Owning your own home

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  • Does anyone have any recommendations for electricians? Looking for someone to take a closer look at the electrics at a property we are hoping to buy following our home buyers survey. Survey it and quote for any work needed.

  • Does anyone have plusnet as an ISP? I am just signing up with them, so if anyone messages me their username I will say you recommended me, think you then get something knocked off your bill...


  • I do, will PM you

  • Looking at front door locks/ night latches.

    Is there a particular reason Banham’s option (L2000) is around four times the price of the most expensive Yale?

  • Yes, as Banham locks are quite complex and not simple to pick, which any Yale lock is.

    If you fit a Banham, you can't get a spare key cut around the corner, you have to order them from Banham with some kind of proof of purchase, iirc.

  • Anyone know builders who can do a knock through in SE18?

  • Marius - +44 7967 802336

    Excellent tradesman. Have used him for several projects. Say hi from Matt in Forest Hill. He will be busy no doubt but worth it.

  • Thanks. My partner is freaking out about having it done ASAP and it’s ruining my Giro evening catch-ups.

  • Marius...

    sounds saffy. be cautious...

  • Any recommendations for decorators in North London.

    It's becoming more and more obvious that if I leave this decorating until I have time then it will be the end of summer at best.

  • @aggi

    We've got in guy in at the minute. First time we used him but so far work looks good. Holding off an official rec til we pay just in case but will drop you a PM after work with the story so far...

  • Cheers.

    How did the loft conversion go in the end?

  • Still going on》:( that is what is being painted!

    Dan James finally finshed their bits about a month ago, after my husband read them the riot act. To be fair the quality of work seems really good, just their scheduling and communication was a nightmare. I think we must have been the sacrificial project, once we started slipping, they'd prioritise other projects over us.

    Welcome to come and have a look, you'll probably want to see the painters' work anyway

  • I am looking for a Tom Dixon marble wall light
    RRP £245

    Looks like this:

    Anyone know where to get replicas that look decent?
    Best I found was this £80 version:

    I also remember someone "on here" works for Tom Dixon... Met him before but can't remember his name!

  • classic Vince post

  • LOL.

    Please buy my full price Champagne and no imitations.

    Maybe I should post in the "Orient Express" thread...

  • Seeing as most of the shots on the AliExpress page are shots of the legit TD light, I'd be mildly suspect of what the Ali version actually looks like.

    Sell a few more bottles and pay the money, anything wrong with the cheap one will annoy you every time you walk past it once it's on the wall and the extra ~£100 is worth it to avoid that, no? If you're not in a hurry, join the MiD mailing list, 20% off comes up pretty regularly.

    That said, Tom Dixon >>>

  • That said, Tom Dixon >>>

    I have the ikea sofa thing which i like intensely.

    However that light can do one.

  • I am trying to manage my GF's expectations really.
    She likes Tom Dixon but the house is not a Grand Design special and does not warrant the nicest equipment.
    Maybe I should tell her to stick to crap from Made.com

  • Maybe I should tell her to stick to crap from Made.com

    This OR look at used stuff .. @6pt can give you what to search on ebay .. ercol, ladderax, vitsoe etc

  • or a new gf

  • I have a new light!

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  • Good aliexpress find!


  • Search for Pouis Loulsen :)

  • Made.com isn’t even that cheap. Plus 15-week lead times can GTFO.

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Owning your own home

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