Merino Clothing (base layers, etc)

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  • Yawn. I think my Rapha bas layer is fucked now, probably because it's been exposed to fabric conditioner by mistake.

    Not merino but I've been using a Prendas slevless baselayer this year and it's been fantastic.

  • Merino glove liners.

    Who make the best?


  • In case anyone may be interested. Finisterre have an outlet with a few bargains.
    Not many people know about it!
    Broken sizes and old end of season stock but some decent stuff! If you're an XL you might be happy!

  • Found some nice mx merino long sleeve base layers at tk max near soho today. £24 for a decent feeling ls Jersey type thing. not scratchy, and decent size range as long as you like blue.

  • Not base layers, but Merino jerseys.

    Want to make a big recommendation for all things

    Their knitwear is pretty freaking awesome and I bought a jumper that is keeping me toasty in a very cold flat.

    I hadn't heard of them before, but maybe some people on here know of them. They specialise in clothing for cold water surf, so it also includes things like Merino blend denim.

  • Polo's famously cosmic @Todd works for them.

  • @andy.w has been advocating them for years on here. And he's right too, their kit is excellent.

  • I may have picked up a couple of bits of their nice merino (mix) today, at nicely non-pricey prices from @Todd 's tip up there. It is a bit of a challenge finding middling sizes though.

  • rare howies Sample sale at Little Portland Street on Thursday,

    There will be sample jackets, knitwear, jeans, trousers, bike kit and Merino. As well as some rare bits of Ventile, Epic, one-offs and stuff that never even got made. It will all be priced to sell too (if you know what we mean).

  • Not Merino specifically, but I can't think of a better thread. Has anyone tried the Uniqlo HeatTech stuff as a base layer or under a jacket?

    Seems like it's the right kind of stuff, but I'm unsure about fit.

  • Yeah. It's warmer/better than cotton but not like wool. It's not actually very good for cycling.

    Something like a HH lifa base layer is great under a softshell - wicking and fast drying and not too hot.

  • I have the heat tech stuff - I tend to run cold, and it's good in winter, but I wouldn't cycle in it unless it was really cold. You're likely to overheat uncomfortably, and it gets smelly if you sweat in it. Non-exertive cycling probably ok.

  • I wear uniqlo heat-tech base layers as t-shirts every day. Poor for cycling in. Dries quick though.
    The airism stuff is better. Good as a single layer in the summer.

  • I commute in heattech leggings (with generic sports shorts on top) and a heat tech LS baselayer with a generic tee on top

    It keeps me warm enough without need a jacket, if i wear a backpack it gets sweaty quick and doesn't drive anywhere near as fast as merino but its ok

    For £20 for the set i reckon more than worth it

  • shorts and a t-shirt?

    outing yourself as a commuto-nodder Rogan!

  • I only have one pair of bibs and i dont see the point in wearing them in just for riding to work!

  • Does anyone have experience of howies merino vs. Rapha?

    I've read that the howies gear is made with Zque Merino which is supposedly better.

  • The difference is night and day.

    Howies. Classic in long sleeve.
    Cut close around the wrists, flappy everywhere else (on me, a skinny, limby cyclist). Way too short in the body, loose around the middle. The fabric is very durable but is woven so tight the breathability of wool is all but lost. An expensive t-shirt.

    Rapha. Regular baselayer, short sleeve.
    Just basically perfect. Almost elastic nature of the fabric is great. Super comfortable in a massive range of conditions. Buy a pack and the cost actually compares well with Finisterre and Howies etc. The pale colours start looking a bit gross after a while so just don't wander around in your underwear innit.

  • This ^ in spades.

    The Howies stuff is great as off bike wear, but it is utterly useless on the bike.

    The Rapha base layers are their best product by some margin.

  • Brilliant, thanks guys, just the info I needed.

    Would you rate the long sleve rapha too?

  • I've not owned those. AFAIK the fabric is the same.

    For me short and sleeveless are more versatile because they work with armwarmers in cool, wet or mixed conditions and under a longsleeve jersey or jacket in the cold.

  • Yes. If you can stretch to it, buy a bundle and get one short sleeve, one long sleeve and a spare of the one you think you'll use the most.

  • It's not exactly comparing like for like, though, is it? Howies also do a 100% merino much more fitted cut, much lighter weight, much stretchier short sleeved baselayer. You might also find the difference between that and the one you've got "night and day".

    Personally I prefer the simple raglan sleeve of the rapha over the more panelled shoulder effort of the howies (it means there are no seams in the armpit which is quite clever) but I do appreciate the colours available in howies. I know rapha now do some rather tasty colours, it's just been a while since I bought any.

  • Rapha baselayers are amazing end of. Got a long sleeve and gonna cop a pack of shortsleeve for more versatility. Longsleeve should be perfect for the rest of winter though

    not tried howies but was seriously impressed with my rapha so probably wont bother

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Merino Clothing (base layers, etc)

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