floor, running about 10m.
    I won’t be fitting it myself, but prob buying the bits myself, any pointers?

  • As it’s you, start with the aesthetics - most socket modules are shiny white or black plastic...

    Who’s installing it? If it’s a specialist (or someone who can fully test the links), I’m not sure you’ll gain anything by sourcing yourself unless it’s particularly obscure kit.
    If not, make sure they leave enough slack for the inevitable reterminations! You don’t need to worry too much about the physical structure over 10m but make sure they stick to the minimum bend radius at least.

  • To be quite honest I'm stunned there are cables involved at all with him. Even if they are underground.

  • Am I that much of a predictable bore?
    Think I’ve found some suitable sockets, screwless satin white, bit spenny but I’m only getting 2 or 3.
    I’ll speak to the electrician and see if he’s done this kinda thing before.
    The reason I’m having to source it is if I get the architects too they’ll charge an extra ten percent, plus this will be coming out of my own pocket rather than Mr and Mrs Bmx joint account.
    It’s pretty much just for more FPS in Pubg, and downloading more ram.

  • Got a link? Might be able to be more specific about bits needed.
    If your sparky knows what they’re doing and will test performance and not just pinout, I’d ask them to supply everything except the cosmetics. Even if they have to add 10%, it’s going to be a few £ extra and at least you know it’ll all work.

  • Just found they do simple single ones for ok money... this is what I'm looking to get x3.
    One for internet in (via router) at source, then one in a couple of alcoves on the same floor where computers may be set up.


  • cheers dude. we are sorted for an estate agent though. looking for solicitor recommendations. probably just go with the one our estate agent recommended.

  • Uzma at MW Solicitors was amazing for me - professional and very on the ball. If interested I can PM you her details.

  • yes mate that would be much appreciated. many thanks

  • Ahhhh my bloody mistake... sorry... I was prob drunk.

  • PM'd you :)

  • heehee. all good dude.

    and many thanks @Quincy

  • Oh they’re totally reasonable!
    You’ll need an even number as each link is a discrete channel (ie has an in port and an out port), you can’t piggyback between outs.
    It’s modular and the ones they supply are for solid cable, so that’s a good start.
    Thinking about the cable more, I would definitely get a LSOH (low smoke zero halogens) variant for a domestic install (might even be required by regs).

  • OHHHH thats super interesting, thanks for the info, see I didn't even know you couldn't split it.
    SO best I make damn sure which alcove the commute will be going in, they do multi port ones but they are 4x the price, although thinking about it the "in" ports are going to be hidden so I could get a cheap ugly looking double port then run it to the nice two single ports... will look up that cable too, sounds odd.

  • Yeah that would be my plan, get the nice ones where they might be seen.
    LSOH basically means if there’s a fire and the cable burns, it won’t fill your house with (more) black smoke.

  • Might sound stupid, but double check they all go to the correct places as soon as they're in.

    My folks didn't get round to checking theirs for a few years and half of the ports don't match to the right rooms/central hub.

  • Oh bloody hell, that must have been a nightmare.

    My build team is pretty mint, they talk about books and listen to radio 6, its a bit like being in a Design Studio except more dusty and people are actually doing work and not just fretting about politics/the environment while taking no action so pretty confident they'll not mess it up, but yeah, will defo check straight after installation!

  • i got one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/FLOUREON-Ethern­et-Detector-Earphone-Included/dp/B073S3S­9XN/ for checking mine, allows you to plug in one end, and use tone detection to find which cable it is at the other end. also allows you to ensure that the pairs are wired correctly.

  • AWESOME. Have added that to my buy list (ion sparky does not own). Cheers!

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Owning your own home

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