Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Marantz might have something. I have a Marantz SACD which I like a lot more than I thought I would.

  • Was gonna say, Marantz seems to be a leader in the nice price audio game these days.

  • Got one of these recently- so good to be able to not worry about leaving a record running. A bit fiddly to setup initally but works really well.­006r

  • getting another set of active monitors

    What you thinking? I'm quite tempted myself.

  • Excellent, the reviews I have been reading support this. I might get a 5005 and send it straight over to dad's house as a surprise. Unfortunately down here in Aus they seem to be quite expensive so I can't go any higher than this one.

  • They are expensive here as well. I picked up a bargain from ebay after waiting a couple of years!

  • Quite pleased with how well this went together. Mess visible at the bottom is cos my order of the aluminium stuff had a piece missing, will have to chase that up tomorrow.

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  • That looks great.

    Fuck me the PS5 is fucking ugly / massive. I have one too but I think I’ve only seen it twice as it’s hidden in a cabinet.

  • Presonus Eris 3.5 BT.
    I have a set of 4.5 already and wanted another.

  • Presonus Eris 3.5 BT.

    Cool. Interesting cause I'm getting loads of amazon suggestions for it. Not sure if it was me searching your speakers or if it's being pushed. (I am so sceptical about amazon and its advertising practices)

  • I knew nothing about them. I bought the 4.5s maybe 6-8 months ago based on the recommendations of a muso friend of mine.

    Install a pi.hole and use ad/tracker-blockers

  • That's really nice... where did you order it all from?

  • Cheers. Was worried it might end up looking like something temporary off an exhibition stand rather than contemporary furniture, but (modestly) reckon it's more like the latter.

    Aluminium profile and fittings were all from KJN. Plywood for the panels and shelves from Wood Green Timber, MDF top from Homebase. Shelf front edge is Wickes finest U-section aluminium.

    Was considering something fancier for the top, but given £££ and lead times decided to go the cheap and immediate route. Impressed with the vinyl covering, first couple of panels were a bit dodgy but they're out of sight. Did the top last and had nailed the technique by then, looks perfect.

  • It's so nice I'm wondering whether I should go a similar route to tidy up and help reduce the noise of my computing rack.

    I've currently got it all on open wire shelving which was cheap, but the NAS is noisy so I like the thought of enclosing it in a unit that I could add some foam padding to. Obvs not stopping airflow, but absorbing the worst of the noise.

    The only issues I've got when thinking of this are:

    1. Can it take the weight? The NAS is heavy including the 8 x HDD - about 12kg total - but the UPS battery is even heavier at around 20kg... and both are on the wire shelving along with another 10kg of computers and switches. Minimum shelf weight is therefore around 20kg with the total being around 45-50kg.
    2. Will it adapt as I change things? I don't replace everything at once, so sometimes need to increase and decrease shelf space and the layout to accommodate things.
  • You could do it with 30x30 profile if weight is a consideration. There are plenty of fastening options and it's very easy to completely over engineer this stuff. When unpacking the 20x20 it seemed more slender than I imagined, but think it's spot on in this case.

    It can certainly be added to very easily. You also have the option of replacing parts and rebuilding but that's obviously more expensive and time consuming.

  • Did you use their design service and then just order everything they suggested?

  • Designed it all myself, 3D model fashion.

  • Looks superb @Brun - properly good.

  • Really tidy job, nice work.

  • So looks like my Denon stack is all on the way out. Woofer died. Skipped that and plugged speakers into the amp instead worked for a few days now one is dead again.

    Looks like a I can find a direct replacement on eBay for about 2-300£ but thinking there is probably a better option out there now.

    I mostly just play my music and run sound for my projector through it.

    I wanted to sort surround sound out running from my MacBook Pro but spoke to the guys at Sevenoaks who had no clue.

  • The main thing with surround sound is the wiring. If you can't think of a way to conceal them you have a lot of speaker cables.

    If I was going surround sound again I'd probably be looking at Sonons but obviously that's not ideal for music.

    I do have a full surround sound setup that I need to get rid of (2x Wharfeldale 9.4, 2x Wharfedale 9.0, Wharfedale 9 centre and DENON AVRX2300W receiver) in part because I just can't fit it neatly in my new place. I do miss not having it though when I'm watching films.

  • I have an Atacama Hifi stand for sale if anyone’s interested. Some scratches on the metal parts due to the spikes but glass is all good.

    3 tier.

    Some info here­ref-8/review


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  • Discovered PSI Audio , so now have some very nice studio monitors in my office.

    Was looking for something for my desk that were tight directionally (nearfield monitors), sounded neutral and transparent so voices in calls were realistic and isn't, and then I've the added advantage of killer speakers should I want to put music on.

  • They look very nice (and very expensive!)

  • Yeah, jeez dude. Super pricey. What made you go for those over other substantially cheaper, well regarded monitors @Velocio?

    In other news, is anyone using a Pi Zero W for Volumio/a similar streaming distribution? Unsure if it's powerful enough.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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