Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Literally just finished reconing these. Gotta let them dry over night then I can actually have a listen 😆

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  • amazing! great work.

  • Tannoys looking great.

    I didn't realise frugal horns was a design, thought it was just a description of how they work! Must pay more attention :)

  • lol

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  • Woo. How do they sound?

  • To quote a hifi nerd I know "heroic"

    Bass is so balanced, no boom so far. Top end is crystal clear too. I had DSP on to tame the top end of the IIILZ and they sound so dull now! They're running off my little ~10w class D just now so I can do A/B comparison. I imagine they'll be next level when I hook them up to the 250w Hypex.

    Piano sounds stunning. Can't wait to sit around in my pants and listen to all my favourite tunes.

  • Do you have the Hypex already?

    I'd happily bring down a Meridian amp to see how that sounds - self interest as I'd like to hear those Tannoys myself.

  • Yup, already have the Hypex. It's great, pretty close to a wire with gain. Has very high damping factor which should work well with these apparently.

    You're welcome to come round for a listen, I owe you a beer or two!

  • Wow. They look superb.

  • The jump from 10s to 12s is massive.

    Glad you're pleased. Wait until you poke a decent push-pull el34 up 'em.

  • If you're ever down this way, drop me a line.

  • naaaaah m8. These were built for solid state. Reckon Class D is perfect for controlling the cones.

    My wife is off her call now so I'm blasting the 6Music Friday mix, big smiles all round

  • to be fair I've never actually listened to a valve amp, apart from Spirit Land for a bit, so I have no idea. I bet it sounds epic.

  • i have a cunning plan for @dbr to make a bench seat kind of thing, under which will be a sub.

    so in answer to the inevitable question from my nearest and dearest about why i have bought another speaker, i will be able to confirm that it is definitely not another speaker.

    oh no, it is definitely something else.

    but which sub?
    this one­XLS400DF.htm
    or this one­onolith-df.htm

    I'm thinking that the top one, slightly smaller, sealed box is going to be best but interested in other views.

    Room is not huge, roughly 5mx4m, high ceiling, suspended floor.

    edit: purely for 2 channel stereo, no AV set up.

  • Anecdotally I’d go sealed for music. You don’t need to go down to 15Hz for hifi, should have tighter more musical bass too. The bigger one is also too big to put under a bench seat 😉

    My 12” sealed sub did fine in our open plan living / kitchen with high ceilings and suspended floors. Speaking of which, it’s now been retired so if you’d like to try it out you’re very welcome.

  • So good. I also have two sets of tannoys, they're much smaller though.

  • It’s a ploy. Put the IILZ on top for a bit so when I move them to the spare room the Cheviots don’t feel so massive.

    They still feel massive.

  • This is probably not the right thread for these speakers, but if anyone wants a free set and can collect in E17, PM me. Have floor spikes. Eltax Silverstone 200. Not my pic.

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  • I have a pair of BKs, the double 10” sealed jobs, paired with the Heresies snd they’re excellent, no lack of depth at all and very crisp, no bloat if you dial it in right.

    I called them and asked about sealed v ported and they advised only to go ported for AV setups.

  • any interest in this yellow ply unit? 70cm wide, 40cm deep

    from tylko, i need more record storage so thinking of starting again.

    it can be broken back down to flatpack if needed

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  • Is there an eames bird just out of shot?

  • Thanks Steve, makes sense. Two subs is deffo the correct way but really can't make that work in the room here.

    I think one 12" will make a huge difference.

    Years ago, I had a set up with stand mounts and one huge B&W sub; it was the nuts. :)

  • Ah, that's amazing news about your sub (you mean you don't need 12" Tannoys and and 12" sub?!)

    Will be in touch!

  • Tbh I’m pretty sure there’s no benefit to stereo imaging with 2 subs, certainly not with how narrow my room is, it’s just there’s an open stairwell and no partitions so I need to pressurise the whole volume of the building to get a good thump.

  • I think it's fine with a single sub more or less centrally positioned but I've heard systems where the sub was well off to one side or even half way down the room and i couldn't agree with the "there's no directionality" argument.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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