Owning your own home

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  • Don’t blame you it’s who I’d go with. Guess by now something’s been accepted? Where out of London? Already have the draw of some modernist little/big archtect made place on the perrifetal

  • Some of my windows were held together with duck tape before I got them done.

  • Duck/duct/gaffa.

    Three types of tape, three different uses.

  • Thanks for the tip.

    It turned out the reason Structures Made Easy hadn't emailed me back was that I hadn't emailed them. I did last night, and got an email back at 9:30am this morning.

    Allow me to un-besmirch their name.

  • Here's another one.

    Below is a picture of my front garden wall - from the estate agent pic before we bought it. The picture was probably taken in around February, and since moving in, I have put in some concrete filler into the cracks in the wall and painted it with one coat (I then went on holiday and it's been too wet to paint since I got back).

    As you can see from the picture, the wall clearly gets quite damp. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Surely you can't put a DPC in a wall. Is this just from normal wet weather, or it likely to indicate damp between the brick and the render?

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  • And so it begins. Probably picked the worst time to sell, 10 weeks out from BrexitFest '19 but so be it

    Almost tempted to stay now that I've tidied the place for the photos...

  • Nice gaff - looks great!

  • Agreed, nice place!

  • Yeah looks great! Do you have a spare morning to paint the front wall?

  • And so it begins. Probably picked the worst time to sell, 10 weeks out from BrexitFest '19

    I offer £10

  • Very nicely decorated inside. So handy for Ikea too.

  • I’m not familiar with the area, but it’s reassuring to see that half a mil can now get you more than a crack den in zone 3. The very fact it is a house, not flat, means you’ll have loads of interest. GLWS.

  • Ta, glad to see people aren't shuddering at the decor ;)

    Ikea was extremely handy until it turned out they didn't stock the drawer/door fronts at Greenwich and I had to schlep over to Croydon to pick up the couple that I'd missed when I did my initial order.

    The reason it's 'only' half a million is it's on a busy road. Move it a quarter of a mile away and you could add another 2/3/400k to the price. A shame, because it ticks all the other boxes. But I guess that's always the way - planning on moving from the nicest house on a noisy street to something that needs a little work on a quieter street.

    @Howard £10 will eat into the forum donation too much. Call it $10 after Brexit and we may have a deal.
    @Pifko front wall will be painted. For some reason I painted the inward facing walls first, despite the outside being more useful for the photos...

  • If they cover S London would you PM me this persons details as my windows need an overhaul, probably good to do before winter hits in? Cheers

  • Dibs lampshade if willing to split. You'll make more money splitting.

  • It was this guy http://www.sashrepairs.co.uk/

    Suspect getting anyone in before winter may be a stretch. Everyone I spoke to had waiting lists of a few months at least when I was getting quotes.

  • Random question. Is there any issue with having a washing machine in a loft conversion?

  • Wouldn't worry about it

  • Seems pretty weird / curious to have the most leaky / heavy thing on a top floor.

  • And loudest / shakiest.

  • tru

    The bearings have gone in our down stairs neighbours machine and you can hear it everywhere. Luckily they only use it at 10pm!

  • Same as flats no?

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Owning your own home

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