Owning your own home

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  • Nothing like going inside on a swelteringly hot and muggy day and redircting the aircon vents to select body parts.

  • It's at least a year though IIRC.

    18 months from the date the expenditure was made.

  • Cheers, yeah there does seem to be interesting stuff in those areas. And I prefer those style to developments and modern.

    Well, I'm currently sorting out a chat/meet with the potential employer. (Been freelance for 4 years, urgh.) Hopefully first week of December. I'll see what happens. But it's good to get an idea of living costs in case conversation turn towards salary expectations.

  • select body parts.


    the older I get the more I'm enjoying the chicken back, neck and flaps...

  • surely rent somewhere first before jumping right in there? Clapton/ Rectory road way would be my recommendation. Nice cycling roads over the whole of East/North and easy cycling to Central. The overground fills most of my Public transport needs on the odd occasion biking isn't an option. Liverpool st in 10 mins or upto seven sisters and on the victoria line to be on oxford st in just over 20mins.

  • Cheers will check that out.

    Yeah probably a short term rental if I was making the move, or a mon-fri thing, or lots of travel. Shit knows really. I've got a lot of crap and no home to put it in at the moment, hence thinking about that.

  • Yeah 12 months apparently, so we're well past that.

    Can lack of building regs sign off affect a buildings insurance claim? I'd guess not as otherwise you couldn't insure any Victorian house.

    Also on insurance, there's a big tree at the end of next doors garden next to our fence. I'll check but I'm guessing that counts as within 5m of the property, even though it's further from the actually building?

  • Can't imagine that it would effect building insurance claim, and doubt you could get an indemnity policy against it even if it did... particularly if it is so long ago anyway, if it was going to fall down, it probably would have by now.

    I have loads of trees near our property, ticked the right box, didn't seem to make much of a difference to our premium...

  • I moved from Norwich in 2013, thought it would be for a year or two but i'm still here and love it. Don't think i'll be here forever but can't foresee moving back out any time soon. Also owned and lived on a Narrowboat for a couple of years which was a great way to get test different areas.

  • Ha, I was gonna ask about canal boats cos lots popped up on Rightmove. The mooring fees seem to negate the potential savings on rent/mortgage.

  • The mooring fees seem to negate the potential savings on rent/mortgage.

    yeah they are kinda crushing in central london. @ioreka moors a bit further out where it might be less spendy. You don't have to have a mooring, you can continuous cruise, but it's not as easy as it used to be.

  • Depends how you view your time on a boat. I shouldn't really condone this but if you have a fuck it attitude and only consider it as a One or two year thing you could just continuously cruise and not do the 20 mile+ navigation you are supposed to. To satisfy a CC licence you should really be moving from Broxbourne(ish) to Uxbridge(ish). In reality you could get away with Tottenham to Westbourne Park which will give you a decent area of London to explore. You just have to move every couple of weeks. The waterways are busy now a days though but its great fun as long as your work life isn't super strenuous. Best of all Its mega cheap as long as you are handy enough to fix the odd boat issue. Licence fees, insurance, gas, fuel etc used to add up to about £150pm for me.

  • Does anyone know if the fan part of a kitchen cooker hood is independently replaceable? And if so, where does one buy it?

    Our one has gone fucked and makes an incredible noise when turned on.

  • Genius.

  • I know that I'm late with this, but I found https://www.findproperly.co.uk/faster-by­-public-transport-or-bike.php to be quite helpful.

    I think it uses TFL data, and take into account what @Sparky said about public transport being awful sometimes.

  • Always wonder about it asking about showering times but I guess not everyone has a shower in the morning.

    (If I cycle commute I shower at work as I arrive a sweaty mess, even in the depths of winter. If I trainwanker then I shower before leaving home.)

    (Good to see my commute SW15 to SE1 is faster by bike.)

  • But most importantly, do you have a toilet?

  • Ha, that was a feature they added after I asked for it :)

    I shower at work if I ride in, but not if I bussenger (showering at home then much like you). I also wanted to be able to add time for getting the bike in and out of its hutch at each end, which I don't have to do if I don't ride, so I use it for that.

  • the 20 mile+ navigation you are supposed to.

    Ah the illegal extra license clause that CRT just invented for CCers. You don't have to cover 20 miles, it's easier if you do though as you fly under their radar and they'll generally leave you alone.

  • Picked up keys today! A few bits moved this afternoon. Tomorrow is set for lugging the majority about though. Cue disagreements on what to do and when improvements wise...

  • Anyone know a sympathetic fire safety inspector for building regs sign off?

  • We used Green Door (now Stroma)...

    They were very 'understanding'

  • Yep, same

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Owning your own home

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