Owning your own home

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  • Those homebuyer surveys are useless so I would suggest (i) getting the cheapest one your bank will accept or (ii) paying up a bit for a real survey.

  • Thanks. That was my thinking too having read this thread a few times. Bank hasn’t request a survey. Mainly formy piece of mind.

    I’ll have a look at what the building surveys will cost then

  • Musa, I agree with Nick you want to give the bank only the information they want to lend you the money and absolutely no more so pay the minimum possible. Also concur with Nick that house buyer survey's are pretty useless and this is as a for building surveyor myself.

  • I had an awful moth infestation in a rented apartment a few years ago, in certain areas the carpet was a hive of little moths it appeared to be moving

    Rip out the carpet is the best solution, otherwise they will spread into duvet, clothes, sofa etc.

  • Ok thanks for that. Yeah I figured it weren’t worth much. In two kinds whether too bother with one.

    Like I said not required by the bank. Offer already given so.....
    I’ll have a think with the Mrs I s,pose

  • listed

    Nah. Fuck that.

  • Forum approved builder in South London? Asking for a mate in Herne Hill...

  • I’ve just had my kitchen redone and I’d fully recommend the lads who did it. What sort of work is your pal after?

  • I used these. They're quite hardcore (and poisonous to cats it seems if you have one) but really did the job compared to the more consumer aimed products.


    These appear to have done the trick. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • I'm not sure but I'll ask...

  • i'll email, jose

  • They need some roof work done and rendering and painting around the back of their house... They're in Herne Hill, lovely young family...

    Any ideas?

  • We need someone to redo a bathroom in East Ham, please pass on the details if you think they'd do a good job!

  • Has anyone bought / installed solar panels on their roof - How easy / difficult is it, both in terms of installation and upkeep?

  • That the guy I put you on to? I reckon he must’ve had a good 10-12 jobs from me by now 😂

  • Hi, can anyone advise on electric solar roof panel schemes?
    As we live in a house which is heated with electricity (no mains gas here), and we are poor. We are eligible for a grant towards solar panels.
    It seems it won't cost us very much (a few hundred pounds), but I'm worried that these things seem too good to be true.
    I had a guy round today to discuss it and he was just like an old school double glazing/cavity wall insulation salesman.
    Is there anything in particular I should be on the lookout for?
    I've started a list of question about warranties and such but any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Are you getting all the money for the feed-in tarrif or are the installation company taking a percentage?

  • I won't be eligible for a feed in tariff as they've just been scrapped it for new installations.
    The installation company won't be taking anything after their work is completed. I'll own the panels so I guess if there is a new feed-in tariff or something to replace it in the future I would be eligible then.

  • 10 minutes on the Navitron forum should soon sort you out.

  • @Tenderloin - yes mate! He’s done 4 projects for me in 2 years! 🤣

  • Thanks I'll have a good look around that.

  • Well let’s hope he can make time for me if and when I next need some work doing! Glad to hear he did a good job(s) though 🙂

  • What sort of projects? I need a shed that is falling down redone. It's got a brick front wall but the sides and roof are wooden/plastic and need replacing. Reckon he's worth a shout?

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Owning your own home

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