Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Roon fixed the gapless playback I believe. Google don't appear to care. It's amusing that Google created a standard but seem to have no inclination to make it better.

    I'm with @ChainBreaker on prop apps. Chromecast just seems to work for Spotify, Tidal and BBC Sounds.

  • A bit of further investigation suggests that their partner who provided the integrations went bust which is why stuff like Tidal which was mentioned in the reviews doesn't work.

    Alexa still works and it's fine as DLNA server so I can send Tidal to it that way so will probably keep it.

  • Cheers. I opted to go for the libratone one that Airhead suggested, mainly as it's half the price. I liked the idea of the Sonos but I don't have any more of their stuff so it seemed like overkill.

  • Yeah, but Roon is also expensive.

    I've actually just got an old macbook connected to my DAC via USB, now. It's in my cabinet with the laptop lid closed. I control tidal/spotify on the laptop from my computer. Works perfectly for my needs. No streaming apps needed. Nothing third party. Works a treat. Same premise as having a Pi streamer I guess except I didn't have to spend any money.

  • My point is that if Roon can fix gapless playback then Google could; they just can't be bothered as it isn't a priority.

  • Just received a second chromecast audio from eBay, at medium inflated price. I don’t even need it, just seems like I should get in before they’re £150.

  • So here's what might seem like a silly question:

    If my speakers are rated between 25 - 125 watts, does this mean that anything about 125 is dangerous and could blow them? If so, would using a 150w per channel amp, as an example, actually be an issue? Or does it just mean I have to be careful with the volume knob?

  • be careful with the volume knob

    Mostly this, but 150W into anything reasonably sensitive is going to blow your ears before it blows the drivers. More speakers get broken by using underpowered amps at full clip.

  • In theory you are more likely to do damage to them using an under powered amp and pushing it too hard causing the amp to clip.

    At normal listening volumes you will probably be fine with pretty much anything unless the speakers are incredibly difficult to drive.

  • Okay, thanks both. I am interested in a Peachtree amp but the lowest wattage model they have is rated at 150w/ch - though it doesn't say into how many ohms on their spec sheet.

    It's quite the opposite, my speakers are very easy to drive at 88dB. My current amp is rated at 30w p/ch into 8 ohms and the manufacturer recommends 30-125w into 8 ohms.

    So I don't need the watts that the Peachtree provides, I just like the way it looks and am interested in hearing one.

  • Lots of lovely headroom for the big hits, go for the extra power.

  • i have one i can sell for cost should anyone want, found while unpacking.

    never going back to the googleverse

  • Anyone got a set of active speakers they want to get rid of? For workshop use at work so don’t have to be special.

  • Should have asked 🤦♂️

    Now I paid over the odds for a CCA I don’t actually need.

    I’ll hook it up in the workshop speakers and blast some van halen.

  • I like the look of the Cambridge stuff, they seem to be doing the streaming boxes right in terms of going back and updating the firmware to maintain parity for the older devices too which I think is important, we're starting to get to the point where you can see the manufacturers who will go back and support products at least in the medium term and those that don't - KEF <_<

    I never use the Naim app, there are people that like it but for me, I'm always going to want to
    use the native applications for the services so the Spotify Connect, Chromecast, and 'coming soon' Tidal Connect stuff is important.

  • Cambridge Audio (Naim too I think) also use Hypex amps 👌🏻

    Edit: NAD use Hypex, not Naim

  • Was going to see if my (first) turntable a rpm 1.3 genie would work with these powered speakers a mate let me borrow, to potentially save buying an amp (space/money) but the tip on the stylus has snapped off. Got it from a guy at work. Can I just buy a new tip or do I need a whole new stylus? Anything not that spenny that would be good? Cheers

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  • Not sure about the stylus but you’ll need a phono stage unless that TT has one built in.


    You'll need a phono amp too.

  • Those speakers have a built in phono stage.

    Oops nope sorry. They don't.

  • You will need a phono amp as well. The output from a turntable needs to have an eq and amplification applied to it before you can run it into an amp or powered speakers. NAD do a nice little one that used to be quite cheap, I paid £70 for mine a long time ago.

    You can buy a replacement stylus for that cartridge which is guaranteed to match the turntable arm in terms of compliance. Or you could get something like the AT 95E which is usually the best value cart and used to be around £30.

  • I have a PROJECT PHONO BOX E that I need to flog if you're interested.

  • To answer your question on the stylus, the first picture shows a cartridge and stylus. The stylus is the bit with 3E written on it.

    You can buy Ortofon OM styli separately, but I've found that generally they are sold as full set of cartridge and stylus, and separate styli are no cheaper really.

    So look for the best stylus you can get regardless if it's with a cartridge. Then you can swap the stylus only, if you want to avoid realigning the cartridge from scratch.

    I would get an OM10 (compatible with OMB cartridge) for £50 ish. It's a bit better than the 3E or 5E for a similar price. You need to spend double that at least to get a better OM stylus, unless you change the cartridge type altogether, but you will need to check it's suitable for that tonearm as Airhead says.

  • Cheers for all the info. I have 0 knowledge so trying to google these comments. So I just need a phono amp and then does it not matter if I get powered speakers or not?
    Keen to buy stuff second hand so potentially yes please @aggi

    On the stylus, is there anything for like £30 @neu?

  • So I just need a phono amp and then does it not matter if I get powered speakers or not?

    You need either a phono preamp and active speakers, a phono preamp, a power amp and passive speakers, or an integrated amp with a phono stage and passive speakers.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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