Dry lube: how often?

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  • Hi All,

    do you use wax based chain lube? how often do you have to reapply --time or kilometers? Wet lube should be better for wet weather, but how does wax lube compare? I've got a new chain on and I'm tempted by the 'dry' option, but I'd like to have some feedback before I shell out my dorrah.

    Specifically I'm thinking of one of these two to try:


  • My experience of dry lube in the winter was not good, everytime it rains it washes off and I frankly couldnt be bothered to relube on a daily basis.

    It's great, but only for the summer, something nice and heavy is in my opinion the best thing for the winter, a quick wipe every few days if its rainy and a re lube every couple of weeks should see you through the winter good and proper.

  • Right Said Ed.

  • adoubletap recommended this Finish Line ceramic lube a while back and I've been using it in all weathers ever since, great stuff.

  • Drylube in dry weather = once a week (I do about 100 - 150 miles a week)

    otherwise needs lubing after every trip in the wet.

  • I've been using this on my road bike (though mine isnt a wax version) which i've been commuting on for the last couple of weeks and it seems pretty good in the wet, its been good all summer, but i havent got any terrible chainring tattos yet and its still a super smooth ride™

  • Right Said Ed.

    I chuckled.

  • I chuckled.

    Or, indeed, "Right Said Zed".

  • he he, i was gonna post a photo, but NSFW.

  • Drylube in dry weather = once a week (I do about 100 - 150 miles a week)

    otherwise needs lubing after every trip in the wet.

    Dry wax lube* = every 100 miles
    Wet lube** = once a week

    (*I'm currently using the white lightening stuff. Gives a good wax layer without the need to apply too much)
    (**I'm currently using the TF2 extreme, and its nice a sticky)

    In my experiance a good wax lube will need topping up more often in dustier the conditions (as the manufactures claim I suppose).

  • Thought I'd give the Finish Line ceramic wax lube a go instead of FL Wet. Have been using FL dry for the summer. Do I need to make sure all the FL Dry is all off by giving the chain a good degreasing before applying the ceramic wax? Or is there no probs just appling the ceramic straight on?

  • sorry for bumping such an old thread but it's the only result I got searching for "dry lube".

    I've been using Squirt Dry Lube for a while now on my fixed gear (no rainy weather, no dust) but my drivetrain gets VERY noisy after only 10~20km and I'm not sure this is normal. It's buttery smooth for the initial 10km though, no sound whatsoever. I don't really think I notice a difference in how it feels (so maybe this is normal?) but that sort of grinding noise is disconcerting. It's a big hassle cleaning the chain every time this happens to reapply it though and I'm thinking of going back to a regular wet lube, but maybe there's something I'm not doing right or this particular lube is defective somehow or perhaps it's not adviseable for a fixed gear bike, I'm not sure. People sing praises of this stuff everywhere and I've never seen anyone complain about this - quite the opposite, many people say it lasts forever in dry weather.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

  • Isn’t the point of Squirt that you don’t need to clean your chain... just top up the application when necessary?

  • Did you degrease the chain and everything it touches before you applied it the first time and
    did you apply it twice and leave it to dry overnight?
    I just switched to it a week ago and did 4 hour rides in the rain and it has been quiet.

  • Yeah the initial treatment of squirt and Smoove that's the trick. You need to use some proper nasty degreaser to clean it, then the double application. Then mine is good for about 150km before reapplication in the dry, less if it's wet. I still prefer it to wet lube as you don't get the black paste crap, and I'm very lazy with chain maintenance.

  • Prolink - is also decent used in both wet and dry conditions and it's been great, takes a few rides to settle in though.

  • Yes but after reapplying it will never be as quiet as the first time and eventually it gets so full of gunk - that thing is like ear wax - you're better off cleaning it anyway, at least that's what I do.

    I clean and degrease the chain pretty obsessively too and yes, always leave it to dry overnight (another hassle btw).

    Maybe I'll try the Prolink one because I really don't want to be dealing with leg tattoos again.

  • This may be what you're doing wrong. Squirt says not to clean, you just reapply. You may be washing the wax out of the rollers..

  • There must be a user error somewhere. IMHO the initial application is crucial, the chain must be squeaky clean and thoroughly degreased to start with, and ideally you'd apply the lube twice before the first ride, allowing proper drying time in-between (at least 12 hours). Afterwards you just need to top-up, I do a quick wipe first too but nothing more than that.

  • Any tips for using squirt in the winter/ wet weather? I'm getting rust developing on chain and sprockets after any ride in slightly wet conditions. Is it just a chase of fully drying chain and sprockets and reapplying after every ride in winter?

    I've some of the low temp stuff on order as the standard one seems to not cope with close to 0 temperatures.

  • Has anyone tried applying Squirt by immersion like hot wax?

  • Anyone else using/used FL KryTech stuff:

  • to not cope with close to 0 temperatures.

    Seems to cope OK with Danish weather , although to be fair the bikes I use Squirt on are not dailies. See post above regarding initial application.
    Also, rust on sprockets is caused by grit (salt), not by water. Quick rinse after the ride could be beneficial?

  • Don't use squirt on very wet weather, salty roads and very cold temperatures. Really like the stuff but there's limits.

  • I use Boeshield T-9, though given boeing 737 MAX debacle and subsequent Starliner issues, I'm having second thoughts. It seems to last for ages.


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Dry lube: how often?

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