Owning your own home

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  • \1. External walls rendered to the ground, therefore probably negating the original slate DPC

    Depending on size of the property, it's more likely a pitch DPC. Rendering over it is dumb however. Do you have pictures? Your surveyor might be looking too high for the DPC.

    Were air bricks mentioned?

    \5. High damp readings on ground-floor walls indicate possible, ahem, "rising damp"

    Rising or not, the render outside if possibly trapping moisture, unless it's a breathable lime / cement free render.

    Often, it's actually raised ground outside that's the problem.

    \4. Two rainwater downpipes in bad order

    This will make any problems from 1. & 5. worse

    The extent of any problem would only be know by lifting floors & going back to the brick on walls though.

  • That's going to require a lot of astroturf...

  • Ha.

    Still not over that then?

  • It’ll set off the pillars nicely.

  • I'm thinking there's room for a stone lion or two on the gates as well but let's see.

    We're booked in on Sunday for a viewing...

  • You should know by now that once I've got a gag I run and run with it.

  • I'm thinking there's room for a stone lion or two on the gates as well but let's see.

    Toscano or GTFO

  • You’re really picking up this suburban dream and running with it, aren’t you @Soul?

  • Finally; a shop that really speaks to me!

  • It's closer to a train station, with quicker trains to London, has a garage (the main thing I want in life) and is detached from other people.

    What's not to love?

    It definitely requires some different decoration but that's standard.

  • Holy fuck i need this NOW.

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  • My parents had one of these when I was a kid :/

  • You can have the one my inlaws gave me for my 30th.

    It's in a corner of the shed, still in its box.

  • Got to admire the consistency

  • Bailey's for daileys.

  • There better be some port in that globe.

  • Advocaat & creme de menthe cocktails in Brandy snifters for erryone!

  • Get that globe.now.

  • Drinks globes and garden mirrors.


  • I always wanted one but my brother-in-law has one and it’s shit up close. Horrible combination of lack of detail/depth to the design and new-looking.

  • Yes and that’s absolutely the risk you take as @amey example shows - it’s not for everyone but is an effective negotiation tactic if you know the seller needs to get a move on.

  • It's more that it's just morally shitty than risky... if you wouldn't do it when selling a cheap bike you shouldn't do it when selling a house, where stress levels are a million times higher and you could genuinely fuck someone over.

  • I know she’s watching over us now and she’d be proud.

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  • Wow. If this happened to me I'd be fucking livid. Whilst it could be effective, and save you some quid, it's such a cunt move. You can royally fuck someone over by doing that.

    I hope I never come across the likes of you in my future business.

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Owning your own home

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