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  • So, so repped.

  • Come Fly with Me

    It's been a while, but here's a little Friday bog reading for you.

    I posted a much shorter version of this in 'In The News' yesterday.

    Hope you like!

  • ^I wish I had mates like that!!

    Rolling a shit brown Nova was as exciting as it got for me.

  • Thanks Luci. Made my morning!

  • Excellent title reference there.

  • Not the most pun-laden, I'll admit, but it does what it says on the tin.

  • Ace new one. I woulda puked.

  • Another cracker! Great work GL.

  • Cheers chaps.

  • One Finger, One Thumb

    I've just written a quick one for Friday.

    This happened last week.

  • Fucking hell Luci. Top stuff.

  • Top work Luci! Brightened up my day.

  • Brilliant stuff..

  • Nice one Luci, also read Squirrel ripper while I was there. FFS there's some dark dark freaks loose in the Yellow pages.

  • Thanks, people. Nice to be back in the saddle so to speak.

  • he he, quality as per!

  • Finally finished the book. Not being a great reader it took a holiday to eventually get stuck into it. My daughter also started reading it and picked it up every time I put it down and actually finished it before me. Worringly she didn't once ask me to explain any of the detail in any of the stories.....

  • Firstly, I've never seen a book look out of place before.

    Secondly, please tell me your daughter isn't twelve or something, as I don't want to feel responsible for messing her head up.

  • She used to be such a sweet girl...

  • Oh Jesus, don't be showing me pictures like that!!!

    I'm off to the bogs...

  • Awesome tan, by the way.

  • I think the pantone blue bikini sets it off.

    Back to the book... I got to the end and formed the opinion that, if you were a dog, the kindest thing to do would be to take you to a vet and have you put down. Please tell me that, in the sequal, you do eventually get another job, even if it's on the checkouts in Morrisons!

  • ^Mate, as Jock in my book would say, if that lass were my daughter I'd still be bathing her.

    Sadly I'm still in the shitty job, as you know, but I'm going to try push the book now. I've had a lot of really good feedback - I only published it because forumengers nagged me into it and I owed you lot that at least, but it's turned into one of the best things I've ever done (apart from bumming that lass from Bradford in the weird gold lamé two piece).
    I don't plan a second book in the series, although I'm writing other stuff. The thought of there actually being enough stuff for another book makes me want to string myself up from the highest beam, to be honest.
    My mindset recently is very 'prison'.

    I can't go anywhere, I've just got to survive.
    The clothing is very prison issue, the rules are prison issue. I'm just trying to stay sane.
    Alcohol is the hardest problem. Everyone in the factory I talk to has a massive alcohol problem, we're all struggling to control the booze. It's honestly really sad to talk to lads you've known for 20 years realising they're alcoholics and they don't know what to do about it. They just keep drinking every evening and keep clocking in each morning.

    Funnily enough, my younger brother, Devil, works at Tesco. He fucking loves it.
    He's in Thailand at the moment, at his father-in-law's funeral. Some silly bollocks Buddhist got the father in law's name wrong and apparently that fucks his chances up in the afterlife.
    Our kid had to go live with the monks for three days and pray, (as the next man in the family) so they shaved his bonce and his eyebrows and made him say 'Om for three days! I've been laughing my bollocks off ever since. He's back tomorrow, and has to toddle round Tesco on Sunday looking like Duncan Fucking Goodhew.

  • And yes, I've had a drink or two.

  • haha been missing this thread

    luci you do realise the forum expects volume two, I can see death by spok if you deny the masses...

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Reprographics - The repro man blog

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