The Ultimate Riding Jacket?

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  • Sportpursuit have a lot of Arcteryx stuff at 50% off - including their commuter series and hardshells

  • Have you a link? Quick search and I cant find them

  • Members site via email . They did have shed loads of everything this morning .

  • Ah, might be England exclusive? I didnt get an email and cant see any Arcteryx at all.

  • Maybe, can you look at them via proxy? Happy to purchase for you and organise if there's something you see.

    I got a Beta SL for £200 and the A2B Hardshell for £170 both 50% off which is pretty excellent. Had to resist buying a proton lt hoody but they're really excellent.

  • Cheers, but I'm all good, just got a new jacket today (from sportpursuit too actually) that I'm quite happy with. Just bored and nosey I guess, ha. I appreciate it though!

  • Has anyone bought the demon frameworks ventile jacket?
    Expensive but looks quality.­ets/

  • Couldn’t tell whether it’s single or double layer: single makes a lovely jacket that has virtually no weather resistance.
    As an aside, Ventile is no longer made in the UK, and the Swiss love their technical fabrics so it may not have much of a future...

  • Fucking hell, £350!

  • discounted!...and only 4/5 starts on a review! ummm

  • "High quality British needlework. I do believe it makes me considerably better looking."
    Can you put a price on self esteem though?

  • Ventile seems to surrounded by some sort of mythical powers of waterproof.
    But is so rare and expensive I haven't tried it.
    Does it actually work?

    The jacket is strange in that it's kind not sure what it's trying to do. And in likelihood it's just a casual jacket that's showerproof

  • Paging @Skülly - he loves a bit of ventile.

  • It is a nicer cut than most Ventile jackets, and appears to have all 5* reviews from where I'm looking. But there's no way I can justify the price right now. I do wonder with these premium products whether the reviews are only so gushing as a result of customers trying to justify the price to themselves.

    At least one person thinks it's properly waterproof: " It has seen horrendous rain in Wales and kept me perfectly dry throughout"

  • I have had good experiences with ventile’s waterproof qualities. I like it a lot.

    It is not a fabric I’d want too close-fitting, as it sort of expands when wet, so slightly loose is worth bearing in mind. Also, if you are extremely hard on clothes it may be a little prone to wear and fraying. You can’t really clean it particularly easily so always go for the darkest colours. Navy, black and olive have all bern ok for that.

    Almost no jacket made with ventile is less than £300.

  • Picked up one of these few months ago and it is boss!

    Defo too warm for serious riding I think, but for stop/start/winter in the city riding it's fantastic. No rain got through it yet, which I'm impressed by as I assumed it was just showerproof. Laughed in the face of the beast from the east.

    Kicking myself for not buying this.
    Not good for cycling but massive bargain.

  • I've owned and own jackets made from Ventile and Grenfell cloth, performance seems to be similar and only useful if in doubled form.
    Maybe it's down to the kind of rain experienced in my part of the world (southern Manitoba), but I wouldn't trust it in a remote setting to prevent hypothermia from our heavy downpours.
    @Skülly, how have you cleaned your Ventile? It's been a challenge because of the coating?

  • I know the modern ventile has a coating but isn't one of beauty of ventile is that it's 100% cotton and thus can be washed like most clothing and it should still retain it water resistant properties.

  • Lots of contradictory stuff about that on the net.
    I've washed all of mine over the years and some have fared well and others not.
    The best are my two Grenfell car coat-length things that are double layer and repel rain if not in too much of a downpour for more than a couple of hours. The top layer wets out very quickly and the second succumbs eventually.

  • Big old dredge! I'm in the market for a new waterproof jacket. Doesn't need to be cycling specific and is more for every day use. I've had a Patagonia Torrentshell for a few months and I really don't like it, it's not that waterproof and it feels like a shower curtain sticking to you when it gets wet. Requirements are: plain black, needs a hood and is as waterproof as possible. Not looking to spend silly money but could spend extra on a jacket that'll last me for a really long time!

  • Marmot precip? Looking around for a waterproof jaket and it’s on my list..

  • Anything goretex pro.
    Ebay for an arcteryx

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The Ultimate Riding Jacket?

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