The Ultimate Riding Jacket?

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  • Rapha city rain commute jacket (£75)

  • I had one for a while and it was alright, it was just too bikey looking for what I'm after. Will keep an eye out for a Goretex Pro jacket that I can afford! Thanks for the suggestions.

  • I've had one of my arcteryx around 6 years now. Its had a lot of hard use, it was used as my motorbike waterproof. It's got tears that have been repaired and it's still going solid.

    You generally get what you pay for in life. Buy cheap by twice, or more!

  • I would also recommend an Arcteryx. I have the Zeta AR. It has been used for 2+ years of courier work. It’s still going strong. It shows signs of wear but it still keeps me dry.

    I got it from snow+rock in Leeds, they priced matched at £260.

  • Would love on Arcteryx but not got the cash! Are you a courier in Leeds? I might know you if so, there's not many of us!

  • Ebay or gumtree. I pieced up an Alpha FL for £130 in almost new condition.

  • Very impressed with the Alpkit Balance jacket, long in the arm, good adjustable hood and big side vents/ pockets. Super waterproof too.

  • That's not bad! Definitely the top end of my budget but I suppose if I pick one up and it doesn't work for me I wouldn't lose much selling it on.

  • I’ve been reading up on jackets with a purchase for hiking in mind. There’s a Gore ShakeDry hooded jacket which sounds interesting, in theory far more breathable than gore tex pro. It’s the H5 if you’re interested @ltc

    Review from the god of backpacking here:­r-h5-gore-tex-shakedry-jacket/

  • Shakedry is a promising fabric, possibly the most interesting thing to come to waterproof technology in the last five years.

    Currently it follows from the following: very ugly, very expensive, and poor durability especially in abrasion. I don’t think it’s justified unless you are racing and have a lot of cash.

  • I've been looking at the rab kinetic alpine jacket to replace my old marmot something or other (label has worn off - it's done 4.5 hard years). Also looking at the inov-8 stormshell waterproof running jacket. Anyone with any experience of either?

  • Yes I’m tempted but slightly concerned with durability. Sounds like the H5 is more heavy duty than the stuff used in the cycling kit and that article links to some promising sounding comments from thru hikers using similar fabrics. Have you seen one in the flesh?

  • Big old dredge! I'm in the market for a new waterproof jacket. Doesn't need to be cycling specific and is more for every day use. I've had a Patagonia Torrentshell for a few months and I really don't like it, it's not that waterproof and it feels like a shower curtain sticking to you when it gets wet. Requirements are: plain black, needs a hood and is as waterproof as possible. Not looking to spend silly money but could spend extra on a jacket that'll last me for a really long time!

    Resolute Bay?
    Chrome Cobra 3.0?

  • It's a great piece of kit for general riding with a lot of rain. For racing a gabba is fine, but for more relaxed pace cycling such as commutes or long distance the Gore is far superior to anything I've ever tried. Windproof, waterproof and breathable, and fits in a pocket.

  • Only downside being hard to find a race fit (but I wouldn't race in a £280 jacket), bin bag looks and I'd avoid using a backpack with it

  • Have also the Zeta AR since about 3 years, love it. Fits really well, slim but room for layering if needed and generous arm length.
    I use it also for alpine skiing and as a general rain/wind protecting shell, its super versatile and somewhat justify the price.

  • I've ordered the H5 Shakedry - mainly for walking in the rain, not riding, though I may try it there too. Will report back.

  • This has been covered on the previous page.

  • Yes I’ve seen a few, they are quite ugly. Let’s hope they can improve that and the ludicrous price soon.

  • I got a Tilak Vega shake dry for a hundo winging it's way to me via a hook up.

    Don't think it's the new super durable material but hope it'll be ok as a stand by for short tours, day hikes etc.

    Will compare it to the 7 pound decathlon packable waterproof I currently use.

  • I'd kinda written off alpkit but am now pretty seriously looking at either the balance or the gravitas

  • Isn't secondhand a bit suspect for membrane waterproofs? They don't seem to have a very long service life via delamination or the breakdown of the hydrophobic layer.

    Do you reproof everything you get? Or just try and scoop stuff that seems barely used?

  • The arcteryx I got was basically brand new.
    Thay said. I have a 6 year old one that's had very hard use. It doesnt bead like it once did, even with roofing, but it's still waterproof. It's got grease on it and all sorts, so no wonder it's not as good.

    Generally I'd be buying near as new. But light use will be fine. I think it comes down to the original quality.

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The Ultimate Riding Jacket?

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