Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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  • Anyone interested in this stand. Giving away for a forum donation, collection from N15.

    It's very sturdy, I normally had a turntable on top but it spent a while with a 55" plasma balanced on there with no problem.

    Total height 88cm
    Front width 60cm
    Back width 47cm
    Depth 40cm (detachable cable tidy is about an extra 5cm)
    Double height bottom shelf 25cm (generally for AV receiver)
    Other shelves 15cm

    (I'm also selling AV receiver and surround speakers if anyone is interested in that)

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  • On the quest for wireless connection to my existing setup, I think I'm going to change tack. I'm going to just have something standalone in the dining room.

    Interested to see the new Google Nest Audio. Reviews are not so great on sound quality.

    Are Sonos worth the extra bucks? I don't think I need Alexa etc, so the Sonos One SL looks to be a good shout, but approx £350 for a pair brings tears to my miserly eyes

  • It depends. I reckon sonos is worth it, not because of the hardware, but because their app support is second to none. If you really need a pair of speakers I'd go with a sonos connect/port and a proper amp and speakers. But it's a dining room, so do you really need strokes chin good stereo imaging?

  • Sonos is definitely worth it, but half of the money is put towards convenience, infinite expandability and decent design quality. I would not expect much out of the sound from the single sonos one.

    The existence of the Sonos amp/port really seal the deal because then you can combine your peripheral scattered Sonos ones throughout the house with with a more traditional Hi-Fi setup In the main living area.

    No other streaming Wi-Fi speaker service has this kind of flexibility in such a neat compact package.

    as an example in our new house we have a Sonos amp for each zone of the ceiling speakers and then another Sonos amp connected to the main Hi-Fi setup which can also play for any other source.

    It's really hard to get this kind of flexibility from any of the other services.

    The only real warnings I would say is that they just simply aren't as loud as you hope and you'll end up wanting another one, and also that once you get four or five of them in the house it can tax the network a little bit.

  • That and in a few years, they will fuck you over by no longer supporting it and then brick them.

    Cause they're dicks

  • ^ this.

    Just don't bother.

    Google aren't better tbh, but at least their speakers are priced more affordably

  • I'd just get wireless powered speakers if I really wanted wireless setup.

    Standard Bluetooth or If you keep your eyes open, every now and then a brand will come out with a WiFi network speaker... Someday we will have a replacement for chromecast audio.

  • Looking at replacing our NAD 7020i, almost 30 years old and after a few visits to reputable fixers it still drops out periodically, plus I want remote for early morning switching. Up to £500, phono capable, two channel only.
    Marantz, Yamaha, Onkyo, Rotel, NAD...?
    I've read good things about the Marantz PM6007.

    Any suggestions welcome!

  • Used Naim Nait? May not have phono though

  • Would have to be quite a bargain, I'm in Canada where they retail for $4500...
    Also should state I want integrated with tuner.

  • Bargain but possible. I managed to pick up a Nait XS for less but that was 5 years ago. As you point out, unlikely given your that side of the pond.

  • I had interference on my TT setup. An inconsistent flicker which was audible at medium volume.

    Long story short it was a powerline adaptor I was using upstairs. Obvious when you think about it, but I was pulling my hair out for while. It was so pleasing to find that out.

  • I have an Emotiva Basx PT100 preamp, that i have just recently bought to use while i sort out my issues. It has a remote, a great DAC, an MM/MC phono stage and an FM tuner. If any of you are using active speakers and an all-in-one preamp, this is seriously good for buttons.

    i am going to move it on when my preamp is back - if anyone is interested in it, let me know.

  • There are a few decent options that have been around for a while. Manufacturers like Libratone, Audio Pro and Bluesound. Anything with a built in battery extends the use cases.

  • That Marantz series is excellent.

  • Any recommendations for good quality SPDIF optical audio cable? I'm going to have a run of 6m or so which, according to some things I've read, can be pushing it a bit.

  • I know this question comes up every now and then, but thought I'd ask again for up to date info.

    Any recommendations for a London based amplifier repairer?

    Also anyone selling a CD player separate?
    My housemates has packed up and she's on the hunt?


  • Thanks for the upvote on Marantz, cheaped out by getting the PM5005, still recommended apparently.

  • Not sure who makes the best ones but 6m is a very long run. I've seen issues even with the short cables. Are you sure you need the galvanic isolation that optical provides, might be easier to guarantee reliability with converters or coax if it's provided.

  • I have an Arcam CD62 that hasn't seen use in a while - let me check it's still working and I'd let it go for a forum donation if you could pick up SE5?

  • The main reason is to use the good DAC in the amp rather than a cheaper one in a converter.

  • Obviously @nomoreknees gets dibs, but if that doesn't work out and someone else wants it give me a shout.

  • Great. An underground junction box at the end of our road blew up, taking my amp with it :/

  • Praise be for 5 amp fuses. All is well.

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  • Hello TB55,

    I'll drop you a message now

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Audiophiles hi fi appreciation thread old and new

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