Owning your own home

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  • http://www.bit.ly/sparck-mortgages

    I suspect that's not your work...right?

  • i'm not sure i follow?

    did i write that survey? hell no.

    do i work for that lot? i do.

  • did i write that survey? hell no.

    That's what I meant :)

  • I used these http://www.danjamesconstruction.com/ They do a lot of work in Haringey.

    The only issue I had with them was that the architect wasn't great. He was OK if you knew what you wanted but didn't provide a great deal of guidance. Given the thought you've already put into it that may not be an issue.

    The building side was very good though. Everything went according to the timetable, the other trades (electrics, plumbing, plasterer) did a good job and were there when I was told they would be and it was easy to get hold of someone to chat through any issues.

    In terms of building control, they used an external firm rather than the council. They seemed to know their stuff but had some flexibility (I had some lengthy chats with them regarding smoke alarms and fire doors).

    They do have quite a waiting list though, it was probably 6 or 7 months from agreeing the quote to the building starting (although it started when they said it would). That wasn't too big an issue as it gave time to go through planning and party wall agreements.

  • the attention to proper spelling, considered line of questioning and general air of professionalism was a dead giveaway.

  • I used Another Level Lofts, not much difference between they're quote and Dan James, but they were able to start the job earlier. As above make it clear what you want down to the last detail as it helps avoid issues later. We had to have a fire door installed between kitchen an hall to pass the regs. Another firm that works around Haringey is Sunshine Lofts, but the main 2 are Dan James or Another Level. Lots of info here http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/top­ic/search?q=loft

  • Any poundsaver tips flying around for obtaining decking boards and joists? Enough for 2.4x2.4m is c.£200 quid via wickes

  • @aggi, @West_Green, @On1

    Cheers all. Dan James are one of the companies we are already talking to, good to know @aggi would recommend.

    My husband has given them a shout and they can take charge of liaising with the automist installer to get the BC submission done. That was our main worry - that we would need to bring in a third party (architect or suchlike) to bring the loft part and the fire part into one submission.

    Now bribing neighbours with cake from Tottenham Green market to show me their loft.

  • Another thing with Part B fire safety that sometimes gets overlooked is the proximity of the new dormer window to the neighbouring boundary if its within a certain distance (can't remember off the top of my head) additional fire stopping will need to be introduced into the dormer cheek/wall, normally using a fireline plasterboard would suffice.

  • I used Automist for a new build in Devon. There were some questions from the fire officer, but Automist put together documentation to convince them we were ok to proceed. You're looking to prove your exit strategy/timings from the loft room when occupants are sleeping (as I expect you already know).

  • Tried it to use it myself but had to restart and think it got lost in the process.

    However I passed it on to a neighbour so fingers crossed that might come through.

  • accrington is vile so.. nope.

  • @chrisbmx116 any nibbles ?

  • Loads of viewings but no sniff of an offer yet!

    Kinda crazy IMO.

  • Kinda crazy

    The price?

  • I went to see this place on Sunday and they haven't had an offer since they listed in Feb.

    It's maybe ~$70k overpriced.

    It's a super slow market at the moment...

  • Kinda crazy IMO.

    Brexit slammage.

  • It's a super slow market at the moment...

    Offer them £600k. lulz.

  • Yeah, from what I hear that end of the market is even slower... no idea of pricing on that one as I dont know the area at all.

    @Howard yeah thats defo partly to blame, I'm kinda nervous about it myself.

  • I'm kinda nervous about it myself.

    Yeah. I was going to try selling my Bow two bed again in July. Gah. I 'only' want £390k for it.

  • No sniffs? Strikes me as a decent price for a place in zone 2?

  • We're still pondering but I wouldn't offer more than £725k.

    I'd want to do £30k worth of work (carpets, paint, knock through kitchen / dining room) before I was happy with it anyway.

  • ^ also, gotta obliterate those columns....

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Owning your own home

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