Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Bit old and not sure if anyone has replied before me, but that supports Atmos only via Amazon HD (in the UK). Has Audio In but that's analog AFAIK?

  • I’m still impressed with my Go+ Play from HK. The boombox format sounds so much better than a single speaker.

  • Cheers, their wi-fi one doesn't seem to crop up in any articles but looks to tick all the boxes.

    @withered_preacher I think that's only bluetooth isn't it? I want something that doesn't stop when I wander off with my phone in my pocket.

  • Anyone got any recommendations for some non-bankbreakingly expensive stands?

    I've got some Kef 104abs that are still on their original 70s wheeled stands, and the castors are old and vibraty - plus I don't move them.

    Been looking at Atacama SLX and IsoAcoustics so far.

  • Ah sorry, missed that. It does have a pretty good antenna though, or whatever you call the Bluetooth receiver/transmitter.

  • Could just swap the castors for spikes.

  • Could just swap the castors for spikes.

    It had crossed my mind but I believe one is held in by Sugru - I'll take a closer look.

  • i need to replace the rca on my 1210, i think is split inside near the male plug it cord out with movement and also randomly.

    do i get a soldering iron and DIY or send it in to someone?

  • It's not a difficult diy, plenty of tutorials. I've never had to do that cable but I've done the pop up lights a couple of times.

  • We run 5 in a whole house system, 3 small, 2 large. The 2 large go into the garden and its decent volume. With any wifi speaker just remember you need bandwidth on your wifi so a decent access point is important.

  • i've replaced it, wasn't too bad, just be careful around the wires from the tonearm as they're soldered to the same board and they're hair-thin.

  • Cheers. You can get refurbished ones for under £100 so I've picked one up to give it a try. I have a wifi AP in the bedroom at the back of the house so no bandwidth issues.

  • I was running 5 from an Airport Extreme and we would get some problems when we had a few guests who have our wifi password (i.e. parties). It has been a lot more stable since we changed to a Ubiquiti AC Pro.

    You're right though you should be fine with one.

    If you don't get on with them you could make a Raspberry Pi with an audio hat running Ropieee and connect it to any kind of speaker. I'm using 2 of those hardwired to the network and they are great even at 96/24. They will work over wifi but probably best to stick to 44/16.

  • My network stuff is all ubiquiti stuff so not expecting any issues there.

    I did ponder connecting up the Pi Zero running Volumio I have to a battery pack and connecting that to a speaker but decided it would be too messy.

  • I fully expected to get really into Ubiquity but the AC Pro left me feeling a bit uninspired. I've come across some issues with firmware updates causing problems. I am using the Nano between 2 buildings though and it's been completely reliable.

  • I have loads of little projects involving pi's that never get started or finished. :)

  • Do you have Tidal natively working with the Libratone stuff? The only sources I seem to be able to see in the app are Spotify and Internet Radio.

  • New Cambridge streaming integrated amps look gorgeous. Especially for the price.­oducts/evo/evo-75

  • No, I'm using it via Roon.

  • Whenever I see all in ones like this that rely on specific software running on high tech screens. It looks like they could fail very easily with something simple and be rendered unusable.

  • Yes, I agree with you on that and is why I won't buy an all in one any time soon. Though with that said, I've owned a Cambridge Minx Xi in the past but that was not expensive. Was great, though.

    Do think the Evo looks great, though.

  • That Cambridge looks great, I think my next purchase will be an integrated network streamer like that, they’re just so neat.

    There are more no-frills options like this NAD with Chromecast and Spotify Connect onboard so no worries about screens etc.­k/p-28991-nad-c-338-integrated-amplifier­-with-dac.aspx?gclid=CjwKCAjw07qDBhBxEiw­A6pPbHrMaYm7hAr9r-tiVGbxRFy65omw7F6lAgd5­GNf_W9_rimZY97l1tzRoCN-IQAvD_BwE

  • It's a shame chromecast doesn't support gapless playback. Makes it totally unusable to me.

  • I feel all the threads I follow are only there to make me spend more money

    BUT I just HATE propriotory apps... They never fucking work! I once bought a pair of yamaha wireless speakers that required their prop app to work. Did it though?! No.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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