Owning your own home

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  • Were you cruising, or on a permanent mooring? Are you buying in London?

    I think/hope I'm a few years behind you - although would love to be able to get a house without selling the boat.

  • cruising, and no - moving to folkestone

  • 3yrs ago now, but buying was fine. It was their ‘specially chosen’ conveyancers that were a right ballache.

  • Thanks.

    Yes I also read that. Could ask the seller if this is The case.

    Offering 10% below asking is a good move? Personally the asking price is high but hoping is moving quickly as FTB will work in our favour. As well as being open bout it all

  • Any recomendations for North London conveyancing please

  • Wendy at Alan Samuels, used her a few times as has @Brun and a few others of us at Norths. tell her you know Jason and Leo. not the cheapest but also not the most expensive. Picks up the phone which is nice and the convenience of being able to drop documents off and sign them etc on the same day is a bonus.


  • Good luck! Hope it all goes smoothly.

  • Gas woes continue, after a weekend with a nice new meter box and internal pipes pro but no hot water or heating the gas network people came back last night to dig up the road and reconnect us to the main. It worked for all of 30 minutes, then cut out when they’d packed up and gone... The engineer this morning wasn’t sure if they’d fucked the new pipe in refilling the hole or the mains had disintegrated slightly and blocked our feed but they’ll be back again tonight.

    I’m actually impressed at the general efficiency and lack of cost but I guess it’s cheaper to do all this than deal with explosions!

  • I had a shitshow last year with Sky and some dodgy internet connections, but I was amazed at how efficient they were at sending people out to try and resolve the issue. Unfortunately the issue was at the cabinet - as I'd suspected/told them - but they replaced almost everything between us and the road for free, before getting to that point

  • we're selling our boat and buying a house


  • we put our first ever bid on a flat today and were blown out of the water by the winning bid which was £20k more than us

    i don't really have a point, just frustrated that my partner and I have saved for ages and are getting some cash from her grandparents who passed away and it is still nowhere near enough to buy a flat that we like in the area we currently rent in (and want to stay in)

  • Paid a half deposit on a fancy water heating system in December, and the distributor set about ordering a plumber/electrician to install it. He's booked three dates to do it without asking me, none of which we were around for, and has now finally sold the unit to somebody else.

    He then tells me that we'll get one of the new updated units at the same price, and on checking with the company that makes them it turns out they're the same price anyway. Install tentatively booked for mid-April (he can't say when). Four and a half fucking months! The trials of living in Tasmania.

  • Which area is that? 20k over in these times seems abit crazy.

  • Southside of Glasgow (sorry, should have mentioned!)

  • 20k more than your offer though, I assume not 20k over asking price?

    More in reply to @Simpson

  • Living in a LA flat, I have to provide Hackney council with a gas safety certificate apparently. Lots of people offering this service for £30, so anyone got any recommendations?

  • 20k over our offer, 55k over home report value.

  • It's the 'offers over' system in Scotland though right? so it will always go for above asking.

  • Just get one done by someone who is certified - Hackney don't care who did it, just that they have one on file.

  • You get the 'offers over' figure, then the home report value. The latter is the amount that the bank will give you a mortgage for.

    There's nothing to say that final price has to be above or below a specific figure - I've know folk who've bought a house at 15k under the HR value.

  • He's booked three dates to do it without asking me, none of which we were around for, and has now finally sold the unit to somebody else.

    What an utter c*nt. Internet hugs.

  • Are you a leaseholder or tenant? I thought this was only required for tenants and the landlord pays the cost.

  • Jings! That happened to us 4 years ago on a flat south, thought things had settled down a little.

  • It's part of hackney council's new safety measures to get leaseholders to do it as well

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Owning your own home

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