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  • You could place the turntable over it

    Putting a turntable right on top of a speaker that puts out any kind of bass is not a great idea.

  • Cheers and @Velocio

    Well I want the soundbar for both music and TV. If there are soundbars that are good for music that's what I'd be interested in but there isn't much info on that.

    The soundbar is to neaten things up over amp and speakers and they generally seem less sensitive to placement than speakers.

  • seem less sensitive to placement

    Speakers are not sensitive to placement if you don't need them to sound any better than a soundbar 🙂

  • Picked up my speakers from Billy Vee today.
    The bill was ridiculously low (£35 for parts and labour).
    They even fitted a cartridge I didn't buy off them to a turntable that isn't from those brands they sell for free.
    I can't fault them. Very nice, chilled place.
    Will definitely spend more money there in the future.

  • Now that my new-to-me Thorens is set up, I've got a spare deck.

    Rega P3 deck (no tonearm), single bolt design + platter + dust cover + felt mat. £70
    Rega RB220 tonearm (new in box). £200
    Both for £250 (will throw in a brand new belt too)
    Collection SE25 or Canada Water (week-ends).

    The tonearm is the newer 3-point system and a template is supplied as the plinth will need drilling.
    I don't have any cartridge to offer.

  • Fair point. I'm just trying to avoid drilling more holes for speaker wires.

  • Rega p1 still the budget turntable to have? Watched a YouTube guy in a singapore very effectively show that the p1 does way better job than the debut carbon (higher spec arm and cart, but bearings aren't as good, which is more of a problem than anything else?).
    Or he also suggests a technics sl 1200, whatever the current version is (can't find them sold in uk anymore, or maybe just sold out) with one of two carts is the absolute budget weapon of choice for similar money (used technics vs new rega p1).

  • Used Technics all the way in my opinion. I am really happy with my 2. You can pay anything from £400 - £3000 on a stock one. The latest GR & G are both getting decent reviews, an original MK3 is still a decent deck. Spares are readily available.

    There's also a new Technics model around £700 with built in phono and cart included. With the DJ features stripped out.

  • I don’t think you need to spend on a SL1200 if your on a budget and don’t need the DJ features. Technics did a load of different direct drive turntables that can be had for not much money secondhand.

    Regardless, I don’t think it’s possible to buy a bad Rega, Pro-ject or Technics turntable. Just buy the one that’s in your budget, has the features you want and looks nice.

  • The Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar I listened too recently was very passable for music. Great for dialogue too. Bit cheap looking, and not cheap to buy unfortunately.

    Otherwise Yamaha soundbars always have decent musical reproduction.

    Neither will rival a nice pair of bookshelves, but I's argue that something like the Klipsch will be an acceptable trade off if convenience and space is the priority

  • Right - streaming and general Hi Fi noob here. Sorry for the long post but i'm trying to work out if i've got my ducks in a row on a budget streaming hi fi + multiroom set-up.

    I've just dusted off my old system, bought in the early 2000's on a budget but have loved getting back into having a proper listening session to some old CD's and vinyl. My ears have awoken to decent sound after too many years listening to shit bluetooth speakers. I now want to get streaming sorted on the Hi Fi. As ever though I'm on a budget best described as "how little can I pay and still get a good sound".

    It's an old Cambridge Audio A1 amp wired up to some Eltax Monitor 3 speakers with a Marantz CD player and Project Debut 2 deck. I think it sounds "good". Most audiophiles will think it's bang average, however its certainly good enough for me.

    I want the ability to stream WiFi direct using my android phone to select tracks. I'm currently using Spotify for all my music, but am anticipating switching to Tidal HiFi as part of this progression.

    I'd also like the ability to do some multiroom streaming. This will likely just be a couple of extra small speakers. One in the kitchen, one in dining room. Sound quality less important here, but better than the UE2 boom I currently carry about from room to room.

    So far I'm set on either the Tibo Bond 3 or August WR320

    Both of these provide me with plug and play functionality, as I can wire them straight into the amp and both have "not terrible" and quite cheap additional speakers that I could add for the multiroom element, and then control it all with their apps.

    The Tibo is just edging it at present as the app gets slightly better reviews, and more likely to have some form of ongoing support - though this is a worry for both. Neither company have the look of longevity. Both seem to able to to Spotify Connect, but Tidal Connect is quite new - so I'm not sure of the liklihood of this being supported in the future? It would be nice to have. Anyone got any ideas as to how ubiquitous this will become. It appeals due to it's simplicity. Both are able to play Tidal through their app though.

    Both also have optical outputs, so down the line I can put a standalone DAC in, the Pro ject DAC Box E, or Topping/Schiit something or others are appealing.

    Does this seem like a sensible approach to you folk with deeper knowledge? Means i'm up and running for £40 with the scope to improve for another 60-100 and the ability to multiroom with a couple of £40-£60 speakers.

    My main concern is the streamer in the unit being rubbish in some way that I don't understand. There must be a reason the base Cambridge Audio streamer is £750. The audio engine B-FI is another example of more money, but similar functionality - will the streamer in this be better than the August or Tibo, or is the extra money likely tied up in its DAC?

    Any guidance appreciated or anything I've missed? Sorry for the long post....

  • Want a combined good sounding Wireless speaker / radio / CD thing - is the Ruark R5 an acceptable choice? Seems to be reasonably rated and looks good.

  • Cheers. Although I suspect with the sub as well I'll probably find it easier to sell speakers and amp as an option rather than that soundbar.

  • Ruark are nice from what I've heard of them. Revo also do some decent stuff and often have good reductions on their outlet store.

  • I agree about the other Technics. The 1200 does have some rugged charm though and there are very few fiddly fixes required. I think some of the Technics from that era had auto return issues that are hard to fix.

    For me the direct drive is worth sacrificing some looks and poise of the alternatives.

  • Buy a Chromecast audio second hand.. Plug into amp.. Done. The internal dac is perfectly adequate.

  • I think you're right. Hadn't wanted to be tied into Google Home speakers for the multiroom, but just realised the new mini is £19 at the moment and gets ok reviews. I think you can turn the microphone off which is important as I don't want my kids constantly asking Google questions. It's likely to support tidal connect I'd have thought too.

  • A similar question to @Scrabble. Is their anything that I can plug into my vinyl set up that will broadcast records to wireless speakers, whilst also allowing me to play Tidal connect through my offline amp and speakers?

  • Cheers all, been hunting down non SL 1200, 70s era technics, like the aesthetic of them (Sl 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600 mk1's) and the Sony 4750/6750/8750.
    SL 1200 Mk1 or a MK2/3 without pitch control slider would be nice, every 1200 I've ever seen in the flesh has been a DJ workhorse, and they seem to survive, but not sure I want a dented to hell machine even though it'll prob work fine.
    The 80's Sony's with Biotracer self balancing arms look amazing, love the style of them, the PS 80, proper weapon. Kind of makes sony's current mass market option (PX500 I think?) look pretty pathetic when the company has that kind of history. PS 80 were I think a couple of grand in the 80's so not exactly common or comparable, but still.

    Saw some nice Marantz/Denon machines from late 70's and 80s in a local high end shop, nothing under a K though, despite them being not top models, think folk seem to remember the SL 1200, and then two from each of Denon and Marantz as the top dogs of the time and forget about most other things!

    Will stick a 2M red on a 70's technics, maybe put some newer wires in it and see where it takes me.

  • Seems like a good choice.

  • The Sony PS-6750 is excellent - I have had two of them.

  • Pioneer corner. Not ideal speaker position but it's just for casual spinning.

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  • that looks great.

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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