Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • this is bumping the price up abit more than I already wanted to pay

    It's a long term investment. When you consider the likely life of a turntable, £500 is less than £1 a week.

  • Ended up picking up the pro-ject RPM1 from the last page. It is stuck elsewhere because of LD. Now to look at sorting a full setup + replacement stylus

  • If you buy a 2nd hand technics 1200 it will probably cost you nothing to own once you sell it or die.

  • Shopping for tape decks on ebay, any recommendations?

    There's a few Nakamichi-BX1's which look nice. I'm going mostly by looks at the moment.

    I own 4 tapes.

  • Just get a Nakamichi shell and buy digital copies of your tapes.

  • Is fucking tape really having a comeback?

    Heard that the other day, hipsters buying walkmen again now so they can listen to analog stuff while on the go and be very retro and nerdy at the same time.
    Can't imagine this really being a thing.

  • I have a few bandcamp releases on tape, but nothing to play them on . . .

    I wanted the release, I like having the object associated with it. At some point I might pick up a tape deck if I see one cheap that would go in a kallax.

  • Tapes have been a thing with indie hipsters and small scale electronic releases for a while.

    Reel to reel has had a little comeback in audiophile circles too. I'm sure they sound great, but the scarcity of music makes them seem pretty pointless to me.

    Next up - minidisc.

  • Don't think so.

    I loved MiniDisc back in the day! Even got the first portable recorder Sony put out (and a handful of other recorders / players after that)

    It was so much better than tape back then, but nowadays who needs a compressed digital version in a dedicated player when your phone can give you lossless anyway.


    actually now I remember I missed the first one back then but did get the second version -

    ..and, when that broke, the third one as well -

    I remember what a blessing it was to even have a jog-dial for naming tracks etc. 😅

  • I think a resurgence of interest in CDs is not far away if it isn't happening already

  • I remember what a blessing it was to even have a jog-dial for naming tracks etc.

    Mini disc hi-fi that you could plug a keyboard into was the ultimate for this.

  • Minidiscs felt so futuristic at the time. The Sony tube remote on my R55 with the backlit lcd display was magic!

  • :) I was joking.

    So many amazing dead formats. Apparently laserdiscs were great. 8-track? DAT or DCC digital tapes?

    We had a good nerd chortle the other day in the office when an email went round asking if anyone had a zip drive.

  • Might have to dig my PS1 out of storage for curiosity sake...

    Reputedly they were really great CD players but I wasn't old enough at the time to know. Always wondered back on it.

  • Still have that MD player with that remote and around a hundred disks.

    I did mention some time ago there's never been a better time to collect CD's.

    Also never mind about the specs of your phone. If you like the sound of minidisc, cd, tape, vinyl your old soundblaster card, whatever it is - enjoy it and try not to build a whole belief system around it.

  • Apparently laserdiscs were great

    They were, when the alternative was VHS. We've moved on about three times since then.

  • Pretty sure this has been covered multiple times, but:

    I want a cheap device (with digital and analogue line level outputs) that will let me listen to Spotify using spotify connect - and one that will support "HiFi" / lossless when its available...

  • Raspberry PI 4 with a DAC hat (e.g. Hifiberry) running RopieeeXL?

    This is what I use sans the DAC. RopieeeXL has been very stable with Spotify Connect so far. Volumio would be another option but I haven't tried it personally.

  • I had no idea that worked with Spotify. I've just built a second one with HiFiBerry dac and it's really nice, first one has the 7in screen. I'm using them as roon endpoints.

  • I ask for tape deck recommendations and get pictures of minidisc players?

    Nevermind, I'm off the idea now. Just quite liked the idea of the option to play tape occasionally, but it's not worth it.

  • flea market/car boot is the play here I think. I’m going to pick one up just to play the occasional thing from band camp but don’t want to pay over £30 really. might even just get a walkman and connect it to amp via line out tbf

  • I'll buy one when I see it in the form factor I want and the right price, so possibly never. I think you're on the right track (I also have ~4 tapes)! Can't imagine there's much difference between them really.

  • I always fancied a Nakamichi 600

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  • Apparently there is a difference between them that, that's fucking lovely

  • Did Nakamichi make anything else apart from tape decks? Friend had one back in the day, probably still has it.
    Chucked all my homemade mixtapes ages ago, but still have all my mini discs. I may play a couple this afternoon.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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