Owning your own home

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  • House prices here (I’m in Sydney right now) are insane, you’d need to earn half a million dollars a year to not be shitting yourself every time you looked at your mortgage statement.

  • Which is why we live where we do, downside being there's fuck all decent design work for me... It's a real titty twister alright...

    Melbourne isn't far behind Sydney...

  • And Melbourne never stops fucking raining- honestly, why on earth move to Australia, then pick a city where it pisses down for 360 days of the year?

  • Just had an offer accepted on a house.
    Just got to finalise the offer and chain on ours, tomorrow, and we're all sorted (hopefully).

    Now for all the shitty solicitor back and forward bollocks to commence!

    Bye bye London!

  • Bye bye London!

    Hello where?

  • Thanks for the info. A boat is very unlikely for me to be honest, but interesting to hear about it as a potential option.

  • Royston, nr Cambridge.

    Still working in London but closer to family on my and my wife's side.

  • You'll never leave etc.

  • Not that one...

  • Obvs, but just accept that that's the one people will think of for the rest of your life.

  • Congrats, great news and a lovely area to boot.

  • Whereabouts, if you don't mind me asking? I grew up there. Parents are still there.
    Good BMX track.

  • There's a new development off of garden walk, by greneway school.

  • Nice, that was my end of town. I've had little desire to return since I left 10 years ago but I don't have anything bad to say about it.

  • I remember going to see Flight of the Navigator at the cinema in Royston.


    (Not the current one but the old one by the A10/Newmarket Road roundabout [now housing by the looks of it].)

  • I grew up near Royston and went to Greneway school. I too saw Flight of the Navigator at that cinema, also recall seeing The Goonies, Short Circuit and Return of the Jedi there.
    I haven't been back for 20 years.
    There is a mysterious cave full of medieval carvings beneath the streets which is worth a visit .

  • Used to be decent trails too...

  • I lived there growing up. Good cycling around there.

  • possibly too late for this, but we have acquired a no parking cone or two and are down the road.
    Failing that, park in the spot you want then move at the right time

  • We are moving Friday and need it this Friday afternoon. It's not too late!

    Can I buy you a drink or few in return for you placing them outside 92 Inderwick Thursday night/ Friday morning? I'm unfortunately on the other side of London until we arrive on Friday.

  • Aw, you guys... ❤️❤️❤️

    Congrats, VB and Fi!

  • My garage is a) unpowered and b) really humid, is there a way of dehumidifying it somewhat in this situation?

  • 20kg of silica gel

    Or in this non-consumerist new-age society, crack a window, bro

  • Is a basic solar set up on the roof possible? Then run a consumer dehumidifier. I've currently got all my car parts in an ET style isolation tent made from plastic sheeting/scaffold with dehumidifier running 24/7 the space feels so much dryer when you walk in. Also just sewn together a massive nylon cover to go over a scaffold frame to keep the shell in to do the same thing. Ideally you'd want to do something similar as the dehumidifier will run much more efficiently with a second sealed skin in the garage if it isn't very well insulated. Or if you're not as tight as me a carcoon?

  • I have a solar panel on the roof to charge the battery, I suspect I'd need something rather larger to run a dehumidifier though.

    The garage in question is very small - as in, hard to get out of the car small - so a carcoon or similar I suspect wouldn't be possible.

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Owning your own home

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