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  • It's a big one today!
    A day late, yes, but here's the first #TheLuciferTapes starring...
    Did he really go to the Seoul '88 to help a mate in the Olympics AND Paralympics?
    Of course he didn't. He's a fucking liar. Still, let's hear him out...

    Episode 18 - Chariots of Liar

  • I've had a few technical difficulties with my other podcast, Kraken Cove, this last week. Corrupt files, dodgy laptops, Fucking Amazing Dave being notoriously unreliable...

    Anyway, finally got a new episode of The Lucifer Tapes finished!

    Here it is - Episode 19 - A Moth and a Rat

  • It's a Kraken Cove special!
    In this special episode, Kraken Cove dives deep into the mystery that baffles investigators to this day - The Missing Lighthouse Keepers of Eilean Mor. In 1900, three lighthouse keepers vanished from the lighthouse situated on the largest island in the Flannan Isles, Eilean Mor. No trace of them was ever found.

    In episode 1 we look at the story - in episode 2 we'll go through the many theories and see if we can finally solve this riddle, 120 years after it happened!

    Here's a link to the episode - hope you enjoy it!

    The Flannan Isle Mystery part 1

  • I've had a busy one with Kraken Cove, but here's Episode 20 of The Lucifer Tapes!

    Episode 20 - Amateur Photographer

  • Nice, I must get more into the kraken. I find long podcasts more difficult to find the time for. Lucifer tapes length is perfect for my current walk to work anyway.

  • Just got off a huge shift!
    Glad you like the Lucifer Tapes. Actually making two very different podcasts in both length & content is great fun. I wish I had time to do a third, reading my short fiction stories. As it is, I have almost zero time off. You never know, if one of these podcasts takes off it could happen!

  • It's Friday. Woohoo. What's everyone up to? Screaming into a bin? Getting your outfit ready for that illegal rave in an abandoned quarry tonight? Queueing around the block to get into Primark , not for sweat shop sweat pants but just for something to do? Treating yourself to a crafty curtain wank over that special sexy someone who jogs past your house at 9.15 every morning?

    Well, why not try something a bit different?
    Why not listen to episode 21 - The Show


  • Mate that experience must have been harrowing. Unbelievable in these times. Do you think that still happens in Leeds?

    Can't believe the stories you've got...

  • It doesn’t happen any more. The girl in the stage was called Goldie, she was a famous institution in Leeds, as were these ‘stag shows’. Other weird ones were three course men only dinners that played porn films on big screens throughout. Fucking weird. A couple of my workmates managed to fuck Goldie at The Show and boasted about it for ages... then Goldie died of AIDS. No-one wore johnnies and it was a massive spunk fest. The lads stopped boasting and quietly shat themselves for a year or so, not even going for a test because they didn’t want the stigma of having to tell their family they caught AIDS, ‘the gay plague’. Bad times.

  • Have to unsubscribes; podcasts mean it’s no longer accessible.

  • I'm also a deaf person who is a bit disappointed about there not being any transcripts because I love the repro man blog, and I'm always sharing stuff from it with people who i think will enjoy it. I took Pantone Blues with me on holiday to the Derby Dales when you published it and I sat alone in my cycling gear in loads of nice rural pubs over many a pint of guinness, cackling joyfully to myself at it. I also fucking love Forteana (I subscribe to ALL the zines and journals) and Kraken Cove sounds right up my alley.

    However! I have a suggestion! If you were to use something like this during the recording sessions: then it would automatically produce a transcript for you that you could save and add to Podbean along with the audio. Here's an example of a Government Digital Service podcast with a transcript added so you can see what that looks like.

    Automatic captions aren't great, and you'll probably have to make corrections. People on this thread have led me to believe you and Fucking Amazing Dave have strong accents and maybe it'll be shit at working out what you're saying. But it's worth a try, right? Google docs have "voice typing" in them too. Or there's, which is free if your shows are less than 40 mins each and under 600 mins a month. There's options! And I'd love to be able to follow both series.

  • Sorry Ed! It is actually just the blog in spoken word form so it’s not fresh work. It’s just been polished for audio. Any new stories still be written first as a priority but I wanted to create an extra dimension to accompany the blog.

  • This sounds incredible!! I’ll definitely look into this, and thank you for bringing it to my attention! Thanks also for reading the book. My writing days aren’t over, I’m just exploring a few fresh avenues!

  • I think AI voice transcription service should pay @General_Lucifer to use them, as his dulcet Yorkshire tones will be a real test of their training data set.

  • You're welcome! There's also in case you want to try a few. They all tend to have varying results with my Scottish accent, but a friend of a friend in Darlington used Speechlogger for an art event. That seemed to go quite well, so maybe they don't all treat The Norf like a separate language 👀

    It will improve my life immeasurably to have all them krakens in my eyes and eyeballs simultaneously, I just know it

  • Ha ha!!! I’ll look into this and see what I can come up with. The episodes are mostly ad libbed, unscripted, but I do have a script for my special The Flannan Isles mystery. Shall I link it for you so you can read that? Then I’ll work on the 2nd part of the episode. Unfortunately I use lots of sound effects & music so it might garble the editor but I’ll see what I can do!

  • I do have a script for my special The Flannan Isles mystery. Shall I link it for you so you can read that?

    Oh god yes please that would be magical thank you!

  • Nice one - I’ll nip up to the studio now and pdf the script, then upload it here to start with, then figure out how to do the rest of it!

  • Just testing to see if it appears...

  • I'm strugging here... Can we upload pdfs here?

  • aww, possibly not - I'm looking at the Microcosm code and I think only images are allowed (though I could be looking in the wrong places).

  • Might be as easy to PM me your email and I’ll send it that way.
    If anyone else wants the script send me your email too and I’ll cc you in!

  • It's been another mad week so I'm late with The Lucifer Tapes, but to set you on, here's the latest Kraken Cove!
    It's just over an hour but we cover a lot of topics, so you can easily dip in and out.
    Give it a go, we put a lot into it so we hope you get a lot out of it!

    Episode 11 - Nasty Smoothie, Death Teeth and Sergeant Stubby!

  • So here's episode 22 of The Lucifer Tapes - better late than never!

    Episode 22 - Torquay 1 - York City 0

  • No Lucifer Tapes this week, sadly.
    There's a lot going on at Lucifer Towers.

    There is a fresh episode of Kraken Cover, however!

    In this episode we examine the Scottish Cannibal, Sawney Bean!

    We are still ironing out a few issues with YouTube but we'll soon be on there, so hopefully transcriptions of the show will be available when that happens.

    For now, here's Episode 12 - The Legend of Sawney Bean

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Reprographics - The repro man blog

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