Owning your own home

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  • As I understand it (I'm not an expert and there are some people who contribute to this thread who are) the manufacturer specifies a minimum gas feed diameter. You might be able to find this by googling, but if not you could call the manufacturer and ask them.

    If the feed diameter is below that specified by the manufacturer I think that's a problem and would need to be fixed.

  • I am ashamed to say that I once bodged something like this with expanding foam. It did seem to stop water ingress until I got the window properly fixed.

  • What are the areas like around South Hackney and Cambridge Heath? (Not necessarily for living, but speaking to a company round there)

  • Thank you! Some sealant has been deployed.

  • What exactly do you mean? I live and work round there but if you are not asking about living there why post in the owning your own home thread?

  • 'Cos I couldn't find some other thread. And I was talking to some folk about East London in here.

    Working there would mean spending a large amount of time there, so wondering what it's like. But yeah, what's it like buying/renting round there? Didn't seem like there was as much available as in Walthamstow and surrounding area.

  • Typical Norf of the river I imagine - crack-heads, moped riding snatch-thieves, drunk northern hairdressers and entrenched filth.

  • Really fun place to live and near Vic Pk and the canal. Expensive compared to further out bits of E London though.

  • Yeah, round Vicky Park is dead posh, Tommy off Groundforce lives there.

  • He’s not exactly the epitome of poshness is he?

  • he punched someone for urinating in his hedge.

  • Tommy was trying to discretely shit in it at the time.

  • Hmm might give it a miss then, can't be done with those northern hairdressers.

  • In South Hackney there's a lot of ex-local/flats/social housing alongside your standard London houses - I'd guess maybe 60/40ish but I'm not sure. Anyway, a lot of it got flattened during the war so there are proportionally fewer nice Victorian houses that middle class folk want and yes they are pricey too due to centrality but also low supply (you're right there's much more available further north/out).

    If you're renting you can pick up bargains (I know people who have) or rent in flats/ex-local but it's pretty much impossible to afford anywhere you'd actually want to buy unless you've got very deep pockets. The bit north of Victoria Park (what estate agents call 'Victoria Park Village') is especially pricey (you're going to need at least a cool mil for a three bed and or possibly two) and yummy mummy territory. It's obviously nice to have Victoria Park and Well Street Common nearby but you really pay to be near them. I stayed at a friend's house in 'VPV' once for a bit and got clocked by a Guardian journalist who is a friend of a friend when I popped out for lunch. You get the picture.

    It's cheaper as you go East towards Wick Road but that's because there's lots and lots of traffic and the A12.

    There's lots of good stuff nearby, but the pubs/eateries near the park have never really done it for me personally. The previously resolutely gritty Well Street has developed a pizza restaurant, a 'bottle shop' and a very hip coffee place and The Gun is a pub you'd happily go into now (it didn't used to be). But there's definitely some tension there (Cycle Pitstop was closed by the council due to antisocial behaviour allegations and it's all been very controversial).

    I don't know Cambridge Heath so much.

  • Thanks for all that. Very useful. (Definitely not got a mill to spend, ha.)

  • He was my neighbour, his house was fucking massive.

    @Hairingtons as others have said, its a bit expensive, and often not really worth it, but you can find nice and cheap places around there still just, and Viccy park and London fields are amazing in summer and make it all worth while.

    My last flat was technically Tower hamlets but on the boarder, which tends to be cheaper than Cambridge Heath and South Hackney, especially if you are fine with ex LA, in fact there was a lovely 3 bed with a garden next to my old place on for around 400 I think and it never sold, I guess because all the Solicitors and Lawyers who are moving into the area want period (as I did).

  • Cycle Pitstop closing really pissed me off, I never went there and it was defo not my scene but it is a great local business and had a great community vibe - for those who don't know it its a bit of a shit show bike shop wise but has 6 foot high speakers outside, smells of weed is run by a Rasta and where all the locals go to get their bikes fixed. Keep trying to shut down places like this and London turns into Surry, and I'd rather die.

    As soon as the new builds went up behind it I knew there would be trouble...

  • Cheers. Definitely won't be buying there, I'd be on a cheaper budget, but meeting a company in January for a chat.

  • Depending what you are after you can find things for a cheaper budget. It'll be a great place ot work, you'll love it, such a green area of The London.

  • I nearly bought a flat on Gore Road but for same money you could buy a house in Leytonstone so we chose E11. Also there was a used condom in the flat front garden.

  • Cycle Pitstop
    Bike life?

  • Oh did I get the wrong place?

  • Exchanged today. Yay me.

    New year = new city and my first 'proper' house, with stairs and everything.

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Owning your own home

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