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  • My pleasure! Brilliant, thank you for the message.

  • We've got two or three pieces from Luci in our home including a very special custom one-off. They are really amazingly good!

  • You’ll have to start promoting your OnlyFans account too so you can pay the bills!!

    On a side note have you considered drawing tattoo flash? Your lino stuff really lends itself to stabbings.

  • At last!! A promotions manager!! Cheers buddy!

  • I was asked a few years ago and didn’t have the confidence, but I do now. I might dip my toe in!

  • You’re talking about onlyfans right?

    I really like the cherry blossom one, keep looking at that. How easy is it to frame that really thin paper?

  • I was asked a few years ago and didn’t have the confidence, but I do now.

    Drawing tats or doing porn? :D

    I don’t know many tattooists that do other people’s work but I’d get that crow all day long if I had the right space for it..

  • Ha. JonD beat me to the joke.

  • your pantones blues story has an ending now. start out with some of the more recent ones to show you've had your fill in early chapters, jump back to the early days to show a bit of youth and optimism, stick some of the real low points at the final stretch and finish on the big fuck you. sprinkle the smut and scatalogical ones throughout.

    give some of the players an arc through the stories, IGB gets the promotion but loses all, big reveal near the end that FAD is your own brother. etc etc

    take to a publishers, get them to do all the legal shit to stop you getting buggered up the old bailey, publish, go on Good Morning dressed as the lurve pirate and sweep phil and holly both off their feet. become celebrity. start an art collective with banksy.

  • I’ve copied and pasted all that and it is now my career.
    Seriously, I’m going to look at it. The podcast got put on ice but I’m picking it up again next week, an episode a week, so I have a portfolio of work.
    If any of my work ever really pays it would make me immensely happy. The Pantone Blues work, it’s over half a million words of writing spanning over 10 years. It’s been a number of live shows, I won an award for Best Writing on a Blog and it’s now a podcast. I’ve had a few celebrity readers, whatever that’s worth, but it started here, in the ‘I Hate...’ thread, with me saying, ‘I hate reprographics...’
    It isn’t over, but I really want to say thank you to all of you amazing people for helping me and encouraging me, for giving me a push when I mentally bonked, for buying my book, for giving me a couch or a bed or a beer or a hand. It’s been brutal at times, probably even darker than my stories portray, but through it all I’ve always had support from this forum, a common thread, my first internet home. I’ve not ‘made it’ I know, I’ve simply got out of jail. The next step is to move on, move up, grow, create, learn how to love work mates and not secretly mock them, heal a bit, and have fun.
    I thought of this forum the very second I said I’d go.

  • I've been waiting for you to go since reading The Bog Wanker when you first posted it on 'ere.

  • Jesus fucking biscuits this thread is 11years old.
    Fair play for sticking it out on here throughout it all Matt.

  • I also really like the cherry blosson print.. @General_Lucifer until you linked to the etsy page I had no idea you were doing this art stuff... Any other links to your work you've been keeping a secret?

  • Only my podcasts! I have my writing, my art prints and podcasts. Probably enough when I’m also holding down a full time job!
    Did you buy an Autumn Cherry? If so, thank you!

  • You're now a self-facilitating media node!

  • I have no idea what that means but thanks!

  • I’ve copied and pasted all that and it is now my career.

    I've given a few copies of Pantone Blues to friends and family. Without exception, they've all told me (entirely without prompting) how much they enjoyed it. The clerks were sniggering and chortling over it for weeks.

  • Amazing stuff Luci. The pantone blues ending. Wishing you all the best for the next stage and steps. 👍👍👍

  • @General_Lucifer - good luck big man!

    You’ve got a great body of work to pull from, you’ve never done things the easy way. Looking forward to more even if it’s not from the factory floor.

  • I think with a bit of polish the stories should be good in a book, a proper book. I’m actually rewriting every story as I turn it into a podcast episode, correcting some and fleshing out others for a stronger narrative. With a bit of time on my hands now I can ramp it up, then hopefully I’ll submit it. I’m not going to just let the stories gather dust!

  • Great read as always, and best of luck to you!
    Where would be the best place to get myself a copy of Pantone Blues? or should I hold off and wait for this new version?

  • First edition will be worth serious dollar (at least fiddy) in the future.

  • Could swap for a Limited Edition London 2012 50p?

  • The book is on Amazon here

  • Hmm... linky no worky... anyway, just search Pantone Blues in Amazon! As a compilation of my early stories it works fine but I’d love to compile everything into something with a bigger narrative and stitch everything together. If anyone knows a publisher who can chuck in a bit of advice!!

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Reprographics - The repro man blog

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