Owning your own home

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  • Are we not into #cuntbuyer territory now?

  • I've always negotiated hard when buying property. On my current house I got 22k off in a v bubbly market. But once the deal is done (subject to anything coming up in a survey that requires a price adjustment) the deal is done.

  • I've ordered a life-size statue of Tommy Robinson which I'm going to put next to the TV, then get the place valued, as he seems popular and therefore should increase interest in my flat.

  • Probably but isn’t it similar to #cuntseller territory? If gazumping is ok then why isn’t gazundering?

  • If gazumping is ok then why isn’t gazundering?

    It's not binary. On the ISO scale of cuntiness I'd say gazundering was way more cunty than gazumping.

  • What on earth are you on about?

  • you'd have to be a bit of a bind to let someone get away with that. if i was going to take the hit for the cash anyway,i'd rather tell you to go and fuck your hat

  • Can we please move on from this depressing chat

  • Post some pics of your new place and make all us in The London jealous of all the space and fresh air you have!

  • Anyone know how to get the sold price and date removed from Zoopla/ RM/ etc?

    I'm not overly keen on it being publicly displayed

  • Don’t think you can, it’s public on the national register thing anyway.

  • It's all just pulled from the land registry so seems unlikely you can

  • Yes, it's public information available from the Land Registry.


    No you can't get it removed but you can complain (which will probably change nothing).


    We are legally required to note the price paid information on a register of the title for all residential properties sold for full market value. The register of title is a public document, so we would be breaking the law if we failed to allow access to the register or excluded the price paid information. The price paid information is released in the form of price paid data under the terms of Open Government Licence.

    If you are unhappy with the principle of price paid information being recorded on the register, or the release of this data, see our complaints procedure. If you wish to report or complain about a discrepancy in the price paid information, complete our change a sales record form. This will ensure the matter is investigated and appropriate action taken.

  • Make the price paid your name in numberplate alphabet, then lodge a complaint under GDPR

  • So the general idea on a loft conversion these days is pretty bolt on right. Find a company pay them £40-60k and Robert us your mothers brother?

    We're talking a 60's built end of terrace btw.

    So anyone have any loft conversion company reccomedations for Londons Famous London (SE) pretty please?

  • I'm about to start a new project at chez perch. Knocking down the shitty old uninsulated single skin flat roofed lean to at the back of the house and replace it with a proper pitched roof insulated utility room.

    Has anyone done this and if so what did it cost you?

    I've got an architectural technician coming over tomorrow to take a.look and draw plans. I know what I'd like it to cost but would be interested if others have done it. Its about 3.5m wide and 2.5 deep and at present has a wc and washing machine in it.

    Want something a bit nicer with 3 big velux in the roof etc. Any thoughts?

  • We, and most of our street and wider postcode neighbours in Brockley, have had our lofts done by the same firm. We went for a more complicated and deluxe ting with wider house structural and plumbing implications and plush windows and brought it in for £60k.

    Coupla notes on the lads who did it.
    PM for details.

  • Pretty much. It's a bit disruptive in terms of dust and so on but not too bad if you get a good firm.

    Mine came to just over £60k all in (including party wall agreements, bathroom suite, carpets, furniture, etc), about £50k for the build to a shell.

    Firm I used was excellent but only does North London.

  • Firm I used was excellent but only does North London.

    oooo - can you pass on details of the firm? For some reason I thought the conversion had been there when you moved in.

  • Another loft-related question... looks like we will be going down the automist route so we can keep our open plan layout downstairs. Haringey Council BC say they are fine with automist-type solutions rather than hallways as long as the fire regs are met.

    Any forum experience of such things?

  • Looks like our sale is going through!

    My dad saw the place with me this weekend and has put an idea in my head but im not sure its actually possible due to the place being ex-la and leased by southwark council.

    He was saying we should replace the front door and wall with bifold doors.

    Heres the RM link. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-­sale/property-53548440.html

    The terrace is paneled high enough that privacy wouldnt be an issue, and theres a secure gate to mine and the other 2 flats as well as the terrace door locking so also not too concerned about security.

    its a flat roof with no one above us and below is a garage, so i think its theoretically possible, but the council would be the blocker?

  • With stuff like this its always good to get the automist supplier to provide full documentation of their product i.e. testing certificates, details and drawings for installation and management and bba approvals etc then before you appoint them send all this info to the BC for their approval. This would all normally be included with your building regs package submission

  • bit spammy, but if anyone going through the house buying process could fill this survey out for my place of employ, i'd be eternally grateful. you could also win a 25 squid amazon voucher for your troubles!


  • so i think its theoretically possible, but the council would be the blocker?

    The terms of the lease might be a blocker. If they aren't, the council or TMO would at least require permission. I wouldn't bet on it, basically, but stranger things have happened.

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Owning your own home

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