Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • I’m not here for music taste judgement. Only audio equipment judgement.

  • How different are they to the CAs you had before?

  • They’re a lot cleaner sounding. The CAs were muddy and struggled to separate different instruments.

    The base is also punchier without being too heavy.

  • Excellent - seem like a bit of a bargain there

  • I was surprised when I sent from Spendor A5 to the larger A6, that the perceived bass response was lesser on the bigger speakers.

    Still hatching a subwoofer plan but it requires room reconfig.

  • Definitely. They retail for £480 and WhatHifi have them down as the best floor standers under £1k in recent tests.

    I might have chosen the Oberon if they were in stock because they’re much more compact but, for £250, I can just decide I don’t like these and switch up if I want.

  • Sold my car, sold my old Copland pre/power and spent way too much on top. Bought my first new bit of hifi - and went pretty fucking high end. accuphase 280 integrated. It sounds amazing, and the vu meters are just a joy. I think im done for 20 years.

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  • That's lovely. I've spent plenty of time pondering s/h accuphase.

  • Hah that's what got me onto this, I missed out on an auction for a e202. The fact that the 70s accuphases are still going strong was a big factor, I was sick of my Copland being repaired.

  • Surprised they didn't throw in a graphic equaliser for the full 1970s Dixons effect

  • Up until relatively recently they still sold some kind of eq type 'processor'. I don't think they've really moved on much since 1986.­l

  • From a law of acoustic energy point of view your setup has some obvious issues. Your right hand speaker is producing roughly +6db in the base range through proximity to the wall and cabinet.

  • Thanks. It’s all being moved in a week or so. Just got to finish building the new record cabinet.

  • Just gorgeous.

  • I’ve got a Naim Mu-so and I’m happy with the sound quality. I’ve been using Tidal for a year or so and the quality over Spotify is noticeable. After watching a few videos about MQA I got a trial sub to Deezer HiFi. They sound different but one isn’t necessarily better than the other. What are other people’s experiences with them and others?

  • Anyone interested in a pair of Spendor s3e ?

    comments are interesting. Some ppl preferring Deezer over Tidal for sound quality (but not MQA)

  • Anyone want a free (but broken) Paradigm PDR-10 sub? I've had it for yonks but a couple of years ago noticed it was 'farting' and so it's just been sat unused. Front grill has also been taped for years. Looks to be a fair bit on the internet about fixing the drivers on these for cheap...

    I'm in N8.

  • I've moved into a new flat and so able to finally set up my hi-fi again after 4 years. My Cambridge Audio A300 amp appears to be toast though so has anyone got any suggestions for a replacement to power my Mission 770s? Bugdet is tight, maybe £150 so would consider something second hand.

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  • ^Those Missions look rad.

  • I’ve just had a rearrange. Brought the valve amp in from work as I’ve really fallen in love with these speakers since improving my streaming source. It’s like having the heating on with 18 tubes making 60w per channel.

    I bought the Pro-Ject Prebox DS2 digital as it’s a Swiss Army knife with digital and analogue inputs, phono stage, dedicated headphone amp and remote control. Very happy so far. The Yamaha is redundant for now but I made the unit to fit so it can stay. I’m going to clean the telly and hoover the birds nest now I’ve seen those pics.

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  • $25k Hypex based integrated amp.

  • Nice.

    Which Rogers are they?

  • C'mon Steve. 'But absolutely worth it.'.... C'mon mannnn. The thing is, if I had $25k to spend on an amplifier, I'd want it to at least look amazing. And Mola Mola stuff, IMO, just looks bland.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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