Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • The Topping E30 has to be one of the best value HiFi devices I've ever purchased - relatively speaking.

    I bought an ex demo Rotel A12 (which I'm returning) just to see if the extra wattage offered anything over my Onkyo A-9150. It didn't. It didn't sound any better at all to me Which has really helped me realise how much value there is in the Onkyo. I paid a mere $332 for it two years ago. The Rotel is $1000...

    The E30 however, at $150, is now performing pre amp and DAC duties and is going into the analog input on the Onkyo. The whole system sounds fantastic and the E30 is tiny. Really, really terrific. These Totem's now sound far more alike how they did in the store I purchased them from. Stoked.

  • The Topping stuff I think is genuinely a bit ground breaking, which is great to see.

    I am currently loving the WFH benefits of having a chair on wheels - I've recently found the sweet spot for my atom / focal setup (in a small room) was not far from my previous listening position but is a lot better. Makes me wonder about what I'm missing from the LS50w if I tinkered a bit...

  • Yeah, I can't quite believe how transformative it was. I keep thinking about buying a new amplifier to go with the speakers because an amplifier that retails for a 1/5th of the price of my speakers seems like I am missing out on something - and I am sure I am. But man. It all just sounds so great already - so long as the recording is good. Unfortunately bad recordings are now completely unlistenable if I am honest.

    Jealous of the Atom. Seems like the perfect all-in-one box.

  • I know it’s What HIFI but this is pretty special.

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  • Significant escalation has occurred! Got a bargain pair of Spendor S9e’s locally after discovering my existing pairs of speakers had all been housepartied to death 😬.
    Positioning is sub-optimal (can’t really do much about the piano) but even so they are pretty special.
    Still need a CD player!

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  • Ha! Sub optimal indeed. Look great though. Nice credenza.

  • Anyone have any recommendation for some active speakers on the cheap? They'll be fed by an iMac.

    They'll be for the workshop at work so nothing groundbreaking.

  • Edifier ones seem popular. I've never tried them though

  • Well that’s a new word to me - always thought it was a sideboard!

    Also just had a very sweet message from the old boy I got them from, with listening recommendations and wood care tips.

  • credenza

    I've lived in America for too long. I hadn't heard it before I lived here - it's just rubbed off on me, ha. Same same with a different name.

  • Let us know how that pans out! I would really struggle, for my money the sideboard has to do one. They would maybe benefit from being away from the walls, but that's not always a possibility I guess.

  • We always called ours a chiffonier.
    Neener neener.

  • I'm selling my Marantz PM6006 amplifier. It's in great condition with no real marks or scuffs and works flawlessly. The only issue is that I've lost the remote. I'd like £200 collected from North or central London.­review

  • I have some dynaudio audience 52s and a Cyrus 2 amp and psx I'd like to sell. Any interest here? Will post pics etc if so

  • If I move the sideboard/credenza back to its original location in the hallway, I should get plenty of clearance from the wall and piano.

    Then the trick will be finding something aesthetically acceptable and toddler-proof to put the amp/etc on.

  • Just took delivery of a Rega io

    Sounds good to my ears, especially for its size. I'd probably be better off with a Brio, but this sounds nice for the moment. I like the way it sounds more than the Rotel A12 that I in-home demoed.

    It does, however, seem to work with some genres better than other. Guitars and vocals sound really wonderful and as if they're smack dab in my living room, but I listen to so many genres that this just might not be the right amp for me. Gonna give it some time though.

    I think it sounds a bit thinner and more hollow than the Onkyo I have, which once again, shows just how great of a value proposition Onkyo amplifiers were before being discontinued. Considering the Rega has two analog inputs and a phono input. Versus the Onkyo with it's on board (decent) DAC, A+B speakers and analog and digi inputs a-plenty.

    Edit: Yes, confirmed, John Martyn's The Man in the Station sounds sublime. S u b l i m e.

    But then something like Start Running by The Comet is Coming just sounds a little bit lifeless. Shabaka Hutchings' sax doesn't seem to have quite as much energy or body as I'm used to.

    Is this how someone What-HiFi's? Am I a professional What Hi-Fi reviewer now?

  • Good beginner effort, but you need more Allison Krauss, Steely Dan and Dave Brubeck.

  • Wall mounts?

    Yea those work really well in my experience

  • Don't forget Dianna Krall!

  • and Yello

  • Are there any reviews of the Sonos Roam out there that aren't just a glorified press release or am I going to have to wait until after release?

    Want a rechargeable wi-fi speaker but they seem few and far between.

  • waiting for the same, not seen anything

  • Libratone work well and sound good.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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