Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • $11.18 per sq ft per month in rent. Manhattan :')

  • Holy fuck. 3k rent. Fuck.

    Bet it was fun tho.

  • Not audiophile, as I'm not overly fussed about quality* but what's a fairly cheap and easy solution to get a UI for the following in one place?

    Internet radio streams
    local music library
    Streaming services (probably spotify)

    *local music is ripped to flac so I'd like to get the most out of that, I don't have a NAS, but could quite easily get one. Does something like a QNAP have a decent interface to handle the above?

    Edit, if this could all go in to my reciever/amp via one HDMI, that'd be ideal as it would mean I'd only have to switch inputs for records or TV

  • I'd also be interested in the answer to this. When I was looking I couldn't find anything great.

    Main two options I've ended up with is a chromecast audio or bubbleupnp (mainly playing to a Pi Zero with Volumio and a DAC but bubbleupnp can push to loads of different players).

    Bubbleupnp is more versatile in playback devices but isn't great for podcasts and is a little clunky. Both also rely on your phone as an interface as well.

  • Does Plex do that? I only use it to listen to music on the go and for movie content at home but it handles it well and has streaming with Tidal. Was £99 for life last year which seemed good value for what it does. Running Plexamp on a phone it picks music from your home network wherever you are, you can save the cost of entry on iphone storage.

  • Plex doesn't really do internet radio and Tidal is the only streaming service.

    This is mainly why I ended up with the Chromecast as the favoured option (although I'm not a big fan), lots of stuff does some well but nothing does it all.

  • An iPad.

    • Spotify for music and podcasts
    • Apps for internet radio, i.e. KEXP app, or TuneIn
    • Plex for local media

    Get a cast device or equivalent... and from all of the above cast to the device.

  • If not Ipad is it worth considering an android device with SPDIF out which would let you use your choice of DAC?

  • Money no object.. I think Roon does all this but has got increasingly spendy.

  • I use a ChromeCast Audio with the optical out to my DAC and amp... but an iPad to control everything.

  • Roon only covers Tidal and Quobuz (Waiting on 1.8 to drop though, that may change). It does internet radio, not sure about podcasts but I'm guessing it does.

    Roon is great but maybe not great value. It's no surprise most of the users seem to be retired!

  • I guess Android and USB DAC would be the way to go. Unless you mount it somewhere though it's much more awkward to use.

    Or just use your phone.

  • just use your phone

    I was waiting for somebody else to realise that this was the answer, since the OP explicitly rejected audiophile quality. If you want a standalone device, a no-name Android tablet with all the local files on a SD card plus Bluetooth connection to the amp would be sufficient for any but the golden-eared.

  • +1 for iPad or similar tablet is probably the best option in terms of function and ease of use.

    I have a Mac Mini connected via usb to my dac going into the hifi. I use a Macbook Air essentially as a remote control via screen sharing for Spotify and FLAC etc or I can control spotify via the app on my phone.

  • Out of interest why do people bother streaming from local discs? I understand if you have vast amounts of live bootlegs or rave tapes, but pretty much everything standard seems to be on Spotify.

  • Thanks, interesting!

  • "Those three tracks are so different!" = I can't hear any differences.

    I did not inherit audiophile hearing from my dad. Certainly makes it cheaper in terms of hifi.

    (There is the obvious point that the audience were listening live but anyone watching the youtube video is listening to audio compressed to youtube's specifications....)

  • I couldn’t tell on the phone for sure, will try again at home with headphones. 320kbps is where I have set my iTunes at, certainly can’t hear any difference beyond that level.

  • Yeah to be honest it's only really hifi nuts that would rather listen to a full bit rate flac rip than the lower bit rate on Spotify.

    I confess to being one of said hifi nuts having a huge library of music ripped to flac that I still opt to play over the same thing on Spotify.
    But as I say, it's questionable whether the difference in sound is is going to be very apparent to the average Joe.
    Admittedly I'm using Spotify more and more these days.

  • Yeah, my wife absolutely loves to remind about the time I was sitting at the computer and noticed that Spotify was set at the medium bit rate rather than the highest. No idea how long it had been like that and hadn't noticed...

    She thinks I'm an idiot with all the kit but apparently unable to hear the difference. She's probably not wrong.

  • For me it's like bikes. I'm unlikely to win the TfF, but it's fun riding a bike that could. Tinkering with that bike and making it exactly how I want it is a large part of the appeal of the thing, after riding of course.

  • That said, speakers and room will have a vastly greater affect than 320kbps or FLAC.

  • Yeah, very much this. A huge part of the appeal for me is building and tinkering with my bikes, the never ending upgrade loop.
    I was a mountain biker in my teens long before I ever started doing serious road miles.
    I'm not going to be winning any world Cup rounds (yet) but having a bike that potentially could makes me smile. A massive part is also the fact I couldn't afford a really nice bike when I was younger and now I can so why not?

    I don't actually read much hifi media to be honest as a lot of it really is just bollox. Reading some hifi reviews is agonising.
    But that didn't stop me buying a groove tracer sub platter for my rp6 deck. I got it second hand so didn't feel like too much of a numpty paying full whack.
    To my ears it made no difference that I couldn't be sure that I had imagined.
    But the appeal was more the build quality, replacing the plastic rega sub platter with something well made machined from a block of aluminium was very satisfying. Again, wife says I'm an idiot.

  • Lots of snow here today so no speaker/turntable delivery. Hopefully it'll come tomorrow!

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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